Adgebra Ads Review 2019- Payment Proof and CPM Rates

Last year, we have seen ad tech brewing up with startups especially in the video and native ads segment. Every year, thousands of ad tech startup rise and fall due to the very dynamics of the industry. While most of the adtech startups are from Israel, the Indian ad tech ecosystem is slowly glooming with Startups like AdPushup and Inuxu coming to the forefront with creative solutions. In this article, we are going to discuss Adgebra, which is India’s leading native ad network after Columbia (by Times Internet). Adgebra is one of the fastest growing native ad networks which helps regional Indian publishers monetize their website with targeted native ads from brands. We hope this Adgebra review of 2018 will be helpful for publishers.

Adgebra Ads Review: Solution for Advertisers

Adgebra has been instrumental in working with Indian advertisers and driving them leads and sales for their campaigns. They have seemed to have worked with a number of Indian clients including Axis Bank, Cadbury, Aditya Birla, Candere, Citi Bank, Chevrolet, DBS, Flipkart etc to name a few. Adgebra provides unmatched engagement for advertisers through their high impact ad formats which are 100% viewable. Apart from ensuring maximum yield for advertisers, the platform also boasts of a higher recall rate of their ad campaigns.

Adgebra Ads Review: Solution for Publishers

Adgerba offers a variety of solutions for publishers. It is India’s largest regional language native ad platform. Listed below are the benefits of joining Adbegra for publishers and website owners. Adgebra currently reaches up to 250 mm audience and servers 5 Billion monthly impressions per month.

Benefits of Joining Adgebra for Publishers

Adgebra is one of the fastest growing native CPM ad networks in India and offers an interactive payout to its publishers. The ad network monetizes regional content blogs and websites which are otherwise turned down by AdSense and other display ad networks. Adgebra’s review is incomplete if we don’t discuss the benefits it offers to regional language publishers. 

  • CPM Payments- Adgebra offers CPM based payments to publishers and thus they don’t have to worry about advertiser conversions etc.
  • Innovative Mobile Ad units- The network offers innovative mobile ad units for its wide range of publishers. Since more than 90% of the Indian users operate via mobile, these mobile-specific ad units have higher engagement rates.
  • One Time Integration- You need to only integrate their ad code once and that’s it.
  • Audience Data Exchange- You can additionally earn extra revenue if you wish to share your audience data with their third-party providers.
  • Real Time Reports- Get access to real-time reports from about clicks, CTR, and revenue.
  • Personalized Content Recommendation- Adgebra’s personalized content recommendation widget allows incremental traffic and revenue from native ads.

Adgebra Review- Ad Formats

Adgebra provides a number of high impact ad formats which ensures higher brand recall for advertisers. This ensures premium fixed CPM rates for publishers since the network is working with premium advertisers across India. Let us take a look at some of these innovate ad formats which Adgebra is offering its publishers.

Splash- Relevant, Interactive and Engaging in-image ads helping brands reach right audience and generate user interest via various engagement elements (expand, scratch, hover, type, drag, click, play, video) that blends well with editorial images creating native experience for users while generating add-on revenue for publishers.

Spark- High impact mobile ad unit with two components. ‘Teaser’ unit hovering on mobile screen promises 100% visibility driving user attention and it is enticing enough to initiate dialogue with the brand. Post click, second component ‘Full screen’ ad loads that can carry videos, images, coupon codes, social media elements, mini-games and user various actions such as downloads, click to call, text, turn on a camera, locate a store and more

Spice- High impact sticky ad-unit residing at the footer of the screen with endless possibilities of user engagement elements on the banner like videos, images, coupon codes, social elements, live tweets, mini-games, live sports score, webcasts and more promising 100% visibility to brands.

Spike- Personalized article recommendation widget with custom build algorithms helping publishers increase average page views per user by two times and add-on revenue through native ads placed strategically within the widget. SPIKE works seamlessly across device types and supports 10+ regional languages.

Adgebra CPM Rates 2018

Adgebra is one of the fastest growing native ad networks that help regional Indian publishers with monetization opportunities. If you have a blog in a regional language like Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Punjabi or any other language, you can monetize your traffic by displaying ads from Adgebra. The platform provides flat CPM rates to publishers which mostly remains in the range of $0.20 to $0.50. So, if you have a huge volume of traffic, Adgebra can be a great option for monetizing Indian traffic. Currently, we haven’t tested Adbegra on any of our blogs and thus we cannot share any additional information on the same. Since the native ad units run by Adgebra pays on per click and conversions, the rates usually vary and depend on the niche and nature of the blog. 

Adgebra Payment Proof and Adgebra Payout

We don’t have much information about Adgebra’s payment proof and payout. We tried reaching them on their calling number which is displayed on the website, but unfortunately, we didn’t receive any answer. If you’ve used Adgebra and know more about Adgebra’s payment proof (screenshots) and payout, feel free to share your experience here and we can add those details in this section. It will help publishers like you, who are looking for additional revenue streams for their regional content websites and shall further enhance our Adbegra review of 2018.


Adgebra is definitely one of the fastest growing native ad networks for publishers across India, especially in the regional content niche. We hope their native platform is engaged with more advertisers so that the network can provide higher CPM payouts to its range of publishers. As a publisher, feel free to check out their monetization suite for additional revenue generation. We hope that this article on Adgebra review has been useful.

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Adgebra Review and Payment Proof

Adgebra is India's top native ad network that offers monetization solutions to regional publishers who create content in native Indian languages.

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