Popcash Earnings Report

About The Ad Network

Popcash is one of the best pop-under ad network that run on both the CPM and CPC model. Popcash provides higher CPM rates to the publishers than any other ad networks. Popcash works with a wide amount of advertisers, and for that reason they are able to provide higher CPM rates to the publishers. It delivers high quality smart advertisement, so the user experience is not affected by it, on the contrary they are attracted to it. Popcash serves very basic formats of ads, so some of the publishers think that the scope in Popcash is limited; but the ads provided by Popcash are available in different sizes and shapes so that adds up to it. Popcash works really good in some niches.

Ad Network Type

Popcash is a pop-under ad network type. In order to publish through Popcash one needs to just get the registration and make deposit of $5 and they are ready to publish. The signup process is very simple with Popcash. It has a very user friendly interface and they have precise options to categorize the target audiences. That in turn helps the optimization easy. Popcash also have a referral program that gives the publisher 10% revenue from the activities of the referred members.

PopCash CPM Rates

Popcash works in CPM and CPC rates both, and they give the publisher a higher a higher rate and a higher click through rate too. CPC means they will pay the publisher an amount per click, and the CPM means they pay the publisher on every 1000 clicks. Popcash shares 80% of the revenue with the publisher.  The CPM rate for US based traffic is from $1.5 and to $4. The tier 1 countries get a higher CPM rate. The CPM model is very dynamic which depends on the traffic, niche of the site and the demographic.

PopCash Minimum Payout

Popcash has a minimum payout threshold of $10 and for Bank Wire Transfer it is $1000. It takes about 24 to 48 hours to process the money. In holiday season, it takes more than that; however it should not take more than 7 days. Popcash has a dedicated team to check the authenticity of the publisher’s performance before generating the payment.

PopCash Payment Methods

Popcash uses various different methods to pay the publisher. Which are- Payza, Paypal, Skrill, Bitcoin, Wire, WebMoney, Paxum, and many more.

PopCash Payment Proof

Here you can take a look at the Paypal payment proof of Popcash ad network. This network pays its publishers on time and is reliable. 

Source: : http://www.ifwebstudio.com/popcash-popunder-network-review/


Popcash is one of the premium ad networks, and it performs to that level. Popcash is a very lucrative way of money, but it does not work equally well for all the niches. In such cases the publisher can always analyze and find out the right format for their blog or site. We hope this Popcash earnings report articles is helpful for publishers. 

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