Revmob eCPM Rates 2018

Founded in 2011, Revmob is one of the most efficiently working mobile ad network that specializes in user acquisition, brand promotion, and app monetization. It has a unique marketing platform with dedicated Customer Success Team, that successfully helps thousands of advertisers and publishers active the best ROI and improve their earnings. It claims to connect great apps to great advertisers. It assures best results and that one would reach their target audience. Its belief stands in beautiful ads that can actually improve the user experience. They have partnered with some of the bests like Phunware, Taptica, Playkids, Matomy and more, and Revmob is deeply valued by all of them. They provide effective assistance that helps maximize ROI and reduce to the minimum time wastage. Their self-serve platform is brilliant for the advertisers, for it helps provide the best results in real time. For developers, they help make revenue from all the users and helps increase your revenue with the use of their advanced solutions, that provides the same and at the same time ensures that the users’ experience is not hurt. Their unique marketing platform is a quick and easy trick to reach new customers and scale campaigns. Revmob, hands down, is the quick and easy way to improve performance because its proprietary machine learning algorithms find the best fit between the campaigns and the users or audience.

Revmob Minimum Traffic Requirement

Revmob has no particular minimum traffic requirement that allows all websites to pose as publishers and opens the way for both high volumes, established publishers as well as the low key websites.

Revmob Ad Quality

Considering the wide variety of ad formats and a global reach and beautiful and engaging ads that they display, one is bound to give them a big thumbs up and give a very positive feedback to the ad quality they have kept up with.

Revmob Ad Formats

They offer a huge spectrum of ad formats and most standard ad units for one to choose from because they believe that selecting the right ads can actually improve the users’ experience. They have Banner Ads, that even though, as old as the hills, have great ROI numbers, Interstitial Ads that deliver 8x higher eCPM and up to 7x higher conversion rates, Native Button Ads that with a click on the Native Button redirects the user straight to the application store, generating high eCPMs. Other than that, you could use their high impact video ads, which is highly known for better pay compared to the static Interstitials simply because they are more interactive, and it is tested that they can increase your CTR up to 50% and CVR up to 60%. They also offer Rewarded Video Ads that yields the highest eCPMs because users have to opt-in and the engagement is quite high and full control over the message, reward and timing of the ad lie with you.

Revmob CPM Rates

We have tried researching the web about Revmob CPM rates but unfortunately, there wasn’t any substantial info regarding the same. Revmob offers higher rates on gaming apps. Revmob provides full-screen ads for specific games and sometimes attempts to entice users’ curiosity with a message like “Get a FREE Game”. When they download the app that is shown, you get paid in the range of $1-$3. It used to be a good mobile ad network for gaming developers, but however, the rates have gradually decreased. So, we recommend using Revmob in your mediation ad stack for optimized revenue.

Revmob Payments and Earnings Report

Revmob has Quick payouts via PayPal or bank transfer. The share of revenue that is given to the publishers and the payments received by the advertisers is kept discreet and disclosed but the fact that it is instrumental in generating really high eCPMs stands firmly established.

Revmob Final Verdict

Over the years we have seen a number of ad networks coming up! Apart from Google’s Admob, there aren’t any network that can promise a 100% fill across all geography. Since most of the mobile ad networks are segmented niche-wise, if you’re a gaming developer, you might consider monetizing your app with Revmob which can be used along with other ad networks.

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