Criteo Earnings Report 2020

About The Ad Network

Criteo is a self-service ad network platform, and it works for established and new publishers. The preferred niche for Criteo is shopping, travel, and purchases. The CPM rate of Criteo is 2-3 times higher than even Adsense. With over 7000 publisher world wide Criteo is one of the best highest paying ad networks. Criteo monetizes the 20-40% of the web that result in higher CPM rates. Criteo works on a newer CPM model but it has an impressive ad serving technique that utilizes AdSense as a fall-back to amplify the overall returns for a publisher.

Ad Network Type

Criteo is a nicely customized retargeting ad network. Criteo operates with retailers to provide customised ads in the web. Criteo also allows the brands to follow up those visitors who leave the site without purchasing. It operates on a dynamic pricing model where the CPMs paid to the publishers are completely dependent on how their ads are performing for the advertisers.. The available ad formats are native ads, banners, and sticky footers.

CPM Rate

The CPM rate for Criteo is higher than Adsense. The CPM rate ranges from $1 to $5, which means they pay you $1 to $5 for every 1000 impression. The fill rate for Criteo is pretty low, it is about 10%-40%; so it is a good option for a traffic that is based in Europe and North America.

Minimum Payout

Criteo has a minimum payout threshold of $150 or 50 Euros. They have a NET 30 schedule for paying the publishers. They continuously scrutinize the traffic quality of each publisher and the more the conversion rate is the more the CPM rate is.

Payment Methods

The payment methods that the Criteo use is Paypal, ACH, Bank Transfers, and Cheques.

Criteo Earnings Report

Here is the screenshot of Criteo dashboard which shows the overall earnings report of the network.  Criteo is a great network if your website audience is targeted to travel and shopping. It is some of the major brands which are using the re-targeting feature of Criteo.



In a nutshell, Criteo has an unmatchable service for advertisers and publishers both. As the CPM rates hike up if the visit on your site hikes, so it is a good option for the publishers who have over 2000 visit per day on their website. However, starting January 2018, Criteo is shutting down its publisher marketplace and will be exclusively buying inventory from Ad Exchanges and direct publisher partners. We hope the Criteo earnings reports is useful for publishers.

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