PropellerAds vs PopAds- CPM Rates, Payments, and Earnings Report

The one thing that both publishers and advertisers dread is a negative impression of the publisher website and the marketed product/service, created by compromised user experience. Users, more often than not, find ads to be invasive and consider those to be things that are preventing them from interacting with the content on the publisher site. Many in the ad-tech industry consider pop-under advertising to be a solution to some extent. In this advertising technology, when a user visits a website or blog the pop-under ad opens in a new browser window hidden under the current active window of the user. The user views the ad only when he closes the active window. This way pop-unders do not interrupt the natural functioning of the user on the site and also manage to impart sufficient brand information to the user. It has been seen that many users find pop-unders to be less obtrusive than other forms of advertising. Most pop-under ad networks in the market are junk with limited ad campaigns that are not backed by the proper technology. Out of the few exceptions, PropellerAds and PopAds are two of the best pop-under networks. Both are premium pop-under ad networks and provide efficient services and high revenues.

In this article, we’ll do a comparative study of the two premium pop-under networks and try to figure out their pros and cons.

PropellerAds vs PopAds : Minimum Traffic Requirement

PropellerAds does not demand any minimum traffic criterion be met before becoming a publisher. But they do not accept websites with adult content, malware or any other content that violates their policies. Getting started with PropellerAds is a hassle-free and free of cost. The account gets activated as soon as the email id is verified.

PopAds does impose any minimum traffic requirement on publisher sites. There are no constraints with respect to the content on the sites either. They accept all sites across all niches and it takes them only a couple of hours to grant approval.

PropellerAds vs PopAds : Revenue Share Percentage

Publishers receive 80% of the revenue generated and the network keeps the rest in exchange of the services rendered. The network has a referral program. When someone signs up using an existing publisher’s referral link, the latter earns 5% of all his future revenues for a lifetime.

PopAds has not made its revenue share figures public.We’ll update this page as and when more information is available. The network has an excellent referral program, through which publishers earn 10% of the revenue generated by a referred publisher for a lifetime.  

PropellerAds vs PopAds : Ad Quality

PropellerAds has a very good ad inventory and the ads are of good quality.  Various ad units like pop-under ads, banner ads, direct ads, layer ads, mobile ads, video ads etc are available in this network. If a publisher does not want to run a particular ad campaign on his site, all he needs to do is contact the support team with the details. They will make sure the unwanted ads are filtered out.

PopAds displays high-quality content driven advertisements that increase conversion rate and thus also increases the earnings of the publishers. It provides the freedom to publishers to only show the pop ads of their choice. That means if you don’t want to show any specific type of pop ads on your website then you can turn them off any time and the network will replace them with ads from other categories.

PropellerAds vs PopAds : Publisher List

PropellerAds has a large network of 5000+ happy publishers from all countries of the world.

PopAds is one of the best pop-under ads network and has a large number of publishers around the world – mostly from the entertainment sector.

PropellerAds vs PopAds : CPM and RPM Rates

The average CPM rates lie between 30 cents and USD 7. Publishers can earn high CPM if the bulk of traffic is from tier 1 countries like USA, UK, Canada and Australia. The CPM rates are low for Asian traffic. Publishers must have effective and engaging content for high conversion rate. Gaming, movies, download, viral, entertainment are the high-paying niches of this network. The CPM earned also depends on the ad units chosen by the publisher. Highest CPM is generated by the pop-unders. The network has a 100% fill rate in all countries.

PopAds has a CPM rate in the range of USD 2 which is a good rate for streaming, music, movies and download websites. It provides a 100% fill rate. It has to be mentioned the CPM rates vary depending on many factors like the user’s country, the quality of content on the website, niche and even day of the week and time of the day.

PropellerAds vs PopAds: Payments and Earnings Report

Payment is done on a NET 30 basis. There are numerous payment modes available. These are Payoneer Prepaid, Mastercard, Payoneer, Global Bank Transfer, Bank Wire Transfer, ePayments, EPESE, and Webmoney. The minimum payout threshold is USD 50 for PayPal, USD 100 for Payoneer, and USD 500 for Wire Transfers. But not having PayPal as a payment mode is a major drawback of PropellerAds.

Publishers need to have USD 10 in their PopAds account before they can make any withdrawals. The payment can be taken after any period of time. It is the only ad network in the industry that requests daily payments for publishers. The network does not impose any time frame on the publishers. Payments are made through PayPal, Payza, Payoneer and Bank Wire transfers.


Pop-under advertising can be somewhat tricky. Many users find pop-under ads to be less intrusive, but such is not the case with everyone. Thus publishers need to be careful before incorporating pop-under advertising. Pop-under advertising is not the best way to monetize content-rich sites. But it can work wonders in certain niches. So, publishers should contemplate well and then take the plunge. If pop-under advertising is what a publisher wants, then PropellerAds and PopAds are two of the best bets. They are premium ad networks serving hundreds of million of ad impressions daily and have very good ad inventories. PropellerAds requires real traffic to earn revenue and thus can be a very good AdSense alternative, even though it pays 20% less than AdSense. It is also possible to run PropellerAds in conjugation with other affiliate networks such as Infolinks, Adsense etc. While PropellerAds is the fastest growing company, PopAds is the most secure one with one of the best support teams.  PopAds accepts global traffic and has fast and highly efficient services. Both the networks are sought-after pop-under ad networks and depending on the features and purpose of the publisher website, either of the networks will be a great fit.

Propeller Ads- High CPM Ad Network

A perfect ad network for sites which are not monetized by AdSense.

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