Exoclick Payment Proof for Publishers 2020

About Exoclick

Exoclick is a Barcelona based online advertising company, founded on 2006. Benjamin Fonze, the ceo started this as an online project, which landed with its first self service ad system in just few months. The second fastest growing advertising company, Exoclick serves a total of 5 billion daily ad impressions. W3 Tech has listed it as the 4th largest ad network in the world. serving 182+ billion geo-targeted ads a month to a global network of 65,000 web and mobile publisher platforms. Exoclick accepts almost all types of ads. The audience target for Exoclick is very precise and helpful.

Ad Network Type

Exoclick  supports a variety of ads, as follows:

Display Banner:  Display Banner ads are available in different sizes, these are placed along with the post or the article.

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Instant Message:  This type of messages are shown on the right down corner of the page, works mostly for dating apps or live camera products.

Pre-roll in stream video: Whenever you click on the video it will start to play, and this has a good conversion rate of all the types of ads.

In Video Ads: The ads are shown in the video player. You can customize the ad and how will it be displayed.

Propounders: The ad comes on whenever the visitor clicks on the page. It has a dimension of 1204*780.

Direct Link:  This is of cost per click rate, and works better to draw large amount of traffic at much lower cost.

Text Ads: This type of ads also have CPC model, and they are the best way for advertisers to get into a conversation with the audience.

Sticky Banner:  This type of ad is just the same as banner ads, the only difference is these stay stuck in one place of your display and are available in various different sizes.

Interstitials: This type of ad is same as the propounders the only difference is this opens before or after the page is opened. They seem like they are a part of the page or the site.

Years of Operation

Exoclick was launched in the year 2006, then they landed with their self-service option within a few months. They leaped on 20 million impressions per day in 2009. In the year of 2012, the company has incorporated the mobile advertising to its proprietary ad platform. They are quoted as the 4th largest advertising network by the W3 Tech.

Exoclick CPM Rates

The CPM rates can be seen once you have registration in their interface. The CPM rate in 1 tier countries like USA, UK, and Canada is $2. Because the smart CPM makes the decision of the highest bid.


Source: http://blognife.com/2017/06/26/exoclick-cpm-rates-2017/

Minimum Payout

Exoclick has different minimum payouts for different ways. Exoclick has a minimum payout of $20 for PayPal, Payoneer, and Paxum, But $1000 for wire transfer.

Payment Methods

Exoclick has various payment options, such as paypal, paxum, payoneer and bank wire. They are very flexible about their methods of payment, which makes the publishers work asy.

Exoclick Payment Proof

Exoclick being one of the largest advertisers in the world has very regular and good reputation on payment. So if you are a new advertiser you have to get a paypal account or some of the other networks that Exoclick uses.

exoclick paypal payment proof 1

Source: http://www.onlinejoboffer.net/exoclick-ad-network-review/

Timely Payments

The Publisher can get the monthly payment on the 20th of every month, only if you have reached the minimum payout threshold on the previous month. Exoclick pays on 7 days option, so you don’t need to wait very long. The publisher can get this weekly payment on every Monday of the week.


ExoClick has CPC options too, but they have much lower CPC rate than other Networks. They provide an account manager on the basis of the importance of the account. The response from the support team is very quick so working with it is way easier. In order to receive payments you have to keep the ad zones active. The best part of ExoClick is that the audience get narrowed down by location, browser, mobile carrier, language, OS, and device, which makes the ad work better. In a nutshell ExoClick is a good platform for new publishers.

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