Chitika vs AdSense Review 2020

Chitika allows publishers to monetize their web traffic – no matter the size of their website or the volume of their traffic. Publishers of any size can get started with Chitika as long as they have a quality website. Chitika specializes in contextual search based ads which work on real-time bidding technology to provide maximum revenue for publishers. With more than 350,000+ publishers across the network and more than 4 billion ads served per month, Chitika is one of the oldest contextual ad networks that has partnered with Yahoo, SuperMedia, and HomeAdvisor. AdSense is the world’s largest contextual ad network with more than 2 million publishers worldwide. The network has emerged as a strong source of monetization for web publishers and a reliable one with close to 100% fill rates across all geographies. In this article, we are going to do a detailed comparison on Chitika vs AdSense and shall discuss the scope of both these popular contextual ad networks.

Chitika vs AdSense: A Publisher Perspective

Both AdSense and Chitika have been the pioneers of contextual display and search advertising. Chitika is one of the oldest ad networks and was a reliable one in the early years of operation. It uses Yahoo’s advertiser base to help publishers monetize with search-based ads. AdSense is a program run by Google which allows publishers of all type to monetize their ad inventory with display ads and make good money out of it.

Chitika CPC Rates vs AdSense CPC Rates

The CPC rates offered by Chitika is particularly higher for US and Canada. Publishers can earn anywhere around 10 cents and more per click. The AdSense CPC rates depend on the geography and the contextual keyword targeting. The CPC rates for US traffic can be anywhere between 20 cents to a dollar. The rates further go higher if you’re targeting extremely niche sites which can give you around $5 and more per click. A lot of publishers create content on Android and APK niche sites where the overall page RPM goes $30 and above.

Chitika vs AdSense: Payment Terms

In order to get paid by Chitika, you need to submit a TAX form. Once done, you need to wait to reach the minimum payment threshold of $50. Since Chitika pays on a NET 30 days basis, your earnings for the month of March will be paid to you by the end of April. The minimum payout threshold of AdSense is $100 and AdSense pays in NET 21 days. Once you reach the minimum threshold of USD 100, you will be receiving the payment in the next month. AdSense process the payments by 21st of every month and it should be reaching your bank account by 25th of every month.

Chitika Publisher List vs AdSense Publisher List

AdSense works will all major publishers across the globe including Business Insider, Huffington Post, Wired, ABC News and many more. Chitika works with a select number of publishers like Ezine articles and similar ones.

Chitika vs AdSense: Dashboard Overview

Chitika has a highly comprehensible and easy to use dashboard with a simple report section, where you can view and even save reports for whatever period you want, be it, 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, This Month, Last Month, Custom date. Not just that, if you just have to view your earnings, all you have to do is uncheck ‘Show Channels’. AdSense has a very elaborate Dashboard, with an earning dashboard, that displays detailed statistics and reports of your website. Their stats have all the information required, be it Total Earnings or CPC or CTR or CPM or even Number of Clicks and Page Views. They provide an option to select the date range of the reports you wish to see and also a report of custom channels performance and ad units performance in tabular form.

Chitika vs AdSense: Ad Formats

Chitika has a very wide variety of ad formats to offer, that includes Banner ads, which is not exactly the same as what other platforms might provide, but images with text; Mobile ads, which is quite a necessity in this day and age of smartphones and the same monetize the entire mobile traffic. Other than that, they have In-text ads, on which Cost Per Click text link ads is based, Hover Ads that is displayed in the bottom right corner of your website and Highlight Ads, that is displayed when a user selects some text on your website. In respect to that, AdSense too has a lot to offer. They have Display or image ads, that is, the typical image banner ads, which is the rich media ads showing the image, Flash or Video ads, Text Ads which is a good one too because they can show 3 to 4 ads in a single unit. Additionally, AdSense offers in-article and in-feed ad units along with mobile ad formats like anchor ads/ vignette ads.

Chitika  vs AdSense: Ad Quality

Chitika’s ad quality is quite decent and is quite an opportunity for newer blogs or the ones with less traffic to earn money from quality relevant ads. However, most of the ads are from the Yahoo Bing network and thus requires you to have a higher volume of US impressions. On the other hand, AdSense, being a part of Google has an underlying benefit of the massive audience and an excellent ad quality.

Chitika used to be one of the best ad networks and was considered as a top alternative to AdSense. However, with the passage of time, as other adtech companies grew, Chitika lacked innovation which was reflected in its CPM rates which gradually dipped over the years, thus making more publishers leave the system. If you’re currently using Chitika and have good experience with them, feel free to share your story with us in the comments section.

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