Popmyads Payment Proof for Publishers 2018

About Popmyads

PopMyAds is the highest and fastest paying specialized pop-under ad network. The network’s monetization solutions serve as the ultimate platform for the content publishers and website or blog owners. There is no minimum traffic requirement for the publishers to join this network. So, it is open to publishers of all sizes for sign-up! These ads actually have the capacity to increase user focus on the displayed ads and hence succeed in boosting the overall site revenue. With PopMyAds publishers can target browsers, OS, country, frequency cap, source, along with ID inclusions and exclusions.

Popmyads: Ad Network Type

The network is one of the popular pop-unders that goes on to open in a new tab or new window, in the background of the screen. With this network, the publishers can set their minimum bid to serve pop-unders with automated video and sound ads. In fact, Publishers can choose to serve additional pop-ups or pop-unders. With all these filters, publishers can certainly drive higher revenue from their traffics. 


Popmyads – Years of Operation

Founded in 2011, PopMyads has access to a vast pool of advertisers worldwide and therefore, claims a fill rate of 100%.  It offers comparatively higher CPM rates and has the best international traffic coverage to its publishers. PopMyAds pays for all kinds of traffic across the globe and offers dynamic rates.

Online reputation

PopMyAds is having one of the best payouts in the market and there is no restriction as many ad networks do. It doesn’t matter how much traffic your website is getting, you can still apply for joining the network. If your submission is complying with the trerms and conditions of the platform, you will get instant approvals. Like other pop-unders, PopMyAds also accepts all kind of websites including both adult and non-adult content as well as subdomains. However, sites with child pornography, abusive content or violent content as well sites with unethical content are not encouraged by the network.

Popmyads CPM rates

Popmyads CPM rates are dynamic and vary a lot depending on various factors demographics, location, and traffic, quality of website, niche, and even day and time of the week. Usually, traffic from countries like US and UK pay more than countries like China, India, and Pakistan.

Popmyads Minimum Payout & Payment Methods

PopMyAds Minimum payment threshold is $5 which can be achieved very easily. It processes the payments really fast, within 1-7 days of the withdrawal request. The network also offers several payment methods via Payza, PayPal, and Bank Wire Transfer. In case of Bank Wire transfers, publishers need to contact the network team manually.

Popmyads Dashboard:

PopMyAds offers specialized targeting and optimization tools to design every ad campaign effective for a global marketplace. The network dashboard provides access to the real-time statistics regarding campaign progress, clicks, type of traffic, and also about the earnings. You could easily analyze your profits and track your campaign details with the help of the simple and clean interface.


Popmyads Payment Proof

Besides high yet dynamic CPM’s, the revenue sharing percentage for publishers also varies and is kept undisclosed. However, the network also offers a great referral program to publishers where they can enjoy a referral commission of 10%.

Source: https://www.trixhub.com/popmyads-review/


Well, overall, PopMyAds will be a great network to try specially for its efficiency and higher returns. Moreover, the network also has an excellent support team 24/7 to help publishers for any queries or concerns. Besides, competitive CPM rates, real time statistics, Ad inventory for all countries, very flexible campaign options are also add-on to definitely try the platform. Moreover, publishers are required to research and experiment with the networks to develop an effective ad strategy depending upon individual product requirements.

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