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The ad network ecosystem is growing. Every time I search for something related to ad tech, I find a number of new names popping up before the search results. While a lot of ad networks require approvals which at times can take time up to one week depending upon the volume of applications and other factors. In this article, we will discuss about those ad networks which instantly approve all publishers.

Before we begin, I should let you know that most ad networks with instant approvals are pop-under networks which use machine learning technology to understand your traffic and show the best performing CPI offers to let you make more revenue. So, I would suggest you give these networks a try for at least a week or two. Additionally, there are a few more ad networks which run CPM banners.

#1. UberCPM

UberCPM is a relatively new CPM ad network which provides decent rates if you place their ads on locations which gets click. UberCPM uses AdX as a back-fill so you don’t have to worry about any inventory that doesn’t get monetized by them. Additionally, they have a decent payout rate and a lot of publishers are trying them out. So if you have a relatively new blog and just want to try ad networks asap, UberCPM can be a good bet! Update: There has been a lot of negative comments on our UberCPM Review.

We recommend you try AdBuff if you’ve high US and Canadian traffic or else try Ezoic.

AdBuff- High Paying CPM Network

AdBuff is a high paying CPM network if you've majority traffic from US, UK and Canada

#2. Edomz

Edmoz is a Pop-under and CPM adverting network. If you have decent Indian traffic, you can run Edmoz ads on your blog. The pop-ups are pretty decent compared to other pop-up networks and also the payout is USD 5. The Pop-unders are CPA based, however, the campaigns adapt to your site’s traffic, so you should at least try them for a week and during this period you might see some variation in RPM. Overall, Edomz is a reliable ad network and has been in the industry for a pretty long time. You can also apply for their CPM ads, for this you need to create a separate account.

#3. Viglink

Viglink is an in-text monetization network which analyse your content and populate it with monetizable links. It acts as an additional source of revenue and is particularly profitable for lifestyle, fashion and mommy blogs. It can also work with other blogs but don’t expect it to bring you high returns unless you have majority of your traffic coming from US. All publishers are auto-approved and you can start making money by placing the Viglink script. They do have a plugin for WordPress too. Viglink help publisher monetize their content based on e-commerce model since most of its 18,000 publishers are e-commerce based. However, you will be paid based on cost per action and all of these may not require a sale.

They have a pretty easy to use interface for reporting and tracking clicks. Viglink offers 3 monetization tools to its publishers- convert, insert and spotlight. Out of the three, I would suggest you must enable Viglink Insert, the tool creates automatic link on your site based on the content. This can help you additionally monetize your site. However, you should remember that you been to have good volume of traffic to make money from Viglink. Although the program is auto-approved, you need to have substantial traffic on your site to earn from Viglink.

Viglink- Monetize your content

Viglink offers additional source of monetization for your blog. Add the Viglink anywhere code and your keywords will turn to affiliate links

#4. Adhitz

Adhitz is a CPC ad network with pretty much fixed CPC rates based on the country of your visitors. If you have a visitor who clicks on an Adhitz ad from US, you will get a different CPC than someone who clicks the ad from India. They follow a tier based CPC model and the CPC rates are decent enough to give them a try. Also, Adhitz can be a good option to be used as a backup of AdSense ads since AdSense doesn’t always have a 100% coverage rate.

#5. is a great pop under advertising network that allows publishers of all sizes to make revenue from their websites. Pop ads is a performance based network which specializes in pop under ads and offers excellent rates for all the rates. They are able to monetize ads from all countries in the world and pays its publishers daily once they reach their minimum payout of $5. It approves publishers instantly and offers tab ups, tab unders, pop ups, pop under ad formats. The Ad network is being owned by Tomksoft S.A, which is a joint stock company based in Costa Rica. Its Support office is situated in Poland and its technical team is situated in US. Interestingly, has a number of revenue models that can make you decent revenue.

#6. Revenue Hits

RevenueHits is a Geo -targeting Advertisement Network that adjusts according to the nature and volume of traffic the blog receives and not on the requirements of the advertiser. Their innovative performance base was designed to help bloggers and publishers monetize their toolbars, websites, IM applications and search widgets. RevenueHits is a highly scalable platform that serves billions of ads everyday with 99% uptime. Revenue hits is a performance based advertising network which works well with websites have streaming, music, video, celebrity, software download contents.

#7. Exoclick

ExoClick is considered as one of the largest online advertising networks and ranks fourth based on the survey performed by W2Techs. It is based in Barcelona, Spain and was found in the year 2006 by Benjamin Fonzé. This advertising giant enjoys more than four billion impressions on a daily basis and is a tough rival for a number of other Ad networks. Exoclick has a number of ad formats and supports adult sites as well. If you’ve adult/ semi-adult sites which are not monetized by AdSense, you can use Exoclick.  Exoclick uses scalable machine learning to understand from data, as such you need to give them a week to optimize offers/ads for your blog. Exoclick offers banners, pop-ups, pop-unders and more. You don’t need to wait for approvals to get started with Exoclick.

#8. Facebook Audience Network

With Facbeook’s Audience Network, you can see strong CPM’s if majority of your site’s traffic is mobile and from tier one countries. Even the performance is good for Asian and global traffic and you can get eCPMs as high as $1-$5. Please note that their ads will only be served on apps and mobile web. This means you wont see any ads on the desktop. This can be one of the best ad network with instant approval  (approval typically takes minutes) and you can really make money if the niche is suitable for Facebook advertisers. However, Audience Network may not be able to fill 100% of your ad inventory, so its always suggested to use a backup ad code.

While these ad networks with instant approvals can help you get started with blog monetization, you should remember that the primary focus should be to get more quality traffic and visitors in the initial stage than monetization. Generally, it takes at least a year of hard work to make money from blog.

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