Typical Mistakes in Blog Content Writing

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Last updated on June 11th, 2021 at 03:52 am

There are countless mistakes you can make when starting a blog. You can’t avoid all of them, but you can try to minimize them. We have asked specialists from a professional paper writing help company https://writemypaperhub.com to get an expert input regarding this matter. Check your blog now with these “NO GO!” points below.

You Don’t Know Your Audience

If you write for yourself, you should write a diary, not a blog. If you don’t care about your audience, why should your audience care about you? If you want to impress and engage your readers, you have to define and understand for whom you are writing. You can’t be liked and appreciated by everyone. You are not a 100 dollars bill. When you try to define your audience, ask yourself some questions:

  • Who is likely to be interested in this information?
  • How do these people receive information in general?
  • What does their day look like?
  • Which topics can I cover right now to make their life easier?
  • When should I reach them?
  • With whom will they discuss the information I provide them with?

When you get answers to that, you will be able to adjust your content accordingly and increase your blog’s popularity.

Writing too Broadly About too Many Things

We already have one successful blog about everything — Wikipedia. Do you think you can compete with that? People use Wikipedia for broad facts, people read blogs for their narrow topics, for the niche info. If you don’t have a niche, you won’t have a returning and engaged audience. Of course, too specialized blogs often lack air, but you should keep the balance. Once in awhile, add some articles from the related fields. Your content should be logical and focused. People should think, “Hm, where can I read more about national forests? Right! At this website!”

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Using too Many Images and Gifs

Again, we have Instagram and Snapchat for those. People read blogs for texts. Yes, it sounds like an ancient world, but people read to read, not to watch endless funny gifs you find appropriate for some of your texts. Of course, plain text doesn’t look good, but try to focus on formatting more than on adding too much visual content. Such content can be highly beneficial if it illustrates the idea with useful infographics, for example.

Prioritizing Quantity Over Quality

When you just start your blog, you hear “write, write, write!” from every corner. Any online advisor will tell you that first of all, you have to fill your blog with lots of pages to make it look reliable and to make Google like it. It was the case about five years ago, but now you should focus on quality much more. Google learns every day, and its major goal is to serve users who search for quality information. It is better to have five long, useful, accompanied with custom visual content, 100% original articles than to post 25 small meaningless blog posts.

Ignoring Comments

If you are happy enough to get a response to your writing, don’t blow it, stay engaged. Even if you find comments not very interesting or nice, try to answer them. Such activity is also highly appreciated by Google algorithms. Take care of haters — your loyal users should not be abused. However, some adequate tension in comments is not that bad for your promotion. Anyway, remember your audience and stay in touch.

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Hyping at Every Opportunity

It is simply not cool to add to any information noise around. If something hype happens related to the topic of your blog — use it wisely. If some hype event is juicy but not related — simply ignore it. Unless you want to add to the dumpster of “yellow” blogs where only headlines matter — be better than that.

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