Top 10 Best Similarweb Alternatives of 2020

Being in business is not easy, because one has to constantly keep up with their standards and know the same of their competitors, to ensure they still rank on top. To know all of it is not easy, but Similarweb makes it a walk in the park. It is an online competitive intelligence tool built for businesses and offers its customer’s insights into both, their own and their competitor’s traffic volume. It collects data from multiple sources, which includes international panels, ISP data, and crawls the website you need insights into. Prior to that, they select the best and relevant information, categorize it, then use an algorithm that processes and delivers the same to your dashboard in the form of simple, easy to understand reports, charts, and graphs. While looking for information, they focus on overall visits, bounce rates, page views and the average period of time a user spends on your competitor’s site. They then compare the given with yours, to analyze how you are doing against your competitor. Also, they gather information on the SEO and PPC keywords, sources of the competitor’s traffic and the web pages that are most popular or trending.

Benefits and Features of Similarweb

Similarweb makes it a point to provide to you all the relevant information that you might want about your competitors, be it about their traffic volume, visits, bounce rates, page views, the time people spend on their sites, data about their SEO, pay-per-click keywords, sources of the traffic and more. Not just that, they compare and evaluate both your websites show you the fields that you could better at and provides comprehensive and simple reports, charts and graphs. One of their extremely helpful features is that of their SEO monitoring tool, which looks at your industry as one whole and provides you with key metrics on your market. It provides you with data about the upcoming trends, companies to watch out for, the ones who lead and information about them too and more. Another brilliant feature is the app analysis, which highly beneficial if you are in the mobile market and wish to learn how you are performing against your competitors. They then collect data in accordance with audience interest and retention, reach and engagement, Google Play keywords, and provides a comparison between you and your competitors.

Looking for Similarweb Alternatives? Reasons Why You Should Consider an Alternative

While that might look like enough positives, Similarweb is not all about rainbows and unicorns and has its share of fallacies. One of those being that it is restricted and does not provide information about all sites and only for those that have a minimum of 1K traffic, per month. For some sites, it is unable to provide in-depth information and the lack of information highly influences that final analysis. The data, in terms of page view and session volume, is not necessarily accurate.

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Best Similarweb Alternatives which are Free to Use

While Similarweb is a great tool, there are few alternatives which you should be aware of. Here, we take you to some of these best Similarweb alternatives which are free to you and gives you additional competitive intelligence.

1) BuiltWith

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Having been founded in 2007, BuiltWith is a website profiler, competitive analysis and business intelligence tool that provides technology adoption, e-commerce data and usage analytics for the internet. Their technology tracking holds a large forum that includes widgets, analytics, frameworks, content management systems, advertisers and more. They also have a varying range of products to offer which includes an application programming interface to automate web technology request lookups and provides insights into weekly trends on the internet web technology usage and worldwide commercial sales. They have some of the very bests as their customers and just to name a few, the given includes- Google, Facebook, Amazon, PayPal, Adobe, Twitter, eBay and more.

  • Pricing: Free
  • Features: They provide lead generation and allows one to create a list of websites from their database of 27,746+ web technologies and over a quarter of a billion websites displaying which sites make use of shopping carts, analytics, hosting and many more. You can then filter based on location, traffic, vertical and more. They provide with sales intelligence and advanced technology market share information and also analytics for all web technologies based in accordance with the demographics. Other than that, they provide you wish absolute data coverage and market analysis and offers the option of report filtering too.
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2) SimilarSites

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With 35,761,036 sites being covered, Similarsites is an innovative Recommendation Engine for websites, that scavenges around on the internet, to cater the most similar websites in accordance specific websites or topic of your choice. They help cut right through to the clutter, to simply find out the most relevant sites that bear the most relevance with yours based on related content, website structure, link analysis algorithms, detailed user surfing behaviors and a large community of user rankings.  They make use of more than 30 Similarity Engines and provide all information on the inside and the outside of a website. Once they obtain the analysis, they categorize their data to provide the best similar results.

  • Pricing: Free
  • Features: It is the perfect tool if you wish to look for new prospects and provide valuable and relevant information. They efficiently generate and qualify leads and discover for you, the top competitors in your industry, to whose information, they provide free access. Not just that, they find for you, potential link and content partners that would lead to an improvement in distribution and SEO. They effectively enhance your surfing and present to you sites that have similarities with your or with the ones you favor.
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3) Datanyze

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A robust cloud-based sales intelligence and lead generation solution, Datanyze efficiently enables companies to generate sales prospects.  Highly appreciated by the top SaaS sales & marketing teams, the absolute leader in technographics, Datanyze, helps you procure quick insights based on a company’s technology choices and purchasing signals. They help locate great accounts and engage them in time, with valuable conversation to assure conversions. It is used widely by around 600 customers and has been recognized as a Gartner Cool Vendor.

  • Pricing: Please contact sales.
  • Features: They have quite a number of helpful features, like that of technology tracking, which helps, market and sell in accordance with your prospects technology choices. They have predictive analysis to offer, where they rate score your existing pipeline and also discover fresh accounts. They provide with serious prospecting and research accounts, contacts and find email addresses. They also add technographics to your CRM, that accounts for major data enrichment. They also locate technology vendors solutions for mobile apps and share leads based on the firmographic information.
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4) Quantcast

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Founded in 2006, Quantcast is an American technology company with a specialty in AI-driven real-time advertising, audience insights & measurement. They vouch for having provided audience measurement to over 100 million web destinations, and not just that, they absolutely place bets on these being on point. It is said to be the world’s largest AI-driven audience behavior platform available for the open Internet. Consisting of Internet-scale 1st party data self-adjusting predictive models and integrated AI optimization, their assembly of machine learning tech incessantly interprets the user’s behavior graph providing companies with a real-time pulse of the Internet. They are favored by some of the very bests, including McDonald’s, Toyota, Glassdoor, CitiBank and more.

  • Pricing:  Free
  • Features: One of their very best features is their conversion policy, that is the Audience Precision Targeting that intends to drive predictive results and better sales at scale. They efficiently measure your impact which would be instrumental in helping manage growth. They provide access to the accurate data quickly that would help understand your audience better, faster. Not just that, they provide a good insight into the effect your campaign has on the audience and motivates them, how they change and how you can influence them.
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Image result for

They are very passionate about what they do, that is, help their customers procure and engage with more users online. makes it extremely easy to follow everything your competitors do online and with just a click, you had have all the information and valuable actionable insights put together from Social, SEO, SEM, Display, Video, Affiliate, Email, and Mobile Channels into one easy-to-read report. They make sure you have all the relevant information.

  • Pricing: They have a variety of packages to offer, but if you are just starting out, you should probably go for the free one, with which you get 50 monthly look-ups, 5 follows and 50% of the basic overview data access.
  • Features: They allow you to see a high-level overview of any site across a variety of sources and provide you with the information about the traffic estimates, search engine optimization and marketing, display and affiliate advertising and more. They come bearing the widest and most comprehensive high-level overview of any site’s marketing data that they procure with the help of their wide range of partners, which includes AdBeat, AdClarity and more. They provide all the research in very little time and help stay up to date and mark. Not just that, they also allow you to segment and organize domains by tags or separate portfolios which you can also share. You can access it anywhere and it is fully responsive.
  • Pro Tip:

6) Website Informer

Image result for Website Informer

A special service for webmasters, Website Informer, gathers detailed information on websites. It is exceptionally easy to use and all you have to do is simply search for the URL, keyword or install their Widget and voila. Just with the add-on of Website Informer on your browser, you can have majorly relevant information about other websites and know about their statistics, traffic, visitors and more.

  • Pricing: Free
  • Features: They house the selectively handpicked websites that are listed according to topics and popularity. Their moderators make use of their skills, to choose the best of the most popular websites that would prove to be helpful. They then make lists of websites in accordance with the important topics, that will assist in locating the sources of excellent content and they very strongly stand by the same for their editors do their best on every step of the sites approval process.  They provide you with important statistics behind any website while browsing through it and instantly shows information like the website’s traffic rank, number of daily visitors, page views and more.
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Best Similarweb Alternatives which are Premium but Worth the Price

Competitive intelligence is one of the most important

1) Alexa

Related image

Founded in 1996, Alexa is one of the absolute bests in the world of analytical insight. They promise you an exceptionally efficient marketing, that would find, reach and convert the audience. It is said to be an excellent source to improve a website’s performance. Their Marketing Directors are constantly working to find and grab opportunities to drive traffic higher, better SEO and PPC and find out the best marketing strategy. Their traffic estimates are based on data from their global traffic panel, which is a sample of a huge number of Internet users making use of one of many different browser extensions and they also collect much of their traffic data from direct sources.

  • Pricing: They have quite a lot of packages to offer, and one of them, for Website Traffic Analysis costs $79 each month and offer a trial for a week and for marketing stack, there are two packages- one of them being advanced $149 per month, and they offer a trial for 2 weeks, and the other one, called agency would charge you $299, that offers a trial for a month.
  • Features: They provide great competitor analysis that shows actional marketing strategies to drive traffic. They help understand your audience and also find out the keywords, that audience prefers. They also find things that the audience takes interest in and target easy-to-rank keywords.
  • Pro Tip:

2) BuzzSumo

Image result for BuzzSumo

One of the best social media analytics tool, BuzzSumo brings with it, a robust social media search engine that assists in finding and analyzing the best performing content related to a specific topic. They look all over the net and find you the required content and list it on the basis of their success rate. They make sure to provide you with all of this in real time that leaves you with plenty of time to analyze it and find out why it performs the way it performs. With such insights, it becomes comparatively easier for you to plan content for yourself and target audience accordingly.

  • Pricing: They have four plans to offer, which includes- Pro, that would cost you $79 each month, Plus, that would cost $139 a month, Large, charging you, $239 monthly and Premium, which would cost you more than $499.
  • Features: Their Search Engine is very powerful and assures that you do not miss any post that is trending and provide access to all the posts that gain attention from the audience in a short span. They help in the creation of effective content that would align with the needs of the content marketers. They provide relevant information about your competitors like what channels and sources they make use of to target audience and helps gain access to those and make use of it too.
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3) Sensor Tower

Image result for Sensor Tower

Sensor Tower promises you that they would equip you with the data and insights which is needed to master the mobile app ecosystem. It is a widely known natural user acquisition service, that effectively helps app developers grow their audience, with the use of App Store Optimisation and app marketplace intelligence. They provide relevant and important information and insights into the competitive landscape with the use of free Rankings and Leaderboard tools.

  • Pricing: Plans starts from USD 99 per month and go upwards depending on the features.
  • Features: They help find the metrics that are most important for the app’s vitality and in no time surface the app with user retention, active users, time spent and more. They help in organically driving growth with their App Store Optimization platform and immensely help in monitoring the app’s performance in the marketplace. They provide you with the most accurate estimates from Google Play and App Store and help locate the best creatives.
  • Pro Tip:

4) Mattermark

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A known and strong ad enrichment and prospecting platform, Mattermark, helps companies search and find information about other businesses, that helps create actionable lists of leads, quantify signals, and identify and capitalize the potential business opportunities. Their well-based data platform makes it quite easy to identify opportunities and potential conversions. Their features help in gathering the bigger picture of leads that the users would want to work on, which includes demographics, industry type, size and more.

  • Pricing: They have quite a lot of packages to offer which includes- Standard charging $49, monthly, Professional, charging $500, monthly, and Enterprise which is custom.
  • Features: They help procure data on millions of companies and in just a couple moments, you could integrate Mattermark with your products, systems and business processes. They provide real, actionable insights just by syncing over 80 informative fields to help warm leads and help the first conversations turn into definite conversions.
  • Pro Tip:

5) ComScore

Image result for ComScore

A recognized and favored leader in the cross-platform measurement of audiences, advertising, and consumer behavior, ComScore is so wide praised because of its precision and innovation. They bring together proprietary TV, digital and movie viewing data with vast demographic details to measure consumers’ behavior on different platforms at scale. They have a huge number of clients, precisely more than 3,200, across over 70 countries. They are in progress with creating a new model for a diverse, cross-platform world.

  • Pricing: Contact sales
  • Features: They provide brilliant audience analytics over multi screens and cross-platform advertising for concentrated targeting and stronger advertising.  They also effectively help in maximizing marketing effectiveness over a number of platforms and that is one of their best features, that they are not limited to one platform.
  • Pro Tip:

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