Yahoo CPM Rates 2020

Yahoo has been one of the largest internet company that the world has ever seen. It is acquired a number of companies in the past to manage its diverse division of content and has been profitable across few channels. Back from the days of Yahoo Contributor Network to currently, it has run a number of digital assets and has helped publishers monetize their content. Currently, Yahoo owns and operates a few adtech companies and if you’re a publisher, you can monetize your ad inventory with Yahoo. The list of companies which Yahoo operates and have partnered with includes (Yahoo Contextual ads), Gemini (the native ad platform for Yahoo) and BrightRoll (the video ad network which powers most of Yahoo’s inventory). In this article, we are going to discuss about these popular ad networks and the CPM rates offered by them. On an aggregate scale, you can consider them combined as Yahoo CPM rates.

Yahoo CPM Rates- 2018

Yahoo’s combined adtech comes with capabilities in the range of Google and Facebook. Although the former needs to integrate and channelize its capacity in a way that it can help the publishers and advertisers equally. Here, let us take a brief look at the CPM rates offered by the ad networks which are under Yahoo’s banner. CPM Rates is the second largest contextual ad network which is powered by display to search technology and works with advertisers on CPM, CPC, CPA, and CPL model. The network has a vast pool of advertisers coming from Bing and Yahoo and has a number of top publishers who use the network to monetize their traffic. Although its a separate entity, it is the primary source of Yahoo’s search ad business model since uses Yahoo’s advertiser pool to help publishers monetize their traffic. The CPM rates offered by is in the range of USD 1 to USD 2 and it closely works with publishers who have high volume of traffic and are able to target niche keywords for US and Canadian traffic.

Gemini- Yahoo CPM Rates

Gemini is the native ad wing of Yahoo and powers all the native transactions. Yahoo Gemini is the only marketplace that offers search and native advertising in one advertising platform. With Gemini, you are empowered with insightful data, brand-safe premium content and advanced technologies to deliver engaging search and native advertising campaigns that really drive results. Gemini ads are displayed across TechCrunch, HuffPost, Tumblr, and Yahoo’s digital inventory. It serves 2 billion ad impressions per day and has a variety of ad formats to choose from. An advertiser can choose from its range of creatives which includes search ads, image ads, video ads, app install ads, carousel ads, and mail ads. Publishers and app developers can make use of Yahoo’s Gemini to monetize their sites content and earn extra revenue. The CPM rates for yahoo’s Gemini varies from USD 2 to USD 3 and caters to only US traffic. So, if you’ve www traffic, try Gemini to compete with your other native ad networks to maximize your revenue. Whizzco is a content SSP which does the same task.

BrightRoll- Yahoo CPM Rates

BrightRoll was acquired by Yahoo is 2014 and continues to be its video advertising arm. The BrightRoll exchange allows premium publishers to monetize their content. Publishers can sell their inventory to advertisers on the BrightRoll Exchange through Yahoo for Publishers, Yahoo’s global data-driven platform that helps publishers and app developers generate revenue through digital advertising. However, after AOL taking over all the assets of Yahoo, the publisher side business has moved to the AOL division and you need to connect with Oath if you want to monetize your traffic via BrightRoll video ads. The CPM rates offered by BrightRoll for tier 1 traffic is around USD 10 for premium websites.

Why Publishers Should Choose Yahoo Ads?

Yahoo with its network of adtech solutions like, BrightRoll, and Gemini can increase your overall ad revenue. This comes as a substitute of Audience Network or AdSense, and thus can help you increase your overall ad revenue. If you’ve significant traffic coming from US and have ad inventory available for the same, you should definitely give Yahoo ads a try and see how it performs on your traffic.

Minimum Traffic Requirement for Yahoo Ad Network

The minimum traffic requirement will have across, Gemini and BrightRoll. For and Gemini, we believe anywhere around 10,000 traffic per month should suffice. However, for BrightRoll, the traffic should be close to 50,000 and more US uniques. Sometimes you might be accepted with a lower traffic threshold since it mostly depends on the nature of the website, traffic conversions, and more. 

Yahoo Ads Payment Proof and Terms

Payments are normally released within 30 days which means the payment terms are NET 30. has been consistent in making payments to its publishers.

How to Increase Yahoo CPM Rates?

Yahoo CPM rates vary on a number of factors like season of the year, traffic geography, niche of the site, user targeting, conversions, click-through etc. With programmatic ads taking over, the willing deal is to ensure that you produce quality content on your website and target keywords which are high valued. This would help you increase the overall CPM rates of Yahoo ads. 

If you’re using any of these ad networks, feel free to share your experience with us. This will help our readers have better decisions based on your feedback.

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