Appnexus CPM Rates 2020

Advertising has major impacts on products these days and creates the much needed hustle that drives a product to becoming a major success. This has led to a great advancement of it in all aspect and an increasing expanse. Ad servers are web based tools that advertisers, networks, and publishers make use of to assist ad management, ad trafficking and campaign management. It also provides detailed reports about the ads served on the website. One of the bests is AppNexus, which is a multinational technology company with cloud based software platform that enables and optimizes programmatic online advertising. Other than that, it offers infrastructure for online auction and technology for data management, optimization, financial clearing and support for advertising campaigns that have been directly negotiated with. It has also integrated with ad sources like DFP. AppNexus is a major player in the adtech ecosystem and is the pioneer of header bidding. The network is backed by WPP and has some of the biggest clients as their advertisers. In this article, we will take a closer look at Appnexus CPM rates for 2018 and other publisher parameters like traffic eligibility. 

Appnexus Minimum Traffic Requirement

One has to have the minimum of 10 million page views per month to become a publisher for AppNexus. This is rather a large margin that majorly allows only high volume media companies to become a part of the AppNexus family. Along with that, publishers need to have a significant volume of their traffic coming from tier one countries like US, Cananda, and UK.

Appnexus Ad Quality

AppNexus has a competent ad quality and strives to keep up with it and consequently maintain it using the AppNexus Console. It assures that the ad quality is up to the standards of the publisher. Much like premium publishers, only the premium advertisers are allowed a seat in the Appnexus platform who have a budget of spending more than $20,000 in advertising and thus the quality of the ads are maintained. All the ad creatives are reviewed before going live in the platform and thus ensures that only quality ads are served to the publishers who are using the Appnexus platform. 

Appnexus Ad Formats

AppNexus too has a plethora of ad formats from which a publisher can make a choice of what suit him the best. It includes Banner Ads that appear above or alongside content, Expandable Ads that can be enlarged further from its initial dimension, Pop Ads that display in a secondary browser window, Mobile Ads like In-Apps or Web Ads and Video Ads that has immense impact on viewers. Video ads are the latest addition to the Appnexus family and there are a lot of publishers who are making good revenue from the high CPMs of video ads using the platform. 

Appnexus CPM Rates

The CPM rates for US traffic on Appnexus platform is around U$1 and more. The rates depend on a number of factors, and are primarily based on the advertiser demand. The programmatic channels can also lead to CPMs which are as high as $3 to $5 for the publishers. Appnexus’s CPM rates for video ads are anywhere around $15 to $20 and the rates increase as the audience gets more  segmented and targeted. Also, the video demand is quite high for US audience and thus publishers have a great potential to make good bucks with video ads.

Appnexus Payments and Earnings Report

AppNexus’s Revenue Share Model has 8.5% revenue split. Other than that, its payments and earnings have been kept free from all the intrusion and knowledge of networks on internet.

Appnexus Final Verdict

Appnexus is one of the biggest advertising network that caters to a number of Fortune 500 companies as its prime advertisers. Also, Appnexus is closely tied with top trading desks and agencies who have high volume of ad spent. All these makes Appnexus as one of the top advertising companies in the world. Additionally, its publisher suite is a set of high end products that enables premium publishers with ad serving capabilities and technology to further increase their overall CPM rates. We hope this article on Appnexus CPM rates was helpful and you’ll further go ahead and explore myriad other features of this leading adtech company and see what products fit your needs. We hope to see you again at Blognife!

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