Clicksor Payment Proof for Publishers 2020

About Clicksor

Clicksor is a well-renowned contextual ad network, partnered with over 150k publishers and serving millions of ads worldwide. For publishers who are looking for effective Adsense alternatives, Clicksor is definitely the one to consider. Besides, weekly payments, they have a better fill rate compared to other ad networks on the web. For advertisers, the network has comparatively low bid auctions and less cumbersome campaign requirements than Adwords. in this post, we will discuss the Clicksor payment proof and earnings model.

Clicksor: Ad Network Type

Clicksor operates by placing ads relevant to the content of the website. It has automated systems to display these relevant ads in order to promote click-throughs by users.  The network serves as an effective platform to reach your target audience. All you need to do is research for the keywords that are pertinent to your website or blog and then choose your bidding price to rank those keywords’ placements. Technically, higher the keyword is ranked; more competent prospects will visit your site and translate into conversions eventually.

Clicksor – Years of Operation

Founded in 2004, Clicksor is basically the sister company of YesUp Media Inc. The network is aimed towards creating dynamic online advertising network recognized globally for its powerful contextual platforms offered via creative mediums. Over the years, Clicksor has grown from most popular platforms to ideal Adsense alternative presently delivering sectors of e-commerce and clients in the areas of design and market innovation.

Online reputation

The network offers publishers every opportunity to maximize their revenue through their website. Besides, it also allows webmasters to earn bonus income by simply integrating a range of clickable text or displaying targeted contextual advertising banners on their blogs or websites. It has recently also introduced Contextual Targeting Technology that targets visitors more closely related to the products and services you are endorsing. This helps in keeping pace with the constant online challenges of converting visitors into customers of the brand.

Moreover, it is pretty simple to sign up for the network. All you have to do is Fill up the registration form and submit it. The best part is there is no minimum traffic requirement. Hence, publishers of all sizes can work with the platform. And mostly all websites get approved, apart from the ones with illegal or inapt content. In fact, even sub-domain websites are accepted by Clicksor.


Clicksor CPM rates

Although the CPM rates offered by Clicksor are much lesser than what is provided by Adsense, the overall rate lies around $3. The network gives 100% fill rate for all websites. On an average, the network offers CPM rates in the range of $1.5 and $2.5 for tier 1 countries like USA, Australia, Canada, Australia along with some of the European countries. The CPM rates are significantly lower in tier 2 countries, providing $0.24 in India, $0.13 in China and around $1.21 in Singapore.


Clicksor Minimum Payout & Payment Methods

Clicksor makes weekly payments to the publishers via PayPal, Check, Payoneer, Perfect Money, or Wire Transfer with a minimum payout of $1,000 and a $75 administration fee. The minimum payment threshold is $50. The network processes the payments every Thursday of the week on a Net-15 schedule.

Clicksor Dashboard:

The Clicksor dashboard allows publishers to review their display advertisements related to their website content by using the latest contextual advertising technology. Higher the number of relevant ads on publishers’ websites, higher are the click-through rates. Clicksor also provides customization filters that give publishers many options to choose from, such as types of ad formats, or different sizes in order to satisfy their business needs.

Clicksor Payment Proof

The geographic location of the website traffic plays a very important part in determining your overall revenue potential. Clicksor also provides an opportunity to the publishers to earn 10% Extra with the referral programs. Clicksor claims that the share can go up to 85% of the revenue generated depending on a number of factors.



Hence, it can be certainly be said that Clicksor is an effective contextual advertising alternative to Google AdSense. Besides easy approval process, high approval rates, fast payments, it offers an array of ad options to customize your ad approach at the tip of a click. These include layer banners, inpage banners, inline text ads, pop-under ads, and interstitial ads. It has large advertiser base and excellent customer support with a response time of maximum 48 hours. Considering the numerous benefits, publishers can definitely fo for a try!

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