ExoClick vs PopAds- CPM Rates, Payments, and Earnings Report

The Internet has changed how advertisers market their products. It is no longer enough to produce generic content conveying brand information to a mixed group of people. In today’s time of cutthroat competition, ad campaigns have to be tailored to suit the likes and needs of people based on their demographic, age, sex and several other factors. This has resulted in the rise of many new advertising companies that provide different services to both publishers and advertisers. Some of these ad companies are of no use; they have limited ad campaigns and no adequate technology to back these campaigns. Out of the premium ad networks, ExoClick and PopAds are two of the front runners. ExoClick is a performance-based ad network and has earned the tag of the fourth-largest advertising company in the world. PopAds is one of the best pop-under ad networks and provides highly efficient services.

In this article, we will do a relative analysis of these two ad networks and try to figure out which network might be better suited for your website.

ExoClick vs PopAds: Minimum Traffic Requirement

ExoClick does not levy a minimum traffic requirement on publisher networks. All a publisher has to do is fill up a registration form containing demographic-related information. Once the form is submitted, the website gets instant access.

There is no minimum traffic requirement for becoming a publisher in the PopAds network. PopAds accept all sites globally, and there is no restriction concerning website content. It takes the network only a few hours to grant approval during working hours, and even otherwise it doesn’t take more than 12 hours.

ExoClick vs PopAds: Revenue Share Percentage

The revenue split percentage of the ExoClick network is not yet known. The network has a referral program through which an existing publisher can earn 5% of the lifetime earnings of the referred publisher.

PopAds has not disclosed its revenue share percentage. We’ll include that information here once the figures are made public. The network has a referral program through which if an existing publisher refers to another publisher. They can gain 10% of the revenue generated by the referred publisher for a lifetime.

ExoClick vs PopAds: Ad Quality

The ExoClick network is very flexible and works exceptionally well across devices and digital platforms. Since they can adapt to all devices, they can offer high-quality advertisements to all advertisers. The available ad units are text ads, direct links, interstitial ads, banner ads, pop-under ads, in-video ads etc.

PopAds is the go-to pop-under network for many, owing to its high-quality content-driven advertisements. Publishers have complete freedom to choose the category of ads they want to showcase on their websites. So if a publisher wants to stop displaying ads from a specific category, he can turn it off immediately, and those ads will be replaced by ads from other categories.

ExoClick vs PopAds: Publisher List

ExoClick has several premium publishers like Together Networks, Ladbrokes, BirdView, and Be Mobiz, among others.

PopAds is one of the largest and most popular pop-under ad networks and has many publishers around the world, mostly from the entertainment sector.

ExoClick vs PopAds: CPM and RPM Rates

The ExoClick network offers a CPM rate of around $2 for every 1000 impressions and a CPC rate of a little more than $0.10 per click in tier 1 countries such as USA, UK, Canada and Australia. The rates are lower for Asian countries.

PopAds offers CPM rate at around $2, which is a reasonable rate for streaming, music, movies websites. However, the rate is variable and changes depending on the country, quality of content, niche and even time and day. PopAds has a worldwide advertiser base and a high conversion rate. The network has a 100% fill rate. Popads does accept adult traffic so you can get the right amount of revenue from Popads in case you’re running a blog or a website with adult traffic.

ExoClick vs PopAds: Payments and Earnings Report

Exoclick offers two payment options –

  • For weekly payments which get paid every Monday, the minimum amount has to be reached by the start of the previous week. The minimum payout threshold for PayPal, Paxum and Payoneer users is 20 Euros/Dollars and 200 Euros/Dollars for WebMoney users.
  • For monthly payments which get paid on every 20th of the month, the minimum amount has to be reached by the end of the previous month. The minimum payable earnings for PayPal, Paxum and Payoneer users is 20 Euros/Dollars,  200 Euros/Dollars for WebMoney users and 500 Euros/Dollars for Wire Transfer.

In the PopAds network, there is no specific time frame for the withdrawal of payment. It is the only network in the market that request payments daily for its publishers once they have $5 in their accounts. A publisher must have USD 10 in their accounts to withdraw payments. The modes of payment available are PayPal, Payza, Payoneer and Wire Transfers.


With the advent of several new advertising companies, many companies have found it increasingly hard to stay at the top of the game. ExoClick and PopAds are two premium ad networks that continue to grow due to their great services and impressive revenues. ExoClick is one of the largest open ad networks, and its strength is in the variety of ad units provided by it. PopAds is the most popular pop-under network that provides the most secure services. But it exclusively a pop-under network, which is a disadvantage as pop-unders don’t work in all niches. Also, PopAds is not compatible with AdSense as the usage of pop-ups/unders, and adult content violates Google policies. Both the networks are highly coveted for several features, and both publishers and advertisers should try them at least once and then decide to go for any one of them.

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