ClickAdu Payment Proof-2020

About The Ad Network

Clickadu is one of the newest ad networks in the market, founded in 2014 this ad network specializes in pop-under ad. They are limited in terms of ad formats but that does not limit their growth, even if they have very limited options to offer; they excel in them.  There is a benefit of click-under ads, the visitor can not tell where the ad came from. Clickadu is constantly expanding since their inception and now they serve many advertisers and publisher worldwide. Pop-under is the ideal format of advertising that would make the visitor aware of the ad after they have left their desired page and so this makes more conversion than any other ad formats.  So even if ClickAdu’s limitations are there; they still are making the most of what they have. Clickadu is targeting smaller publishers to help them reach bigger traffic in worldwide.

Ad Network Type

Clickadu mostly does pop-under ads, they do not have any minimum traffic requirement for the publishers, so they can have small publishers. They have a nice and easy installation process, and 24 hours or less approval process, and it makes it the easiest in the market. Which in turn helps it to become beginners favourite. Pop-under ads have a higher conversion rate than the traditional banner ads, so Clickadu often outperforms other ad networks in conversion rate.

Years of Operation

Clickadu has been founded in 2014 and is still working. And in these few years, they also have spread and created branches in different countries.

ClickAdu CPM Rates

Take a look at the CPM rates offered by ClickAdu. As you can see here, the CPM rates tend to be quite high and ranges above USD 1.

image4 3


Clickadu has a higher CPM rate than many other ad networks, but that depends on several other elements. But for traffic in the USA the CPM rate can jump up to $14. The CPM rate for pop-under ads highly depend on conversion rate, so you can expect a CPM rate of $1 to $2. That if you have good traffic with a percentage of the USA in it. The CPM rates can increase to USD 3 and above for US traffic.

ClickAdu Minimum Payout

The minimum payout threshold for Paxum, Payoneer, E-Payments, Epese and Webmoney is $50. And for bank wire transfer is $500. They run on a NET 15 and NET 30 model, which means you will get paid once every 15 days or once per month. They work in a way that would help beginner publishers to monetize their sites and increasing traffic would be easy too.

ClickAdu Payment Methods

Clickadu uses different methods of payment, which are PayPal, Epese, WebMoney, Paxum, Payoneer, E-Payments, Wire Transfer. So if you are a beginner you won’t face any trouble regarding payment because they have several different options.

ClickAdu Payment Proof

Here you can take a look at the payment proof of ClickAdu pop-under advertising network.

image5 4


Timely Payment

Clckadu is very precise with their payment, there is no record of payment-related trouble in Clickadu’s history.


Although Clickadu is a new network and it has limitations, but it is very good for new publishers. They provide nice amount and conversion rate, so for beginners, who are looking to try a pop-under network which pays a decent amount of money, Clickadu would be a very good choice for them.

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