Top 5 Competitor SEO Tracking Tools

Effective SEO tools are pre-requisites for search engine optimization, whether it is for your own business or a client. There are various free as well as premium SEO tracking tools available on the web to help you track and evaluate various aspects of SEO, see the outputs, and be up-to-date with all the necessary changes. Besides checking the website rankings for related keywords in all the major search engines, you can also analyze backlinks received by your website and assess their quality. In addition to this, you can also track your competitors together with their domain. This actually lets you be on pace with the dynamic digital market and optimize actions whenever required.  In this post, we will discuss SEO Tracking Tools that can help you maximize the optimization for your site or blog.

Firstly, for competing with SEO, it is very important to understand the utility of the tool with respect to your needs. Important categories of tool shall include Keyword analysis, Content Ideas, Rankings, Link Building, Link Removal, and Technical SEO. There are two kinds of platforms available. Free tools are the ones which you can use for any of your projects without having to pay anything for it. Premium tools, on the contrary, offer exclusive and customized features to the users according to your business requirements. Here is the Top 5 we recommend –

1. Adwords for Keyword Research/Analysis

As stated by Brian Dean, “Without Keywords there is no such thing as SEO”. Every SEO campaign begins with Keyword Research and which tool can surpass Google Adwords in this respect? Adwords is the best bet if you are looking for free keyword research. However, it is not precise with the search numbers it displays. But it is quite effective from the viewpoint of a free SEO tool offering great keyword ideas.


Other alternatives to check out in this respect –

·  Freemium Tool – Term Explorer: It has access to the biggest pool of data to retrieve an expanded keyword research and ideas and get a better understanding of competition.

·  Paid Tool – SEMrush: It offers exclusive insights and information in the paid version of the tool, allowing you to assess your competitor’s keywords and so much more.

2. Outdated Content Finder for Content ideas

Good content can actually have a constructive impact on your website. Afterall, content is the ultimate reason why users visit your site! The Vice President of Bing, Duane Forrester, “all SEO Ranking signals revolve around content of some kind”. Although it is quite difficult to come up with fresh and original content every time, it is also necessary to keep engaging and optimized content for your audience.

Outdated Content Finder is the best tool to know if there is any content on your website that has become outdated according to the dates you enter. This is ideal for bloggers who are struggling with content ideas. All you have to do is enter the search term or the general topic you want to publish and rank for. It is ideal for strategizing your site content across all online channels.


Other alternatives to check out in this respect –

·  Freemium Tool – Yoast WordPress Plugin: It keeps the content in check by ensuring your website displays “SEO-friendly” content, based on your traffic!

·  Paid Tool – Buzzsumo: It has an extremely easy to use interface and enables quick identification of what content works well for a particular topic.

3. Google Search Console for Rankings

Knowing how your site content is ranking is equally important as keyword research. It helps you formulate appropriate promotional strategies that would work best across all your campaigns, translating into higher returns and traffic.

Google’s Search Console is a free suite of utility tools to help users search the high ranking keywords related to their business and aid in content creation accordingly. The “Search Traffic” tab and the “Search Analytics” tab, generate a list of keywords you are presently ranking for.

Other alternatives to check out in this respect –

·  Freemium Tool – SEMrush: Although it allows limited access to the premium features, fiddling with the basic filters can actually help in uncovering a little more information like tracking any domain, keywords from any geographical location, and also discovering local competitions.

·  Paid Tool – Authority Labs: It is a handy tool that takes care of tracking, graphing, and performing daily checks of your website keywords. It also makes a report out of the entire search findings.

4. Tools for Link Building & Removal

Link building is one of the key factors for fetching good ranks today. With strong and unique content, one can get some really engaging new content for their blog or site. It also helps in raising awareness about the website or become a bit more influential on a particular subject matter.

LinkMiner Plugin is the best choice for Broken Link Building tactic. It is not only fast but also easy to understand. The plugin is way more sophisticated broken link checker for SEOs that allows the publishers to gain quicker insights on the links they intend to check.

Other alternatives to check out in Link Building –

·  Freemium Tool – Moz SEO toolbar: It is an all-in-one SEO toolbar for research and getting instant details on page optimization and content ideas for any keyword or webpage.

·  Paid Tool – BuzzStream: It is an incredible outreach management tool to generate projections and stats of any campaign with just a click. You can set reminders to follow up, track progress, share updates with team – all integrated into a centralized database.


On the opposite end, Link removal is something websites have to go through in case they are hit with a penalty from Google’s Penguin Penalty. It can be extremely time-consuming. However using certain tools, you can do that smoothly and hence, be in the good books of Google.

Disavow tool, owned by Google is pretty effective in this respect highlighting the sites to Google that one wouldn’t want Linking to your site. It is that simple!

Other alternatives to check out in Link removal –

· Paid Tool – CognitiveSEO: It is a powerful tool that principally helps in Link Detection and Removal. Besides, it is also beneficial to do competitor research, check rankings, backlink analysis, and rank analysis.

5. Technical SEO

Besides content, it is also beneficial to know the “back-end” of the website. Fundamentally, it helps to lay a strong foundation to give your content the best chance to rank for relevant phrases and keywords. It is the last step to ensure your website is compatible with the guidelines of major search engines and can be indexed and ranked for keyword searches accordingly.

WooRank is a plugin tool that delivers deep SEO analysis for any website And its competitors. You can use it for studying visitor’s data, check rankings, Social media monitoring, content recommendations, keyword analysis and so much more. All these with just a click and for Free!




·  Freemium Tool – ScreamingFrog: It effectively offers data on Status Codes, Meta Descriptions, Robots Meta Data, Page Titles, and assembles all of it into a filterable spreadsheet.

· Paid ToolDeepcrawl: It is quite similar to ScreamingFrog but easier to use, especially ideal for newcomers. In place of spreadsheets, you get all the information in form of graphs and charts.  

Now that you know the essential Tracking tools to satisfy all the important categories of your SEO, you must definitely give them a try! These SEO tools are sufficient to help you track, monitor and analyze everything that goes into your website and help you maximize the returns from it.

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