Propeller Ads Payment Proof- 2020

 About the Network

Propeller Ads is a UK based ad network and was founded in 2012. The initial idea was to turn clickable ads into revenue for publishers. In 5 years the growth has been steep, and now they serve 650 million ad impressions daily. The Propeller Ads offer the publishers with different types of ads, and the desired ad formats can be chosen depending on which outlet will it have i.e  phone or desktop. The CPM rate for the Propeller is quite high and the website fill rate is 100% for international traffic. They have a simple signup process, which helps to win the confidence of the visitor. But they do not accept websites that has Adult content, malware, or any other content that violates their Terms and Conditions.

Ad Network Type: CPM

The Propeller ads has different types of ads to offer to the publisher, such as- malware, or any other content that violates their Terms and Conditions, so here Propeller ads runs a mile more than other ad networks. So no matter what type of blog or website you have Propeller will always have an option for you. The Pop-under ads in Propeller gives out the maximum CPM rate, because it pays for each ad impression and mobile dialogue ads does that as well.  But the most user engagement is from Mobile Interstitial Ads.  Propeller ads work on CPM model, thus they work very good for the websites that has very low Traffic quality but the page views and visits are high.

Propeller Ads CPM Rates

Gaining good amount of revenue depends largely on the quality of the content. If the traffic is from the countries like USA, UK, Canada, or Australia, the publisher would get more revenue. The average global CPM rate varies from 30 cents to $7, which is somewhat low for Asian traffic. Gaming, Movies, Entertainment, Viral and downloads are the most popular niches, that gets the most revenue. And the highest CPM can be gained from Pop-under ads.

Propeller Ads Minimum Payout

The Minimum payout threshold for Paypal is $50, and for Payoneer it’s $100, and for Bankwire transfer is $500. The Propeller follows a NET 30 schedule for payment, which means the payment is transferred every 30 days. Propeller ads display only the most relevant ads on your website, which helps the publisher to monetize their websites.

Propeller Ads Payment Methods

Propeller offers different types of payment methods, so no publisher should face any difficulty regarding that. They use Payoneer Prepaid, Mastercard, Payoneer Global Bank Transfer, Bank Wire Transfer, ePayments, EPESE, and Webmoney.

Propeller Ads Payment Proof 2018

Here you can see the payment reports from Propeller ads (via Paypal).


Payment Timeliness

Propeller has a very consistent record of it’s payment, as they use so many methods to pay, no publisher should face any difficulty in getting their money. However the transfer may take time, but rest assured that you will get the money.


Propeller ads are the best substitute for Google Adsense, it has a smart refining system for the publishers to get the relevant ad for their Blogs or Website. They have a wide array of ad-options from where the publishers can choose, and that gives it the extra edge as an ad network. They have a good amount of CPM rates. Overall, this is a good option for publishers who have a good amount of visitors on their website. Hope this article on Propeller ads payment proof was helpful to publishers.

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