Yume CPM Rates 2020

Yume is one of the oldest video advertising network which was initially founded in 2004 as a data analysis platform for television. With the growth of online advertising, the company started focusing on adtech and online solutions for publishers. The company is recently acquired by RhythmOne and has been delisted from NY Stock Exchange on Feb 2, 2018. In this article we are going to discuss Yume and its solutions for publishers. Yume CPM rates are attractive for tier one traffic mainly due to its advertiser base and strategic partnership with various brands across US.

Yume marketplace delivers best in class video experience. It works with premium publishers across desktop, mobile, and connected TVs. Yume uses its proprietary SDK which allows more effective monetization and better CPM rates for publishers.

How Yume Help Publishers Monetize their Video Inventory?

Yume’s marketplace is connected to a variety of demand channels which includes Yume Direct (which has its own set of buyers). It also has integration capabilities with its local TV buying platforms like Mediaocean and Strata, as well as offers programmatic deals through a plethora of third party DSPs.

Yume offers custom ad units to publishers that help creates engaging experiences for advertisers and thereby offers higher CPMs for publishers. It supports cross-screen experiences that ensures advanced data collection and audience targeting.

Along with a set of native technology solutions and 3rd party ad verification networks, Yume ensures that the ads are targeted to the right people, thereby minimizing the level of discrepancy.   

For advertisers, Yume offers two buying solutions. Yume Direct and Yume Programmatic. Yume Direct allows publishers to buy the inventory directly while the programmatic allows advertisers to buy the inventory across the programmatic channels.  

Yume CPM Rates 2018

The CPM rates offered by Yume for a 15 seconds or more video pre-roll is close to $2-$8 and depends on a lot of factors like audience quality, user targeting etc. The average for US traffic tends to be above $6. This increases if the audience is highly targeted and if advertisers are retargeting the audience. To sign up as a publisher, head over to Yume website and click on the Yume Marketplace tab and then click on Contact Us button.  

Yume Payment Methods

Yume pays its publishers via check. They have a NET payment cycle of 30 days and works with mostly US publishers who have inventory for video.

The integration of Yume with RhythmOne further strengthens Yume’s position and help both the companies to build one of the strongest programmatic marketplace for both publishers and advertisers. If you’ve high volume traffic on your websites or mobile app, you can get in touch with Yume for direct publisher deals and can enjoy strong CPM rates and have access to their pool of premium advertisers. If you’re a publisher and have been running Yume tags for sometime, we would be happy to have your experience shared with us. 

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