Ayboll Payment Proof and Earnings 2020

About Ayboll: In an ad dominating market, publishers and advertisers are still struggling to not cross the fine line between promoting their products and intruding their viewer experience. Here is where Ayboll can prove to be beneficial. It is ad platform that offers effective digital solutions to balance the monetization visuals while not disrupting your viewer’s natural experience. The customizable Native ad widget of Ayboll provides the readers with links to interesting content published on other online platforms, precisely native advertising.  So when a viewer clicks on the widget, publishers get paid a fair amount of revenue in case it leads to a conversion. Here, take a look at Ayboll payment proof and revenue reports.

Ayboll: Ad Network Type

Ayboll is a native ad network that provides great monetizing solutions to publishers who are looking out for supplementary sources of revenue.  Ayboll works with publishers of all sizes so even newcomers or small publishers can get easy approvals. In fact, the success rate of approval is 99% with no minimum traffic requirements. The network works on a unique algorithm that takes various factors into consideration. Over time, it learns the type of content your audience engages with the most and then, optimizes accordingly to generate maximum revenues. It also has extensive traffic analyzing tools that include revenue per country, benchmarking graphs, and other tools that give publishers full control over their campaigns.

Ayboll – Years of Operation

Founded in 2015, Ayboll is a relatively new network in the market created with the aim to ensure publishers, bloggers, and brands get fair value from their online content without covering it with banners. The best part of the network is unlike pop-ups and low-quality spam ads, Ayboll ads don’t interrupt with the readers at any level. All the recommendation links are clean and malware free. Serving more than 2000 premium advertisers and over 600 Publishers joining the network daily, Ayboll has always delivered high-quality ad inventory.

Online Reputation

Ayboll has a fully responsive architecture that fits on all devices (tablets, mobiles, or desktops). The Asynchronous tagging allows speedy Load times for all the web-pages. The personalized ad widget lets the publishers create multiple widgets for various domains in less than 3 minutes with the help of a self-serve tool, even without any cumbersome pre-approval process.

Moreover, Ayboll‘s sign-up process is incredibly easy. It approves any kind of content, even adult sites. All you need to do is provide an e-mail address and choose a password. Unlike other networks, there is no contract that is needed to become an Ayboll partner. Immediately after you sign up, you will be directed towards the widget building process, which is absolutely free and customizable to fit your website’s look and feel.

Ayboll CPM Rates

Ayboll operates on a CPC based model and shares a generous revenue percentage, 50% of all revenue with their publishers, along with high-quality clicks. All sorts of Bot traffic are, however, recognized and ignored. The earnings can lie in the range of $2-$6 RPM. Ayboll pays per click, but only for authentic, high-quality clicks. Their algorithm checks the legitimacy of every click and the user behavior. US traffic fetches an average CPM rate of $6 and claims a 100% Fillrate.

Ayboll Dashboard

Ayboll has a really productive and user-friendly dashboard that offers a clear overview of all the publisher earnings. Publishers can view their current balance as well as the amount they can withdraw. The ‘My Widget” section displays all widgets created by users along with all its details. Publishers can also edit, detect and derive the widget codes through Dashboard. With the revenue summary page, publishers can track and analyze their earnings across widgets, country, no. of days, websites and platforms.

Source: http://freeearningideas.blogspot.in/2015/06/best-adsense-alternatives-for-indian.html

Ayboll Minimum Payouts and Payment Proof

The network pays on Net-60 basis i.e. withdrawal requests are processed once in a month between the 1st and 10th. Moreover, withdrawing payment is never an issue with Ayboll as they offer multiple options including Paypal, Wire transfer, and Skrill. The minimum payout threshold is $100. However, Wire transfers are charged with $25 per transfer whereas Skrill is free.

So, on the whole, Ayboll is most suitable entertainment and music websites or blogs owning decent US traffic. Besides, small publishers and newcomers can also make money with the networks advertising widget if they manage to get good leads. Publishers can also use Ayboll in conjugation with Adsense to boost up the eCPM rates allowing publishers, to make more money out of their online content without covering it in tasteless banners. Hope this article on Ayboll payment proof and earnings report was helpful.

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  1. Hello. I want to join this network. What is the minimum traffic required for this ad network. Plz reply me.

  2. Ayboll is a scam

    I earned over 800$ and the admin does not want to pay

  3. @don –> I represent the Ayboll network. You guys have been complaining about not getting paid on various forums and websites. You sent us spam traffic from illegal websites and then you complain about not getting paid? Read the terms of use before signing up to ad networks and spewing your garbage traffic around the internet. We will not let our advertisers waste their money on traffic from dodgy sites and this is written clearly in our terms. You have been banned because you abused our network – deal with it.

  4. Ayboll is scam , they don’t pay , but admin thanks for your post about content ads , they pay me promptly . Mgid is also good ‘