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For better or worse, the ad network landscape has undergone a sea change in recent years. Traditionally, a blogger with a growing website would often start their monetization journey with AdSense, transitioning to another network as their goals evolved and they sought to optimize their revenue further. While practically every publisher still searches for the next best network that would amplify their revenue streams better than the current one, it is safe to say that the methods for making these decisions have evolved in many ways.

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  • One of the reasons for this is that there are numerous platforms with flexible monetization solutions available today. While AdSense is still an option, it definitely no longer is the only player in the market. Newer networks with superior ad monetization solutions are amplifying revenue streams just as well, if not in better ways, within a shorter time frame— and PubFuture is one of them.

    After having heard some favorable feedback about PubFuture from a friend who had been a publisher with the platform for nearly 4 years, I decided to give the network a try this April. Since ads on my site were no longer being optimized by my then current partner, the switch seemed reasonable. Luckily for me, my experience with PubFuture has so far demonstrated that it was the right move— I am earning a higher ad yield compared to what I was generating with AdSense, and also seeing revenue climb and remain sustainable, month after month.

    So at this stage if you are wondering if PubFuture is right for your website, here is everything you need to know based on my experience with the platform:

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    PubFuture is a versatile AdExchange, Header Bidding network for publishers who are looking to step beyond the constraints of their current partner and drive sustainably higher CPMs. Publishers migrating from AdSense can see a revenue uplift of 30% and more with Display Ads, and 100% – 300% of total revenue with Video Ads. If you are already working with an existing MCM partner, PubFuture lets you pre-decide the revenue terms and CPM uplifts with their team and they can commit to a guaranteed uplift.

    Header Bidding, Open Bidding, and Private deals ensure that you get the highest bids for your inventory from leading demand sources on the market. To go into some of the networks other advantages, here are some of PubFuture’s key strengths:

    • Good User Experience: It offers a wide range of flexible, no latency ad formats that cater to the needs of most publishers, regardless of their size. PubFuture pays publishers for every 1,000 impressions (CPM) their ads receive, irrespective of user clicks, making it ideal for big and small publishers.
    • High Quality Video Ads: PubFuture’s light and fast-loading video ads are their best-performing ad format generating good yield, often 5X times than banner revenue. These include out-streaming, in-streaming, and in-content floating ads with different sizes. Floating ads are displayed on top to get the highest viewability, and they are only shown when an advertiser fills the impressions– making them non-repetitive as well as un-intrusive.
    • Adaptive & Responsive Ads: Their ads are user-friendly and responsive across all devices, without pops, adult, or any intrusive ads that could hinder viewing experience.
    • Premium Video Demand: PubFuture’s world-class demand sources include Google360, PubMatic, Appnexus, Unruly, Amazon and many others.
    • 5x Higher CPMs & Revenue: PubFuture constantly tests my site and optimizes my ads to maximize my revenue potential. You can see your revenue grow and remain sustainable after 1 and 3 weeks, then increase month after month.
    • Adaptable & Customizable: The network is versatile, supporting customizations as per publisher needs. You can set frequency-caps to limit ad showing to increase engagement.
    • Easy-to-use Dashboard: The real-time performance dashboard is intuitive and responsive, with details on traffic, revenue, CPM and other key points presented in a clear and systematic format. Managing ad units and websites is equally easy.
    • Customer Support: PubFuture has great support with affable Account Managers who prioritize proactive assistance to deliver a pleasant experience.
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    My PubFuture Earnings

    PubFuture is so far doing a good job at offering me higher ad yield. While it may take some time for PubFuture to gather data, analyze it, and optimize the results, the wait is worthwhile. After a while, you’ll see revenue growth that remains sustainable and continues to increase month after month.

    To rewind back to a couple of months ago, I want to mention that when I first started out in April, 2024, I chose to send only a small portion of my traffic to PubFuture to evaluate its performance. The initial results, let’s say, were less than exciting. Deciding not to spend more time on the network, I reached out to the account manager as a last attempt. When she advised me to direct 100% of my traffic to them for better optimization, as this would allow my site to be approved by more premium demand sources, I decided to give it a shot and go all in. The results were positively surprising. My revenue climbed 3x better within weeks. Here is a screenshot of my April 2024 earnings for reference:

    After working with PubFuture’s premium demand sources for a few weeks, my revenue continued to steadily climb. Here is a screenshot of my earnings after 30 days, in May, 2024

    Comparison with AdSense

    The above screenshot also demonstrates the success I’ve achieved with PubFuture, compared to my earnings with Google AdSense. My revenue surged by 50-70% compared to what I was making previously. In some instances, it even multiplied by 100%. The higher CPM rates, particularly for their video ads reaching up to $15 CPM, were instrumental in the boost.

    Pros and Cons of PubFuture:

    What I like:

    • No Contract: One of the great things about PubFuture is that publishers can get onboard without being locked into unnecessary binding contracts. This preserves your control over your ad inventory, as well as the ability to make swift changes based on performance.
    • Good Onboarding: The onboarding process, including ad implementation is hassle-free and swift, and the team is usually ready to assist you with the most suitable demand sources as per your inventory.
    • Great Service Team: Dedicated 24/7 customer support is always a plus factor and PubFuture does not disappoint in this regard.
    • Transparent Payment: PubFuture pays you on a NET 15 basis without any deductions via Paypal, Payoneer, Bitcoin, ETH, and Bank Transfer.
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    What I don’t like:

    The above advantages have kept me with Pubfuture up to this point, but they do have certain drawbacks that should be mentioned:

    • It often takes a bit longer (5-10 days) for site approval.
    • Their Ads.txt is regularly updated because of changing optimization demands. I recommend you use the Dynamic Ads.txt instead— their system will automatically update missing ads.txt lines when they have new demands, instead of waiting for you to update it. I learned about this experience from my friend, he was late on updating missing ads.txt so the performance for those days was poor until he switched to dynamic ads.txt . You can still add an ads.txt file of other ad networks you work with, without affecting anything on your website.


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    In conclusion, there are a lot of ad networks out there, and it can be tricky to decide which one is the best fit for you. When looking for ad networks, it is typically a good idea to select one that helps you climb your revenue goals over time, in a systematic and sustainable manner. If you want to be approved by premium demand sources, testing a network with 100% of your traffic to assess its performance is generally a good move— that way you can gain realistic results as to what it can do for your site, and how well it can do it over time, based on that trajectory.

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