Bidvertiser CPM Rates 2020

In the past few years, advertising has been expanding with no set limits. The advent of technology and its growth has fully assisted the same to claw its reach far away and into other sectors. While, earlier, advertising was limited solely to newspapers and other conventional forums, it has now been integrated into other forms and has become far more effective and engaging. In virtue of that, many advertising platforms have been created to enhance the same and make it appear better. One such platform is Bidvertiser. BidVertiser is known and an appreciated ad network that is majorly concentrated on banners, pop-under ads and slider advertising for both the PCs and mobiles. It is one of the oldest ad networks that was launched when the concept of PPC ads had just taken birth. It is quite similar to Adsense though and even though the similarity is uncanny, in terms of the manner of working and the process of generating revenue for publishers, Bidvertiser stands apart in many ways. Let’s take a look at that.

BidVertiser Minimum Traffic Requirement

BidVertiser has not specified any particular traffic requirement or even any publisher language requirement but it does impose reasonable restrictions on content and strictly forbids adult illegal sites, excessive profanity or vulgar language, drugs and more and also, sites that are involved with pirating, hacking or the ones promoting clickbait. It also does not accept sites that are under development and have not been completely established.

BidVertiser Revenue Share Percentage

BidVertiser has kept its revenue share percentage discreet and has not disclosed it on its site or any other network. Though, it deserves a special mention for it has a very unique aspect to its revenue generation system that is they mix CPM and CPA models with the conventional CPC model, allowing publishers to earn with each click and also a good amount if the same turns into conversions.

BidVertiser Ad Quality

Bidvertiser has really good ad quality and is really similar to AdSense if the same if being considered.  Though, there are major differences in how the ads are placed. While AdSense would analyze contents and keywords surrounding the ad on a site and find the relevant spot, BidVertiser would rather focus on the highest bidder and will display ads that will generate high revenues, putting relevancy at risk.

BidVertiser Ad Formats

BidVertiser has a plethora of ad formats to offer to its advertisers to select from which includes Sliders Ads that even though intrusive will engage your visitors and it not very appropriate if one wishes to provide a user-friendly experience. Other than that, it has Pop-Under Ads that appear behind the active window and comes in sites only when the user shuts the particular window, Catfish Ads that flow at the bottom of the screen in mobile devices and more.

BidVertiser CPM Rates

Bidvertiser offers good CPM rates to its publishers. However, the network is not global like AdSense and thus might work well for specific publishers who have to convert traffic for their advertisers. We tried searching the internet so that we have some recommendation for our readers about the CPM rates but there is very little info. So if you’re a publisher who is running Bidvertiser, it would be great if you can shed some information about Bidvertiser CPM rates with us!

Payments and Earnings Report

BidVertiser offers a variety of options for one’s comfort and one can choose from PayPal, Payza, Wire Transfer and Check and the minimum payout threshold for PayPal and Payza being $10. Publishers can draw the money almost instantly due to the low payment threshold. 

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