Online Betting in Bangladesh – How to Choose One

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The number of betting sites providing online betting, which organize their activities mainly to the territory of Bangladesh. Just the article and learn the most important info to start betting!

Basic Information

Let’s start with the general provisions for betting shops as of 2022. All companies are in constant competition with each other because of new methods of providing services, the emergence of improved new companies (online betting offices), the struggle for the audience (here we are talking not only about users from Bangladesh but also from all over the world), luring loyal customers from platform to platform through new bonus offers or promotions that come up every month (and sometimes even weekly) on any betting site in Bangladesh.

Bonuses and Promotions for Betting

Welcome Bonus

This type of bonus offer is the most popular in all betting shops, each of which tries to make the best offer for their players. This is done by increasing the bonus percentage between the companies. At the moment, the percentage varies between 100 and 400 percent at a time. In almost all companies, to get the welcome bonus, the first deposit is required. The minimum amount of the first deposit is 450 Bangladeshi taka. The maximum amount of bonus received can be up to 15,000 Bangladeshi taka. Wagering of this type of bonus is required in each company. Wagering consists of betting on a particular sport or at a particular odds and you must also wager an amount “x” times your bonus funds (sometimes bonus funds + your first deposit).

In some cases, however, the welcome bonus is given before you make your first deposit, and after your first deposit is credited, you get another bonus percentage. Of course, the maximum amount of the welcome bonus will be up to 2500 Bangladesh taka, but also wagering will be a little easier and the chance to win and withdraw the amount is much more.

Companies also provide seasonal promotions or even tournaments among players. Every season (summer, fall, winter, spring) most companies offer the opportunity to participate for free in tournaments among the players.

Tournaments consist of achieving certain goals by betting on the platform. Rules and conditions for a bonus in tournaments are always specified in the tournament terms and conditions, you can find the entire text of the conditions and rights of users during the tournament, as well as how the winner will be calculated and how much bonus money or any other benefits he can get in the end.

For Bangladesh, additional promotions are exclusively designed based on local traditions, as well as on traditional holidays or important dates for the country’s population. On these dates, there are special promotions only for residents and people in Bangladesh. In this way, online betting companies try to attract as many users as possible from this country.

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VIP Incentive Model

For the most active users, there is a feature of additional privileges on the platform of the bookmaker’s office. Most often, VIP categories vary by 3-5 points, and depending on their position at a certain level, the user may receive special privileges in the form of bonuses or promotions.

On the largest platforms, players who stay for a certain period at the highest level of the VIP system – can get the opportunity to fly to the resort countries for two, that is, they get a free trip at the expense of the bookmaker’s office.

Bangladesh Payment Systems

To better provide their online betting services to Bangladesh residents, companies arrange for the most popular payment systems in the country to be able to use both for depositing funds into an account and for withdrawing funds.

Some of the most popular payment systems include:

  1. Neteller;
  2. Visa;
  3. Skrill;
  4. MasterCard;
  5. Paypal.

This is a list of not all payment systems that can be used on the platforms, but which are the most popular among Bangladeshis.

Also in some companies, there is an opportunity to use local currency for betting, deposits, and withdrawals. Only one company, which distributes its authority in Bangladesh, can use the national currency (Bangladeshi taka) for all kinds of transfers. But every day all other companies are trying to regulate this issue and provide the best use of payment systems for Bangladeshis.

The support of cryptocurrency has become a big plus for the people of Bangladesh. When users were able to use their e-wallets and withdraw money to their e-wallet accounts – many, many new players appeared on the platforms.

Top 5 Best Bookmakers in Bangladesh

  1. MegaPari;
  2. ICCWin;
  3. IviBet;
  4. Leon Bet;
  5. Paripesa.

This is not the entire list of popular platforms that provide their services in Bangladesh, but only the top 5 in the opinion of exclusive users, i.e. players. The best offers of each betting site in Bangladesh

  1. 450 Bangladeshi taka for registration without first deposit;
  2. 1500 Bangladeshi taka for registering and making the first deposit of 500 Bangladeshi taka;
  3. 100% bonus on first deposit, the maximum amount of received bonus is 1500 Euro.

Bookmakers and the Law

Every betting site in Bangladesh takes care to provide their services safely and legally. Companies are vetted and licensed to provide their online betting activities. The license is issued by a competent body that has the right to issue this kind of license. After the first inspection, the companies undergo further checks at least once every six months. If violations are detected, the license is revoked and a new application for a license and an extensive re-inspection must be submitted.

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Otherwise, a large-scale inspection may be conducted, and the company is temporarily frozen and its activities are not carried out, as well as all user accounts and platforms are frozen, if the final result is positive – everything will be unfrozen and access to everything restored, but if the result is negative – all user funds will be frozen, but then will be issued back to the user accounts (all funds except the bonus money).

The second condition for productive and honest operations on the territory of the countries – is to sign an agreement with the Government of each of the states, on the territory of which the company’s activities with online betting services are distributed. The company will not be able to provide services in the state with which it has not signed an agreement.

Based on all of the above, we can conclude that no player of the state on whose territory the company operates and provides online betting services can not violate the laws of its state (by their actions or the actions of the company with it), Bangladesh is no exception, the citizens of this state have nothing to worry about, the bookmaker office will do it for you!

Protection of Personal Data

All companies are concerned about the security of their betting site in Bangladesh, protecting company data as well as the personal data of their employees and users. Websites are most often protected by SSL encryption. This encryption proved itself well in the practical work of the world’s companies, and even if there were bugs, they tried to correct them immediately. In this way, it is possible to protect the transfers (internal on the site), as well as the withdrawal methods.

Other companies, on the other hand, present a double authentication (A2), which is offered to each user to protect their data, photos, as well as all their actions on online betting platforms.

In other ways, companies can provide protection, the most effective of which is to use the same security system that banks or banking institutions use to protect their customers’ transactions.

Sometimes bookmakers shift responsibility for transfers (transactions) to banks and banking institutions themselves. In what way? They simply leave the only possible way to withdraw money from the account – a bank transfer. Thus all the responsibility for the safety of the transfer lies on the bank which is used by the player.

Another way to protect your accounts, as well as to prevent fraud and abuse of the platform functionality – passing the identification verification (verification). This method consists in completing a form determined by the company’s security service and presenting your identification documents (national ID card, passport, or driving license, sometimes one is requested, sometimes several). Your account will be temporarily frozen (your actions on the platform will be limited). The waiting time for a response from the company’s security service is from 24 hours to 72 hours. After passing the check, you will be able to use all the features on the platform. After failing the verification – block the account (sometimes without the possibility of recovery).

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Online Betting Support Service

Each company has a “Help Desk” department with a professional advisor who knows all the functionality of the platform and knows how to solve any of the user’s problems that have arisen. This department is usually open 24 hours a day and provides its services 7 days a week free of charge! Any person, even a person who hasn’t registered on the platform yet (in case he has any problems with registration), can contact the support service, and all this completely without paying for anything!

Possible options for contacting the support service of the bookmaker’s office:


This type of appeal is useful for users who have a large-scale problem and need to describe it in detail. How to find the address of the support service? Very simple, on the official site find the section “Information” or “Contact information” and there you will find the e-mail address. The waiting time for an answer is from 1 hour to 5 days.

Online Chat

This type of treatment is suitable for players who have problems on the platform, but can be quickly resolved, you can get advice directly on the main page of the official website of the company. Waiting time is from 1 minute to 2 hours.

Call by Phone

This type of treatment is not suitable for all users (as the company is configured to provide services primarily to users from Bangladesh, the number will be local and the rate for calls from another country will be quite high). How to find a direct phone number? Go to the official website and look for the “Contact Us” section, there will be all the information about the numbers and addresses of the company. The waiting time depends on line congestion and can be up to 3 hours, but you may be answered quickly within 5 minutes.

Social Networks

The rarest way to contact the support service because it is not clear how long it will take to get an answer (every social network is used differently by the company). If you still decide to choose this method – write to the social network that you use most often.

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