Disqus Payment Proof for Publishers 2020

About Disqus Ad Network

Founded on 2007 by Daniel Ha and Jason Yan as a Y Combinator Startup. The Disqus is a WorldWide Blog Comment Hosting Service; it is a free commenting system, which can be installed on multiple CMS and Site Platforms. This has various features such as Social integration, social networking, user profiles, spam and moderation tools, analytics, email notifications, and mobile commenting. In all the available comment plugins out there the most popular is Disqus. It has many exciting features such as Active LogIn for Extended Period, One Universal Account for al Disqus-Enabled sites. Disqus is a slowly growing company that have about 59 staff and about 20 million comments and one billion unique investors per month. With impressive features and user friendly interface Disqus is one of the most popular among the publishers.

Ad Network Type: Native

Disqus is a native ad network The basic features of Disqus is free to install and the interface of it is very helpful and clear; however, you would have to pay on getting any more plugins or features for your site. It lets you create login credentials of a single account from which you can comment on any website of the world wide web. Disqus has specific websites that enables their publishers to earn extra with the help of it’s promoted Discovery Program. By sharing their content to a large audience and simultaneously generate ad sharing revenue, Disqus benefits it’s publishers.

Years of Operation

Disqus was founded in 2007 and still operating, it has been 10 years Disqus is operating.

Disqus CPM Rates 2018

If the page views are 10,000 and 30% of times the ads were visible then the publisher would get $1 per day. Publishers gain the maximum from Disqus commenting Box, which is placed on all the posts. The specific earnings from different forums are shown as one consolidated amount. The CPM rate per day is very less in comparison to other ad networks like Taboola or Adnow unless you have a good volume of US traffic.

Disqus Minimum Payout

Disqus has a NET 90 model of payment. And the Minimum payout threshold for Disqus is $100. So your December earnings will be paid on February. The NET 90 model is bit more compared to other Ad network’s NET 45, or NET 21. This is particularly due to the fact that it aggregates native ads from various sources which pays Disqus on NET 30, 45 or 60 days and they keep some time for adjustments before making the final payment to the publishers.

Payment Methods

Disqus has various options for their payment, they use- Paypal, ACH, Wire Transfer, eCheck, check etc.

Disqus Payment Proof

Here you can see Disqus payment settings page. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any payment proof of Disqus on the net. Once we receive this, we will be updating this section shortly.

Source: http://blognife.com/2016/08/09/disqus-native-ads-review/

Payment Timeliness

Disqus has a record of paying on time. They have different types of formats for payment, so no publisher should face any hassle of getting their money. But as all of them are e transfer, sometimes it may take some time to transfer the money.


Disqus is a powerful Adsense alternative. It is an appropriate tool for bloggers as this chooses the ads based on the content of the blog and the comments on the blog. And this also has a nice commenting system. It has a very user-friendly interface and always uses different media platforms to engage visitors. Monetizing your website is pretty easy with Disqus.

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