Clicksor Earnings Report 2019

About The Ad Network

Clicksor is one of the best ad networks available on the web. They have collaboration with over 150k publishers and is serving billions of impressions per day. Clicksor is an appropriate Adsense substitute if you are looking for one. Clicksor has a better fill rate than any other ad networks on the web.

Ad Network Type

Clicksor only provides the ad type that is relevant to the website. They promote a certain type of ad so that the publisher get a better click-through rate. The ad network has an effective way to reach a target audience in order to get more visitors. The publisher only needs to put the right keyword in order to rank it higher, so that it gets a more competent prospect and gets better conversion.

Clicksor CPM Rates

Clicksor provides a CPM rate of $2, and it is way less than Adsense. They provide an average CPM rate of  $1.5 and $2.5 for tier 1 countries like USA, Australia, Canada, Australia along with some of the European countries. The CPM rate in tier 2 country is really low, such $0.24 in India, $0.13 in China and around $1.21 in Singapore.

Clicksor Minimum Payout

Tyhe minimum payout for Clicksor is a minimum payout of $1,000 and a $75 administration fee. The minimum payment threshold is $50. The network processes the payments every Thursday of the week on a Net-15 schedule.

Clicksor Payment Method

The payment methods for Clicksor is PayPal, Check, Payoneer, Perfect Money, or Wire Transfer.

Clicksor Payment Proof

Here, you can take a look at Clicksor payment proof. Clicksor has been a reliable ad network in the industry.

clicksor payment 1


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  1. Clicksor seems to be emerging as a Google Adsens Alternative

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