Chitika Payment Proof

About Chitika

Chitika is a search-targeted ad network rendering exclusive services to both publishers and advertisers. This well-known advertising network displays online ads in the form of video, audio, or images through banner ads or rich media. Through this medium, site owners and brands can directly communicate their advertising message and brand image to their consumers. Chitika has a vast pool of customer base across the world and considered a worthy alternative for Google AdSense. In fact, publishers with less traffic size or even newcomers can show quality relevant ads. In this post, we will discuss Chitika payment proof and earnings model.

Chitika: Ad Network Type

Chitika provides an extensive range of advertisements to choose from to keep pace with the gradually evolving online competition. The major categories are –

  • Mobile ads– Currently mobile devices fetch a lot of traffic. So it is important to ensure a responsive version to enable an uninterrupted user experience. Chitika proves to be beneficial in this regard as these ads are displayed only if a website is viewed on the mobile devices. The ads are displayed depending on the device, not the site. This implies that the ads will be seen only if a user views the website or phone. Publishers get to monetize the entire mobile traffic without even creating any separate mobile site for the same.
  • Banner ads— these are standard ad types. However, Chitika shows images with text.
  • In text ads— Chitika offers In-Text advertising just like Infolinks based on CPC.
  • Highlight ads— Highlight ads are the ones displayed when a user selects some text on your website.
  • Hover ads— Hover ads are the ones displayed in the bottom right corner of a website. They remain consistently at that place while allowing the visitor to scroll down a website.

Chitika – Years of Operation

Founded in 2003, Chitika is an online ad network that leverages targeting and optimization technology to deliver ads. It serves thousands of advertisements around the world and has a huge customer base all around the world. It is one of the most credible and worthy alternatives for Google AdSense. The advertisements offered by Chitika get targeted by search and is effective in offering relevant ads in web pages. The network also displays ads on mobiles. Chitika is an excellent way to monetize a website or a blog. The publisher can generate revenue every time a visitor clicks on the Ads. It also offers its publishers a number of ad types and formats to choose from and could be used in conjugation with other ad networks to gain a better return on investment.

Online reputation

Chitika is a CPC based model, which means it pays on the basis of the number of clicks on the ad from the traffic of a website. There is no minimum traffic requirement for joining the network. Small to big publishers, all get approved. Also, publishers and advertisers from all countries are accepted without any restrictions on the minimum impressions of the site. So, once your account is created, all you need to do is create an ad zone and place the code on your website/blog. If you are working on WordPress and you are not so technical, you can employ the network’s WordPress plugin to display Chitika ads on your blog. Moreover, Chitika has an excellent support team with a good knowledge base to solve queries at any time of the day.

Chitika CPM Rates

Although the network fetches a lower fill rate, CPM, and CPC rates compared to other ad networks. It is still a suitable choice for traffic generated from US and Canada. This platform displays ads based on the search criteria of the user rather than from the site’s content. Because of this, it ends up showing ads which might not be relevant to the user. The CPM varies in the range of a few cents to USD 3 per 1000 ad impressions. On the other hand, the CPC rates lie between 3 to 50 cents per click.

Chitika Minimum Payment & Method

The minimum payout threshold for Paypal is USD 10 and however, through cheque, it is USD 50. Payment is done on NET 30 basis via Payoneer, Paypal, and Cheque. The network works the best for music, review, shopping, or entertainment niches whereas technical or related niche websites tend to earn lower revenues. Chitika also offers referral programs to publishers to earn supplementary incomes.


Chitika Dashboard

Chitika offers a comprehensive dashboard that supports a thorough and informative reporting. Publishers can, in fact, generate custom reports for any date range. It is one of the best things about the network. You can group the results grouped by date, channel, month, or channel and date. Publishers can save the reports for tracking and analysis of the campaign progress later.



Hence, on the whole, Chitika is really good option for new comers, especially the ones who don’t get approved by Google Adsense. Also, the network doesn’t have minimum traffic requirements for websites. Chitika is also compatible with Google Adsense. Publishers don’t need to make any changes to Adsense layout nor to Chitika ads to make them work together. Moreover, Chitika along with Adsense increases the website earnings also. This  simple and easy platform is definitely to be tried.

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