Outbrain vs Facebook Ads- 2020 Comparison

Outbrain is a performance-based native advertising network and has been one of the early pioneers of native advertising along with Taboola. The network has an extremely strong presence in the US and caters to publishers and marketers globally. With more than 250 billion monthly recommendations and 80% of the world’s premium publishers, the network provides quality inventory to advertisers and marketers. Facebook, on the other hand, has built one of the most successful advertising technology that immensely helps marketers with the data they require to target the audience which results in meaningful conversions. In this article, we are going to have a detailed comparison- Outbrain vs Facebook ads and see which is suitable for both publishers and marketers. Before we take a dive into the article, I would like to state that we have divided this into 2 parts– publisher perspective and advertiser perspective so you can go to the required segment of your choice based on your personal preference.  

Outbrain vs Facebook Ads: Publisher Perspective

Although Outbrain is not as big as Facebook in terms of volume of transactions, the network is still one of the best in the native advertising industry. On the other hand, Facebook has been growing its list of social publishers and pays more than 2 million dollars daily to its publishers globally via the Instant article program. Instant articles are able to pay better rates to social publishers and local news portals since the offerings are geared towards a better overall experience for the visitors and a higher page views per visit count which comes down to better revenues. Now let us take at look at Outbrain vs Facebook Ads CPC rates.

Outbrain CPC Rates vs Facebook Ads CPC Rates

The CPC rates offered by Outbrain is in the range of 3 cents to 20 cents. The highest is for US traffic and the lowest is for Asian traffic. The CPC rates for EU traffic is in the range of 10 cents to 15 cents. Also, the CPC rates depend on the website and the ones which draw better engagement and returns for advertisers have higher CPC rates in comparison to the ones with lower performance. The instant article ads are determined by pure CPMs since they are a mix of display ads, video ads, and native ads. Publishers earn anywhere around $1-$10 CPMs on instant articles ads. The rates are higher for sites which native technology-based content and are lowest for viral content. However, a lot depends on the geography of the visitors and the overall competition.

Outbrain Payments vs Facebook Ads Payments

The minimum payout amount to request a withdrawal from Outbrain is $50. Normally, the payments are made on NET 60 days basis which means your January earnings will be paid to you by the end of March. Outbrain pays its publishers via methods like Paypal and bank transfer. For Facebook, you need to have a minimum of $100 to request payment via Paypal or Bank transfer. However, we have seen Facebook paying even if we haven’t reached the minimum threshold of USD 100. The payments made by Facebook are on NET 30 days basis.  

Outbrain Publisher List vs Facebook Publisher List

Normally, all major publishers work with Outbrain to increase their native advertising revenue. Some of the top publishers include Mashable, People, Fox News, ABC News, Time INC, and more. Normally, all major publishers work with Instant articles to monetize their mobile traffic pages and the numbers are growing. Some of the top publishers include Buzzfeed, Mashable, Business Insider and more. In fact, all the publishers who have a good social presence use Instant articles to monetize their social traffic since the rates are higher on instant articles than on other ad networks.

Outbrain Ad Formats vs Facebook Ad Formats

Outbrain offers in-stream, in-article, interstitial, and pop-up native ad networks which have high CTRs across the websites and publishers are able to make better returns with these networks. The ad formats offered by Facebook Ads or Instant Article ads includes rewarded video, in-stream video, banners, native banners, and native in-app ads for developers. Thus both the network has their own choice of ad formats and publishers can make use of the best-performing ad units on their website to maximize the revenue.

Outbrain vs Facebook Ads: Marketers Perspective

Outbrain has grown to be one of the most prominent native advertising company. Marketers use Outbrain for generating leads for their business or use the video ads for brand awareness and brand engagement. It has a growing list of marketers who are immensely benefited by the networks optimization algorithms to show the right kind of advertorials to the visitors at the right moment, targeting on the intent of the visitors. Marketers have the option to choose premium sites like CNN, People, ESPN and other for a better ROI. With Outbrain, you can either choose to work as self-service or request a dedicated account manager who would help you with a personalized and strategic ad targeting that is geared towards maximum ROI. The network provides ad formats like native in-article, native in-feed, and recommendation widget which can be targeted on publisher websites. The network also ensures that all the ads showing on the publishers network are aligned to the brand safety standards.

Facebook has more than 2 million advertisers under its banner and have detailed targeting options that can boost conversions for any business. Over the years, the social network giant has developed its core advertising technology to ensure that it provides the maximum ROI for the marketers and advertisers and make sure the conversions are properly tracked and optimized. The tools like FB analytics, power editor, conversion tools are robust enough to extract data and measure the growth metrics for any business.

Outbrain CPC Rates vs Facebook CPC Rates

The global CPC rates for Outbrain is in the range of 5-10 cents while that of US traffic is in the range of 15 cents to 20 cents. Any smart marketers will experiment with the individual geo to understand the bid competition and see

Outbrain Minimum Spend vs Facebook Minimum Spend

The minimum spend required for Outbrain is $50 with a minimum spend threshold of USD 20 a day with Outbrain which gives smaller marketers ample opportunity to try this network in comparison to the ones like Taboola and Revcontent. Alternatively, Facebook doesn’t have any minimum spend threshold. You need to add your credit card to your advertiser account and the amount will be automatically charged once the billing cycle starts. This isa great thing about Facebook and you will be making sales and earning from it before you’re paying Facebook for your ad spend. A lot of smart affiliate marketers use Facebook ads to drive traffic to landing pages which promotes a product or a service and makes good revenue from it.

Outbrain Billing Cycle vs Facebook Billing Cycle

Outbrain works on a monthly billing cycle where the money will be automatically deducted once you’ve crossed the spend of USD 50. Facebook also runs on a monthly billing cycle or an ad spend limit and charges the user whichever is crossed earlier. So, for both of these ad networks, you don’t need an initial hefty sum of amount to get started.

Outbrain Optimization vs Facebook Optimization

Outbrain offers optimization for its advertisements which are targeted to further increase the ROI of the marketers. On Facebook, once you’re able to track an significant volume of people, Facebook can help you find similar people who have allied interests. Outbrain came up with a feature which is similar to this where you can find a new audience based on similar interest. Features like this are know to drive efficiency and conversions on ad campaigns and is particularly useful for marketers who have identified their initial critical mass and is looking to expand its audience data set.

Outbrain Traffic Quality vs Facebook Traffic Quality

Outbrain works with the top publishers across the world who have a minimum of 3 million page views per month. Also, the editorial team at Outbrain reviews every creative and double check to ensure that the content quality and the landing pages to ensure that the advertisements meets Outbrain quality standards. It is good to see Outbrain maintaining the quality of the advertisements which essential for visitors since they are not taken to websites which have shallow content or are highly product centric. To attract a higher quality of traffic on Facebook, you need to bid more for clicks or CPMs and it can go quite higher based on the advertiser targetings. Typically, with Facebook, you can expect a mixed traffic and you have to further optimize your campaign to target the premium traffic for better conversions and leads.

Native advertising is growing and nearly all major ad tech companies have added native inventory to their ad stack to help publishers and marketers make the most of these newly emerging ad formats. While we wrap up our discussion on Outbrain vs Facebook ads, we need to pinpoint the takeaways which includes:–

  • Both the network has high quality traffic, especially Outbrain.
  • Facebook has more targeting options and provide better ROI for affiliate marketers
  • Outbrain is for serious users who can be your potential customers and are interested in in-depth information about your brand or service
  • Both the companies have the self-serve model and are easy to get started even if you have limited money on your kitty.

We hope our Outbrain vs Facebook ads comparison was useful and you’ve meaningful takeaways from this post. Keep visiting Blognife for more interesting articles.

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