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AdSense Sticky Ads or Floating Ads on WordPress- How to Create

There are a lot of publishers who face difficulty in creating fixed/sticky ads on desktop and mobile. Also, a lot of publishers have sent us queries upon seeing sticky AdSense ads and inquire if they are in compliance with AdSense’ current program policies. In this post, we discuss a simple way to enable floating ads on WordPress in the sidebar and also bottom anchor ads. Also, we will be discussing how we can enable sticky Adsense ads and be on par with Google AdX policies (the premium version of AdSense). If you go to websites like India.com you can them running sticky 120×600 rail ads. Similarly, websites like Owlcation have sticky 300×250 sidebar ads up and running on desktop pages. AdSense’s policy doesn’t allow running of sticky ads, however, if you have an Ad Exchange account enabled, you can run sticky ads! Ad Exchange has a seat for many premium advertisers who buy impressions in purely CPM basis through programmatic targeting along which AdWords small business which takes a majority of the impressions as well in the auction process.

Publishers whom you see are using sticky AdSense ads are in fact using ADX ad codes and declaring it as a rule while using them. Good news is, you also can use AdX as most Ad Exchange partners accept sites which have 300,000 monthly page views. I hope, in this post, we will be able to help you answer quite a few queries.

What are Sticky Ads or Floating Ads

Ads which stick around while the content keeps moving are called as sticky/floating ads. Sticky sidebar ads are one of the most popular examples of sticky/floating ads. Other sticky ads include ads in the footer of your content, rail ads etc. On mobile devices, you can see a 320×50 banner ad which is made using (anchor ads by Google). In this post, we will discuss how you can implement sticky ads to increase your overall revenue from your existing traffic.

Benefits of Using Sticky or Floating Ads on WordPress

It is essential to understand why we need sticky/floating ads and how do they differ from normal banner ads. Sticky ads are particularly crucial since they let the ads stand out and ensure users take a special look at them. Sticky ads can be particularly used to serve in-house ads, increase Ad revenue and also promote affiliate products/services.

Enable Sticky ads for AdX- While you can’t use sticky AdSense ads, AdX, the premium version of AdSense let you have sticky Adsense ads. You can use a sticky 300×250/300×600 sidebar ad unit or you can also use a 320×100 sticky bottom ad unit.

Enable Sticky ads for Affiliate Campaigns- If you run a niche blog, you must have a list of selected products which you’d like to recommend to your visitors. Your primary concern is to ensure that you and your visitors to your affiliate websites. More the visitors you redirect, more the conversions. Sticky ads let you deliver the message to the visitors that a particular product/service is promising and you must try them out. Sticky ads grab attention and stand out! If you have a dedicated user base, surely your visitors will check out what you’re recommending.

Running Sticky AdSense Ads on Your Blog?

Once you have an approved partner ADX account, you can implement sticky ads on your website and can serve it via Doubleclick. Sticky banner ads can run alongside AdSense and can increase your overall ad revenue by more than 20-30%. However, there are a few exceptions on running sticky ads which include–

Restrictions for sticky ad units:
– Only ad formats with a width of 300 px or less are allowed.

For example, 728×90 is not allowed.
160×600, 300×600, 300×250, 300×50 and 120×600 are all allowed.

Also, if you’re planning to implement a sticky ad on your mobile traffic,

  1. Only the 320×50 ad unit can be used on mobile devices
  2. The AdX sticky ad should be present only at the bottom of the mobile screen

Sign up for any AdSense Certified Partner who provide a sub-AdX account. I would recommend Monetizemore or AdPushup because of their exceptional fast response time and dedicated support. Once signed up, you’ll receive the ad codes. You can make the 300×600 sidebar ad code sticky with the help of Q2W3 WordPress plugin. Once done, you need to mail back to your account manager so that they can declare a rule for their existence.

Setting up AdSense Sticky Sidebar Ads or Floating Ads on WordPress

The WordPress plugin repository has a plugin named Q2W3 Fixed Widget (Sticky Widget) which you need to install first. After activating the plugin, go to Appearance » Widgets and click on the widget that you want to make sticky. The plugin automatically adds a Fixed Widget option in all of your widgets. All you need to do is check the Fixed widget box and click on the Save button. Now, you can go to your live site and scroll down. Your fixed widget will now be a sticky floating widget.

The Q2W3 Fixed Sidebar Widget comes handy when you want to want to fix a sidebar widget including AdX ads or affiliate ads. However, this is only applicable to your desktop traffic since it is a sticky sidebar. You may not be able to run sticky footer ads on your WordPress blog with this plugin.

How to Enable Sticky AdSense Ads on Mobile

Using a Plugin: As already mentioned, you can use a sticky 320×50 ad unit served by AdX on the bottom of your mobile screen for additional revenue. Alternately, you can use in-house promotions/campaigns, app installs or displays affiliate products or services. The Advanced Ads Pro Bundle comes with an addon called Sticky Ads. The addon provides sticky and anchors ad functionalities for WordPress.

  • position ads that don’t scroll with the screen (sticky ads)
  • built anchor ads – most common for mobile apps
  • add a background color for header and footer bars
  • allow users to close sticky placements for a specific time
  • center side ads vertically
  • provides a fallback for old devices
  • set delay in seconds after which the ad should show up
  • display with effects (show, fade, slide)
  • support and updates for 1 year, unlimited usage afterward

New Placements

  • header bar placement
  • footer bar placement
  • sidebar ads attached to the main wrapper placement
  • sidebar ads attached to the window placement
  • make ads sticky to the screen or let them be scrolled away
  • add a background color for header and footer bars

We recommend the premium version of Advanced ads WordPress plugin because it can make your ads sticky on mobile (320×50 ad unit) and also, you can display ads based on user geography. Say, you have a direct advertiser who is paying you premium CPM rates and only wants to target US and Canadian traffic. Advanced Ads Geo placement plugin allows you to place the place the ad code for your direct advertiser for those two countries and use the remaining countries for AdSense code. Also, the plugin has tons of other customization that can definitely increase your overall ad revenue. The plugin also allows you to run sticky rail ads or wallpaper ads on your WordPress blog similar to India.com. These high viewability ads can certainly increase your overall ad revenue and thus will be an additional source of monetization for your blog.

Using a Theme: The Publisher WordPress theme is one of the best and most recommended AdSense ready theme out there in the market. If you want to increase your AdSense CTR and have features like Review system, Instant articles, AMP formats in-built in your theme, then this is the perfect theme for you. With more than 330+ Magazine styled homepages and demos, it is the best theme to have. Additional, the Better Ads Manager plugin allows you to sticky rail ads on your website to further increase your overall ad revenue. Thus, if you’re looking to run floating ads on your WordPress, you can use either Wpadvanced plugin or you can simply buy the Publisher theme and use its Ads manager plugin to place sticky ads on your site. If you’ve any query in regard to ‘Adsense sticky ads’ or ‘Adsense sticky sidebar’ feel free to get in touch with me.

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