Choosing a Strong Domain Name for Your New Business Made Easy

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Last updated on April 28th, 2023 at 06:58 pm

The creation of the internet has facilitated the bridging of the online and offline worlds. As time goes on, added to the fact that by 2023, 28% of commercial activity is expected to occur online, the internet is becoming a major factor in the business sector.

And to make good use of this development, companies in the modern day are moving their items to the online space. And it would benefit you greatly if you do so as well.

However, to build a powerful online presence, you need a website and a good domain name to represent your company on the internet. And not just any domain name, a premium one.

Finding a premium domain name for your startup is critical to your success online. Therefore, you must know how to get a good domain name, but this on its own can be near impossible if you don’t have a complete understanding of good domain names.

For this reason, we’ve put together some valuable advice to assist you in finding the most powerful domain for your new business.

Picking Great Domain Names in Three Simple Steps

1. Confirm That it can be Branded

When considering any domain, you must ensure it doesn’t disrupt other established branding elements like your company’s name and brand. Instead, it should perfectly match your company’s identity to maximize its value and impact on your online presence.

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A brandable domain name is one that best fits your company’s brand identity perfectly. And an EMD (Exact Match Domain) is a premium domain that correctly represents your company, as the brand name it’s derived from would.

Choosing a brandable domain name derived from your company name is best because it makes it possible for clients to locate your business online just by hearing its name. And it offers a solid foundation for additional internet branding projects like newsletters and advertising campaigns.

So when you give your business a name, whether by brainstorming or utilizing a brand name generator, know that to get the best result, you would have to employ an exact match domain name for it.

2. Keep it Brief and Engaging

Choosing a domain name that is short, straight to the point, and memorable brings a lot of benefits to the table, as these crucial qualities make web addresses simple to learn, identify, recall, reference, and search online without making mistakes.

Prioritize shorter domains over longer ones with unnecessary numbers and symbols because, as domain names, lengthy words would do your business more harm than good by reducing your website’s accessibility and professionalism.

But because this is an open secret in the domain market, the majority of brief words have already been trademarked, so unless you create one yourself, obtaining a short domain name between three and five letters is usually the most difficult.

Although you can find them for sale on domain marketplaces, they are expensive to acquire. Just consider how much the domain was sold for. Spoiler alert, it was sold for $872 million.

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3. Make Sure it’s Got a Top-Level Domain (TLD) Extension

Approximately 1500 new domain extensions are currently operating, up 145% growth from previous years, according to estimates from the Domain Name Association. This implies that numerous domain extension options are available for your domain.

But sadly, not all of them are powerful domain extensions, and using the wrong extension can reduce the value of even an Exact Match Domain.

So when deciding which extension will go best with your domain name, familiarity needs to be your top priority. Because unless you mention otherwise, people frequently assume that your website ends in ‘.com,’ ‘.net,’ or ‘.org’ and visit the domain name with those endings.

And despite the development of additional domain extensions, these extensions, which were among the first to be made, are some of the most well-known and widely utilized on the market.

But fortunately, the extensions mentioned above are not the only ones you can use. If you are unable to secure a ‘.com’ domain, either because of its unavailability or the cost of it, you could still use TLD extensions like ‘.io’ and ‘.co’ as well as country-code TLDs like ‘.us’, ‘.uk’ etc.

Make a Move Right Away

Even though it could appear challenging to select a domain name that describes your business, we’re confident that the tips we’ve offered have made it a lot easier and more scalable. To get all of its advantages and stop others from obtaining it before you, purchase the most powerful Exact Match domain name with the right extension as soon as possible.

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Grant Polachek is the head of branding for, 3X Inc 5000 startup and disruptive naming agency. Squadhelp has reviewed more than 1 million names and curated a collection of the best available names on the web today. We are also the world’s leading crowdsource naming platform, supporting clients from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies.

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