HilltopAds Earnings Report 2020

About The Ad Network

Hilltop ads is a global ad network based in the UK, they serve 12 billion impressions per month. Monetizing the website in a safe and efficient way is the way for Hilltop ads. Hilltop ads have a very user-friendly interface. They have a nice anti ad-blocking support, that helps the site to get extra revenue. Hilltop Ads is especially good for beginner publishers, who do not have prior experience in ad networking because there’s no restriction on websites, almost every type of website can collaborate with Hilltop Ads.

Ad Network Type

Hilltop ads work for both mobile and desktop, and they serve a wide variety of ad formats. They offer Desk Top pop up ads, Display Banners, Pop-Under ads, In-video ads and Direct Link ads etc. Hilltop ads offer CPM, CPC and different other options of payment, but the most lucrative is the CPM model.

HillTopAds CPM Rates

Hilltop Ads have a eCPM real-time optimization option, That helps the publisher gain more revenue overall.  They also have a referral program, which is a unique program by which the publisher gains revenue if they can influence and get somebody to join Hilltop Ads; they pay 5% on every referred client.

HillTopAds Minimum Payout

Hilltop Ads have a minimum payout threshold of $50 for most of the accounts, but in some, they want $100 as a threshold. They run on a NET 7-day model so you will get your money on every 7th day if you have reached the $50 threshold.

HillTopAds Payment Methods

Hilltop ads use various methods of payments such as- Payoneer, Bitcoin, Paxum, Webmoney, and ePayService to receive payment.

HillTopAds Earnings Report 2018

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Source: http://www.adswiki.net/9003/hilltopads#.WjIJ-f6cHIU

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