Revenuehits Earnings Report 2020

About The Ad Network

Revenuehits is an Israel based company founded in 2008. The ad network is a CPM based ad network that gives a chance to the publisher to gain an additional revenue. Revenue hits scans the performance of millions of online ads and gives the result in just few minutes. Revenuehits let’s monetize the online assets like tool bars, websites, search, widgets, IM applications and more. The interface of this ad network is very user friendly so it is very handy for the beginners. Revenuehits is very particular with their tag and the publisher cannot manually change it.

Ad Network Type

Revenuehits is a dynamic CPM based ad network. The Ad Network pays the publisher on every 1000 impression The sites that are concentrated on Download, Torrent Sites, Music, Video and Wallpaper Sites have a huge potential. Revenuehits gives the proper CPM to each site. That benefits the publisher in great way.

Revenuehits CPM Rate

Revenuehits uses CPM model as well as CPA model, they pay you on every 1000 impression. The Revenue hits has a CPM rate of $1.90 n the USA, USD 1.70 in Canada, USD 2.80 in UAE, and 30 cents in the Philippines.

Revenuehits Minimum Payout Threshold

The minimum payout threshold for PayPal and Payoneer is USD 20 while it is USD 500 for Wire Transfer. The RevenueHits pay you by NET 30 basis, which basically is a monthly model.  If in any case your payment is denied thrice, you’d have to wait for 30 days before you can try again.

Revenuehits Payment Method

The Revenuehits uses Paypal, Payoneer and Wire Transfer as their payment method. The payment options can availed in the billing information section, which is present in the account information section.

Revenuehits Payment Proof and Earnings Report

As you can see here, the payment is sent from Revenuehits to the publisher.

revenuehits payment nov1 2



Revenuehits is a reliable pop-under network if you’re looking to monetize your pop-under traffic. They pay on time and has been operations since some time. There are a number of websites which are earning huge from Revenuehits and you can monetize your sites which are infact not monetized via AdSense.

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