Chitika Alternatives List of 2020 for Publishers

Chitika is a contextual and a search targeting company which helps publishers monetize their ad inventory by showing targeted search ads. Since the ads are bid on real-time and there are a lot of advertisers for US and Canada, the network typically performs well for publishers who have quality traffic from the above regions. However, the network may not work well with all publishers since most of its advertisers are targeting the US and Canadian traffic. Thus publishers are left to find alternatives to Chitika that can help them monetize their ad inventory. Chitika once in its early days of 2004 was one of the top competitors of Google AdSense. In this article, we are going to discuss top 7 best Chitika alternatives of 2018. Do let us know your favorite Chitika alternative in the comments section and share your experience of that ad network.

Why Choose Chitika Alternatives?

Chitika was once a great AdSense alternative. However, with time the network lacked innovation and is restricted to a small number of publishers. Most of the publishers who have tried Chitika have reported ongoing lowered earnings and have abandoned the network. As ad tech has emerged, there are a lot of ad networks which have grown in the last 5 years and quite a few of them are performing well in the native, video, and pop ad formats. Thus in order to increase your overall revenue, we recommend you these Chitika alternatives. We hope you would be considered these ad networks while deciding your preferred Chitika alternative to get started.

1) Contextual Chitika Alternative

iZooto Offer

Get Offer

Setupad Offer

Get Offer Offer

Get Offer is the second largest contextual ad network only after Google AdSense and caters to publishers who have a good volume of US and Canadian traffic. It is also known as the Yahoo Bing Contextual ad network since the entire advertiser base is sourced from Yahoo and Bing. is known to work with some of the top publishers globally like CNET etc. The network works best if you have product related topics since it can show targeted ads which if converted can give good returns to the advertisers and hence the publishers. Minimum Traffic Requirement: Publishers need to have close to 5000 pageviews per day and a good volume of the traffic should come from US and Canada. Also, approved websites which are in the product niche since those categories perform well with or Yahoo Bing Ads.  

2) AdSense- Best Chitika Alternative

Google AdSense is definitely one of the recommended alternatives of Chitika. The network has been known for its huge market capitalization and the plethora of tools it has for marketers. Google AdSense is for sure one of the websites which you should be looking at along with Chitika to boost your overall revenue. There are a lot of publishers who are using Chitika and AdSense regularly to earn profits from their ads.

AdSense Minimum Traffic Requirement: Publishers need to have a well-designed website with a proper privacy policy and a decent amount of search traffic to be eligible for Google Adsense program. It is recommended that sites are at least 5 months old before you apply for the AdSense program.

3) Adnow- Alternative for Small Publishers

AdNow is a widget based native advertising network which allows publishers to monetize their sites. It has a network of over 150,000 publishers. The network was established in 2014 and was made by a collaboration between digital marketers who had experience in RTB and Big Data. They made a hybrid ad format which combined advertisements and other engaging website content to enhance user engagement. In three years, AdNow has become one of the most efficient native ad tools. It serves over 4 billion impressions per month in 107 countries.

Adnow Minimum Traffic Requirement: While Adnow approves most of the websites which have a decent website layout and optimal traffic, it needs to be mentioned that Adnow is an entry level native ad network and thus accepts publishers have page views of 1000 per day and less. If you’ve good volume of EU traffic, we suggest you consider this ad network.

4) Viglink- In-Text Chitika Alternative

Viglink is an excellent ad network that transforms all outbound links on the blog into affiliate links. The best part of this network is that all of its links are SEO friendly and does not hamper the user experience at any level. The network is backed up by Google, and it identifies all commercial products mentioned within the publisher’s content. The network invigorates these terms and transforms them into a number of revenue generating hyperlinks. The destinations of these links are determined through real-time, advertiser bid auctions. Viglink has more than 20,000 advertisers across its network and works globally with every publisher.

Viglink Minimum Traffic Requirement: You need to have a well-designed website with at least 1000 page views. If you have a website around product niche, Viglink can perform well on your site.

5) Infolinks- In-text Chitika Alternative

Infolinks is a “one-stop shop” ad network which monetizes all traffic across any platform with their suite of advanced ad units. The network creates a new revenue stream from the unused ad space of the website. Their algorithm is used to deliver intent driven ads to the right users in real time. In this article, we will discuss Infolinks CPM Rates 2017 with respect to its earning model and payments and earnings report. This will help you to decide if the ad network would fit complement the monetization of your website or blog.

Minimum Traffic Requirement: You need to have a minimum of 1000 page views to get started with Infolinks.

6) Spoutable

Spoutable is one of the latest advertising networks, which has grown popular in a very short period of time. It is a platform based on exit ad concept. This means that you can generate revenue from your website while the user leaves it. Besides, the exit ads, Spoutable also offer an array of advertising formats that can help both publishers and advertisers monetize their web traffic through rich media ads and higher user engagement. However, in order to have maximum benefit, the ads should appear effortlessly while a user exits to actively grab his attention. In this post, we will discuss Spoutable as a means to monetize via Native Ads with respect to its earning model and earnings report.

Minimum Traffic Requirements: Publishers need to have a minimum of 5000 page views per month to be eligible for Spoutable.

7) Mediavenus

Mediavenus is relatively a new native ad network that helps publishers monetize their ad widget spaces. This native ad network is trusted by more than 100,000 publishers globally and is a performance-based native advertising network. The average CPC offered by Mediavenus is anywhere around $0.005 as mentioned by the site. It offers powerful targeting options which can help marketers with better ROI and hence better revenue rates for publishers.

Minimum Traffic Requirement: Publishers need to have a minimum of 500 pageviews per day and have an overall clean website design.

To conclude, Chitika works well if you’ve got a good volume of US and Canadian traffic. Although the ads are CPC based, the overall metrics depends on the conversions which the advertisers are getting from the traffic. Thus to earn from Chitika, you need to have traffic that converts well for the advertisers. However, these Chitika alternatives listed above doesn’t need you to have to convert traffic (except Viglink and Thus, you’re good to go to get started with these Chitika alternatives. If you can recommend some alternatives that are working well with your traffic, feel free to share them in the comments section and we will add those in the list if we believe them to be a good Chitika alternative.

iZooto Offer

Get Offer

Setupad Offer

Get Offer Offer

Get Offer

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