Exoclick Earnings Report 2020

About The Ad Network

Exoclick is a Barcelona based ad network, it is the fastest growing ad networks in the market. Exoclick was started in 2006 and it has been about a decade for them. Exoclick serves 5 billion impressions per month. Exoclick does not have much of a mainstream traffic, though it has an overall good reputation. Exoclick has a nice and user-friendly interface and they provide a detailed report that helps the publisher to analyze how the ads are performing. Exoclick is a very good option for beginners who do not have much experience in publishing.

Network Type

Exoclick serves various types of ad formats and in different sizes too. They serve in-video ads, display banners, text ads, links, and mobile redirects etc and much more. Exoclick runs an a CPM rate which means they pay the publisher on every 1000 impression. Exoclick does not have any minimum traffic requirement. The publisher only has to fill a form and he or she will be registered with Exoclick.

Exoclick CPM Rates

Exoclick has different CPM rate for different traffic. The tier 1 traffic which means the USA based traffic has a CPM rate of $2. Since Exoclick uses different CPM rate for different places that is why eCPM is very important to analyze he statistics. For Asian countries the CPM rate is comparatively low.

Exoclick Minimum Payout

Exoclick has different threshold for different methods. For Paypal, Payoneer, Paxum the minimum payout threshold is $20; and for Bank Wire Transfer the amount is $1000. The publisher can only take out the money if they have reached the threshold last week. They pay the money every monday.

Exoclick Payment Method

Exoclick is one of the premium ad networks in the market so they use various types of payment methods, which are  paypal, paxum, payoneer and bank wire.

Exoclick Payment Proof 2018

Here is the earnings report from one of the publisher dashboards of Exoclick.

Source:  http://www.onlinejoboffer.net/exoclick-ad-network-review/


ExoClick has CPC options too, but they have much lower CPC rate than other Networks. They provide an account manager on the basis of the importance of the account. The response from the support team is very quick so working with it is way easier. In order to receive payments, you have to keep the ad zones active. The best part of ExoClick is that the audience gets narrowed down by location, browser, mobile carrier, language, OS, and device, which makes the ad work better. In a nutshell, ExoClick is a good platform for new publishers.

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