Tomorro Int Review- Non Payment to Publishers

TOMORRO\\\ is an integrator and global distributor of Digital Media and Advertising solutions, headquartered in NYC, with offices globally. The company researches the AdTech environment and independently select innovative technologies that can solve identified challenges and pain points of Premium Publishers, Brands and Agencies. It is a DFP premium partner and help publishers increase their ad revenue by providing NPM accounts.

At Blognife, we help publishers increase their digital ad revenue with display ad optimization, video ad setup and more. Thus, we constantly look for ad partners who are able to assist publishers and provide them with an NPM account and take their revenue share.

Our first connect with Tomorro Int took place after we posted an article on Reddit. Mert from Tomorro Int got in touch with me so that we can do business together. Working with a new adtech partner is always a concern so we decided to take it low initially.

We went live with three of our publisher partners within the first few days. While we were continuing with the onboarding process, I paused it temporarily to see if payouts are processed by Tomorro Int since there was some delay in enabling email reports for a publisher partner because the revenue of the partner was low. (The minimum account size was something which we previously discussed and I was informed that Tomorro Int is fine with all publishers as long as they don’t have any policy violation. Following this, I waited till the payout date for these publisher partners only to see that my emails were unresponsive.  

Why we Didn’t Do Significant Background Research?

In the adtech ecosystem, it’s very rare that the company doesn’t pay the publisher. It might happen that the payments are delayed, however, it is always ensured that the company makes the due payment in time since this is a recurring business. Additionally, when you’re a Google DFP Premium partner, it automatically brings in the trust of Google. Since Google has trusted you, it becomes easier for us to also trust the partner. 

Tomorro Int Didn’t Pay our Publisher Partners

It been almost 25 days delay and there was no communication from Mert Sadi of Tomorro Int when inquired about the payments. We tried getting in touch with them a number of times both on Skype and Email regarding the pending payments for the publishers but it didn’t realize. Also, Mert was online at the while on skype and simply avoided responding us. In an ecosystem where we are constantly trying to help each other maximize their revenue, this comes as an extremely demeaning attitude and thus we have completely lost trust on Tomorro Int.

The After Effects- Complete Loss of Trust

We have been contacted by a few more DFP Premium partners and adtech companies who are willing to do business with us. However, we didn’t really get the courage to work with these new companies since we had a serious breach of trust with Tomorro Int. Additionally, it did affect our reputation immensely as the publishers signed up with Tomorro Int only because of our recommendations.

We have all the documentations in email and skype along with the NET 30 days payment policy which Tomorro Int promised to the publishers. We are writing this review to share our grievance and the negative experience we encountered with Tomorro Int. We would suggest publishers, adtech partners, and agencies to check the facts before they work with Tomorro Int since we don’t want you guys to have the same experience we had undergone.

Our primary intent to write this article is based on the fact that authorities and watchdogs should know that such an incident happened and publishers should also be aware of the damage in reputation that has occured due to such activity.

If you need additional facts regarding the same, feel free to get in touch with me at [email protected].   

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This advertising company didn't process our publisher payments and thus we won't recommend them to anyone.

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