Airpush eCPM Rates 2020

With over 1,20,000 apps using its Software Development Kit, Airpush is clearly one of the largest mobile ad platforms. It provides the most advanced targeting and optimization technology on the market. It also has a wide range of ad formats that an advertiser can select from which includes Push Ads, Overlay Ads, Video Ads, Rich Media Ads and more. This has a more engaging and impact effect.  Airpush has powered some of the most successful mobile campaigns and has provided great results to some of the most iconic brands that include Coca-Cola,, Toyota and more. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at Airpush eCPM rates of 2018 and other publisher parameters like traffic eligibility and more. 

Airpush Ad Units 

Ad Unit in Airpush can be displayed in varying sizes SmartWall, Banner, Push Notifications, Icon, Rich Media, Video Ads and more. Airpush uses Push Ad that allows interaction with the Ad only when the user chooses so. Its’ Video Ads are characterized by optimization and efficiency.  It also uses Overlay Ads that allows advertisers unobstructed access to engage users with offers. Apart from that, they use Rich Media Ads that allow higher engagement with users; Landing Page Ads that provide an opportunity to collect information using forms; In-app banners that have an unmatched reach and Abstract Banners that allows your message to expand into a transparent overlay. It makes use of Airpush AirSDK Jar File and XML to implement such technology.

Airpush Ad Quality 

With a wide range of ad formats that Airpush allows its advertisers to choose from, it also provides a similar variety for designs. Its ads are not just of considerably really good quality but also has a versatile reach. It’s results too have been very impressive and it would not be quite wrong to call it the future of mobile advertising.

Airpush eCPM Rates 2018 

Airpush is known to be highly lucrative and quite easy to implement, most supported and the least obtrusive ad network. Its Software Development Kit is known to get implemented in less than 3 minutes. It is known to have been instrumental in generating really high ratings. Other than that, it also blows into water other ad networks for it has the average CPM of around USD 5 or 6, which is way more than other ad networks usually generate. It has a number of SDKs with different CPMs based on the ad units that are chosen. For Google Play, their SDK includes a pay per install ad type where one can earn about USD 0.02 per new USA user install. For the third-party markets, their bundle 2 SDK pays a rate of around USD 0.05 per new install from anywhere in the world, generating the eCPM of around USD 50. As per their fill rates, they change on a daily basis but many of their campaigns and advertisers seem to be available at all times.

Airpush Ad Mediation 

Ad Mediation is technology that sends requests to other ad networks to assure that the publishers receive the best available slots for their ads. You can use Airpush with mediation platforms like Mopub, Smaato, or Mobfox to get the highest revenue for every ad impression. Airpush is known to provide premium eCPM rates for some of the popular mobile ad formats. 

Airpush Payment Proof and Earnings Report 

Airpush has kept the share it gives to Publishers well protected, not allowing it to appear on any network and sites. Airpush pays one the amounts properly due and payable within sixty days following the end of the applicable month in which it is earned and in such a case the amount exceeds 50 USD. If the amount earned is less than 50 USD, the amount gets paid the following month. It makes payments via ACH, PayPal and Wire Transfer. It mostly makes payments weekly though. This is in contrast to other mobile ad networks which makes payments on NET 30, 45 and 60 days. The quick payments processed by Airpush makes it one of the best in the industry in terms of transparency and commitment to its publishers and developers. 

Airpush: Final Verdict 

Airpush is a top mobile ad network and is very respected in the developers’ community. It offers strong eCPM rates which often surpasses Admob and Facebook mobile ads and thus makes the developers quite happy. If used alongside with a strong mediation network, AirPush alone can bring in good revenue through its myriad ad formats like push notifications, overlay, rich media, in-app banners, video and more. Hope this article on Airpush eCPM rates was helpful in determining the overall rates of the network and give developers like you an idea of the potential earning opportunities of this network.

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