Leo.cash Review- Maximize Your Revenue with Push Notification Ads

Leo.Cash is a profitable push monetization platform for monetizing traffic of any category. Their specialists have provided all the necessary conditions for a quick and effective earning. They have created a tool that helps to reduce the links associated with the ad network. Leo.cash is an innovative platform created specially for webmasters. Their activities are aimed at monetizing website traffic from all over the world via push notifications. The goal of their affiliate program is establishing a link between advertisers and webmasters for mutually beneficial cooperation. Leo.cash is a subsidiary program of Megapu.sh, which is a direct advertiser of their service. It is one of the emerging push notification ad network and guarantees the following–

Absolutely safe ads for viewing.
Intuitive and easy interface.
Detailed statistics with all indicators.
Maximum profit
Operational support service

How Does Leo.cash Work?

1. When entering thewebsite, the user will be prompted to subscribe to Push Notifications.

2. After the visitor clicks on the ‘allow’ button, the service sends the user a native push advertisement.

3. As a result, you get a daily growing passive income from every click on push advertisement.

Basic Tools: Subscription Based Locker

StandardLocker a standard form of subscription to push-notifications without any restrictions on access to content.
PageLocker a tool that restricts access to the content of a resource before the end user subscribes to the push notification.
ContentLocker a tool that restricts access to one / several pieces of content or does not allow performing any action.
VideoLocker a tool that restricts access to a video content at a certain time, not allowing to continue the display of the video unless a user subscribes or blocks the request for push notifications.

Tracking Statistics:

The system provides an intuitive tracker that allows Partners to track all the necessary statistical data in real time.
If necessary, the Partner has the opportunity to set a third-party tracker.

What’s Unique/ Benefits for Publishers using Leo.cash:

  1. You get a wide range of tools.
  2. Monetization of the worldwide traffic.
  3. High rates on push advertising provide record profits in the shortest time
  4. Tool customization.
  5. Lack of Conflicts with search engines.
  6. High-quality advertising.
  7. Weekly payments without delay.
  8. No conflict with other types of monetization, allowing to use the service as additional source of income.
  9. Websites with any content are acceptable.
  10. Conversion of traffic from all over the world in any volumes.
  11. Qualified technical support specialists.
  12. Individual approach to each webmaster.
  13. Intuitive and easy-to-use interface in personal account.

Joining Requirements for Publishers using Leo.cash:

There is no joining requirements for Leo.cash. To use the service you are required to provide the following information, which you recognize and expressly acknowledge are personal data allowing others, including the Provider, to identify you: first and last name, full address and e-mail address. You are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of any personal information you submit. Inaccurate information will affect the information you receive when using the Site and Services. Push notification networks do work with websites on any type which includes torrent, gaming, music and other streaming services. 

Supported Operating Systems and Browsers:

Leo.cash supports all major browsers. Here is a list of the supported operating platforms.

Desktop – Google Chrome, Opera, Yandex, Mozilla, Safari.
Mobile – Google Chrome, Opera, Samsung browser, Android browser.
Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android

Revenue Share for Publishers:

They provide a very generous amount of revenue share of 90% after subscription. Payment for services rendered to the partner is carried out according to the Revshare model (income distribution). LeoCash prices are subject to change and may fluctuate without further notice to the partner. 

Payment Methods:

Leo.cash provides multiple options for payment methods such as Bitcoin, ePayments, WIREtransfer,QiWi, WebMoney and Yandex money and transfers to Visa and MasterCard credit cards. The main currency for payments is US dollar (USD $). According to the request of the partners, payments can be made in Russian rubles. In this case, the currency will be converted based on the ePaymants rate.

Payment Cycle:

Payments will be made when your account balance reaches $ 50.
For your convenience, they have provided a gradual and phased transition of the payment system from the current minimum amount ($ 10) to a new one ($ 50).
You can order a payment on the minimum amount of $ 20.
From 11/19/2018 the minimum amount for withdrawal of funds will be $ 50.

The minimum amount for withdrawal is:

  • ePaymants- $20
  •  WebMoney- $20
  •  Yandex- $20
  •  Qiwi- $20
  •  BTC- $100
  •  Wire Transfer-$ 500
  • Transfers to Visa and MasterCard- $100

The payouts are carried out every Friday according to the requests of the previous week. The Partner has the right to request each new payout only after getting the current one.

A commission will be charged for the following payment systems:

  • ePaymants- 2%
  •  WebMoney- 1%
  •  Yandex- 2%
  •  Qiwi- 2%
  •  BTC- 0%
  •  Wire Transfer- 4%
  •  Transfers to Visa and MasterCard- 4%

Best Performing Website Niches for Push Notification Ads

You need to have a substantial volume to earn good revenue from push notification ads. Most of the push notification ad networks provide lifetime revenue as they tend to show 2-3 ads to visitors who have subscribed to push notifications. The revenue comes when the user clicks on the ads and you get to earn every time when a click is made. The best performing niches with push notification ads are mostly music, torrent, file sharing, wallpapers, news sites, and others.

Contact Details:

Leo.cash’s team does not stop working on the development of new tools to increase the opportunities of getting high profits. We are always ready to consider and implement your suggestions!
For all questions and suggestions, you can contact them:
Technical Support:
Telegram: @Leo_cash
Marketing:  Mail: [email protected]
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