Adbuff Earnings Report 2019

About The Ad Network

Adbuff is one of the best alternative for Adsense. If you are already working with Adsense and is not satisfied with your CPM rate, then Adbuff is the way for you. Adbuff is one of the newest Ad exchange platform that connects millions of advertisers with publishers. Adbuff has the best traffic for the publishers associated with them. They are in collaboration with very known name of the web world, to name some; AOL, PulsePoint, Criteo, and Google Ads are some of the premium level of associates of Adbuff. Publishers can completely depend on them to not only get multiple bids for your site but also achieve the highest eCPM rates in the industry. Adbuff ranks second in the list just after Google Adsense.

Ad Network Type

Adbuff is one of the fastest growing Ad exchange company in the web. They have CPC and CPM models both running. But they have a effective technology that can effectively monetize websites that are impression based, so the CPM model is very much lucrative in terms of getting better revenue. The Adbuff ad contents are clear and free of malicious features and they are Adsense compatible so you can feature Adsense content along with Adbuff contents it won’t hamper the experience of the visitor.

Adbuff CPM Rate

Adbuff has really strict set of rules, if you match them then only you can work with Adbuff. They need a substantial amount of tier 1 traffic which means mostly from US and Canada, and the page needs to have at least 2000 page views per day. And the CPM rate that they offer, varies from $.30 to $3, but that too depends on the kind of traffic that you have in your site. No site established less than 3 months can join with Adbuff.

Adbuff Minimum Payout

The minimum payout threshold is different for different methods in Adbuff. The minimum threshold for Paypal and Payoneer is $100, but for Bank Wire Transfer it is $500; and it is not attainable for new publishers that is why they have a criteria of 2000 visit per day, which is a possible turn out for established publishers.

Adbuff Payment Method

The payment methods for Adbuff is Paypal, Payoneer, and Bank Wire Transfer.

Adbuff Payment Proof

As you can see below, Adbuff issued a payment to the publisher via Payoneer. Payments sent via Payoneer doesn’t require any payment fee. Adbuff is a reliable ad network and help publishers monetize their inventory via good CPM rates.

adbuff 1


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