Payclick CPM Rates 2020

Content recommendation networks are taking the ad tech industry in a new direction. Publishers are benefiting from additional monetization sources via native recommendation and slowly we are moving to the next step i.e. Seeing the birth of native SSPs. Apart from AdSense, now you can monetize your website by showing native recommendation widgets which can give you close to 30-40% of what you’re generating from AdSense for general or viral niches. There has been a lot of native ad networks which you have been trying out (some of the popular ones include Taboola, Revcontent, Outbrain) and in today’s post, we are introducing Payclick- A native advertising network that help publishers monetize their traffic by displaying relevant native ads. In this article, we are going to discuss about Payclick CPM rates and would suggest if the network is a right choice for you or not.


Our network enables ALL of our publishers:

    • Native ads following audience interests and website content
    • Highest revenue on both CPM and CPC basis
    • Payouts made every week and in advance
    • Fast-loading widget responsive to every device (desktop/mobile/tablet)
  • More than 50 ad unit setting options: from background color to type of product/content recommendations
  • Fast and easy widget installation, suitable even for beginners
  • PayClick widget NEVER conflicts with AdSense or other ad networks
  • Exclusive terms for premium partners and smaller websites
  • Multiple payment methods: PayPal, Pioneer, Wire, Webmoney
  • 24/7 support from local manager who speaks your language

About Payclick:

Payclick has been in business for quite sometime. According to their information they provide global coverage of native ads and have started in 2010. Currently they serve in more than 107 countries with a wide advertiser base. The network uses advanced optimization algorithms that selects the offers based on your site’s traffic and provides you with high CTR of 5% against the industry average of 2.3%. 

Upon signup, you need to add the website from the dashboard which will go to the moderation team for review. Once your website is approved, you can create an ad widget code from the dashboard and place it on your website to start earning from it. The code is extremely easy to install and the widget configuration doesn’t take more than 5-7 minutes of your time. If there is any installation or configuration problem, their technical support manager is always available to help you.

Payclick offers guaranteed payments to its publishers.  Our innovative approach and strict financial discipline allows us to make payments every week in a method which suits you best. You have constant access to full reports on impressions, clicks, effectiveness and income rates.

Payclick FAQs

Q1. What is the minimum payout and the payment cycle?

1. Minimum Payout = 20$ and Payment Cycle = Weekly

Q2. What are the best performing Geos under Payclick?

2. Best Performing Geos = Europe and Asia (among them Vietnam, Indonesia, Romania, Spain)
Q3. What is the average or median CPC of Payclick advertsing?
3. Average or Mediam CPC or CPM rates across your network = ranging from $0.3-$5 (Your individual rate depends on your website, amount of traffic and it’s geo location, amount of impressions and other factors. Our support manager will contact you directly after registration to settle your personal rate. We are happy to provide our clients with most favourable conditions on the market.)

Minimum Traffic Requirement for PayClick

PayClick accept websites with over 100,000 impressions per month. It buys 100% of your traffic irrespective of your traffic origin and works on a CPM/CPC model.

Payclick CPM Rates

Here you can take a look at the CPM rates offered by Payclick for one of its publisher partners. As you can see the widget eCPM is close to $0.30 which is a decent rate and you can easily earn $1 if you place 2-3 Payclick widgets on your website. However, we would like to inform that these Payclick CPM rates are from 2016 and we don’t have any updated CPM rate of the network.
The overall revenue seems to be at par with Adnow and we noticed the widgets styles to be something similar to them. As a publisher, before giving them 100,000s of impressions, I would like you like you to get personally connected with their account manager and would suggest you to stay away from the network if they don’t happen to reply you on time. This is due to the fact that we haven’t noticed much activity with Payclick of late. However, if you wish to monetize your website traffic with other native ad networks, you can check our recommendation list below. We believe that our article on Payclick CPM rates was useful in giving you a brief overview of the network and the screenshot must have been helpful in providing a bird’s view of the CPM rates offered by Payclick. Do keep visiting Blognife for more interesting articles on adtech and ad optimization! Seen you soon!

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