Openx vs Revive Review 2020

With the increase in technology, everything seems to have become easier. The same happened to online marketing with the advent of different kinds of advertising, users understood products better and it reached them conveniently. Ad servers are web-based tools that publishers make use of to assist ad management, ad trafficking, and campaign management. It also provides detailed reports about the ads served on the website. Of many ad servers, a couple of them are- OpenX and Revive. Revive Adserver is an open source advertising, licensed under GNU General Public License and features an integrated banner management interface and tracking system to gather statistics.

It enables administrators to rotate banners from both in-house advertising campaigns and paid third-party sources, such as AdSense. It renders standard banner rotation, click tracking, zone-based ad selection, zone-based campaign targeting, direct ad selection, ad targeting, ad capping and support for Adobe Flash banners. OpenX, on the other hand, is a programmatic advertising technology company. OpenX has created an integrated technology platform that has conglomerated ad server and real-time bidding exchange with a standard supply-side platform that ensures the real high time value for any trade. Despite being two completely different ad servers at the present moment, these two have a history of sharing the same roots, when Revive was called OpenX Source. Both of these are highly competitive ad servers, and this is a comparative study- OpenX vs Revive that evaluates both of their cons and pros.

Openx vs Revive: Minimum Traffic Requirement

The minimum traffic requirement for OpenX is that of 10 million page views per month indicating that mostly only high volume pages can make use of this particular ad server. But on the other hand is Revive that has no minimum traffic requirement, opening gates for all kinds of publishers, irrespective of the fact that they are high volume publishers or low volume. So, if you’re looking for a good ad serving and management platform- Revive is a choice for you along with AdSense. 

Openx vs Revive: Revenue Share Percentage

OpenX has a variety of options of revenue model that one can select from. One of those is where the Publisher earns a specific percent of the revenue, and here, the percentage has to be specified too. Another one is where the Publisher earns a fixed CPM that is guaranteed. The third one is where the Publisher earns a fixed CPM with a 100% fill. However, if a revenue model is not chosen, the default model is publisher revenue spit of 100%. Revive, on the other hand, has given the Admin the privilege to set Publisher’s share of percentage and the billing for the advertiser and publisher is calculated at the end of every month by the admin. Being open source, you can deploy the server and start running it. Additionally, there is a plugin which can bring RTB functionality integrated with the Revive ad server and thus can help you function like an SSP.   

Openx vs Revive: Ad Quality

Openx’s Ad Quality depends majorly on other networks but it does have many filters to assure good quality ads like- ad quality filters and creative review. Revive too makes an effort to keep up with the best of quality ads and provides extensive targeting too. It also supports the display of AdSense ads. The same goes for Revive where publishers can integrate advertiser campaigns and use other ad networks as a fall-back. 

Openx vs Revive: Publisher List

All top and leading publishers use Openx as an ad serving/yield management tool. The solutions provided by Openx does not only make it a robust ad server but also a desired tool for yield optimization. Revive on the other hand is an ad server that can be used as an ad network and thus there are many publishers with direct buyers use this ad server to create their very own small niche ad network.

Openx vs Revive: Ad Formats

OpenX has a huge variety of ads to choose from which includes- Image Ads, Flash Ads, HTML Ads, Third Party HTML Ads that engage a huge audience,  Linear Video Ads, Third Party Linear Video Ads, and Non-Linear Video Ads that is supported with visual aids and sounds that creates an impact. Other than that, they also have Mobile HTML Ads, Mobile Image Ads, and Native Ads. Similarly, Revive too provides its users with a plethora of ad formats to select from. It has IAB Side Kick Ads, IAB Pushdown Ads, IAB Mobile Filmstrip Banners and more. It majorly provides excellent Native Ads, Pop-Under Ads, and 360 Ads.  

Openx vs Revive: CPM Rates

The CPM rates offered by Openx is around $1 for US traffic. If you’ve tier 2 traffic, then you can expect the CPM rates to go down around 20 cents to 30 cents. Additionally, publishers can make higher revenue with bidders using the OpenX platform. Revive essentially is an ad server.

Openx vs Revive: Payments and Earnings Report

OpenX has the minimum payout threshold of $100 and if the publisher has earned less than the given amount, the monthly earning is transferred to next month until the given amount is reached. The options provided to receive the payment includes Bank Wire and Automated Clearing House (ACH). Revive makes payments on a monthly basis and does the same through PayPal and the Admin has the privilege to set the Publisher’s share of percentage.

Openx vs Revive: Final Verdict

Both Openx and Revive are useful for different purposes. If your initial budget is less and is looking to create an ad network then Revive is the best solution for you. However, if you have heavy inventory and a number of quality advertisers, then we suggest you get started with Openx.

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