Criteo Payment Proof for Publisher 2019

About Criteo

Criteo is a self-service platform that is fit for publishers of all sizes. It is basically an ad-retargeting company that works extremely well on blogs which are related to shopping, travel, and purchases. With more than 7000 publishers worldwide, the network pays around 2-3 times of AdSense, monetizing 20-40% of the web traffic at significantly higher CPMs compared to the competitors. It works on a CPM based model that relatively newer in the market yet has an impressive ad serving technique that utilizes AdSense as a fall-back to amplify the overall returns for a publisher. In this post, we will discuss the Criteo Payment Proof and earnings model.

Criteo: Ad Network Type

Criteo is a well-customized retargeting network that operates with retailers on the web to deliver personalized advertisement displays to consumers visiting the advertiser’s website. In fact, the network also allows the online brands to follow up on visitors who leave their website without making a purchase. You can do this through the personalized banners that endeavor to drive potential consumers back to the advertiser’s website. It operates on a dynamic pricing model where the CPMs paid to the publishers are completely dependent on how their ads are performing for the advertisers. it features ad units like native ads, banners, and sticky footers.

Criteo – Years of Operation

Founded in 2005, Criteo was founded with the aim of serving the consumers with personalized ad services. Criteo is known for driving excellent ROI for advertisers followed by an exceptionally large number of preferential relationships with publishers. It works with publishers of all sizes and fetches higher CPMs with highly relevant ads run straight from over 6000 advertisers.

Online reputation

Criteo has a reach of vast pool of advertisers globally reach that provides it capabilities to help publishers monetize the website quickly and in easy steps. It operates on a dynamic pricing model where the CPMs paid to the publishers are completely dependent on how their ads are performing for the advertisers. The platform’s ad serving engine is made of high-tech machine learning algorithms that continuously integrate and learn new data. The accuracy of its prediction and recommendation in serving the ads improves with every delivery. Hence, Criteo can serve as one of the best Adsense alternatives.


Criteo CPM rates

Criteo pays CPMs that are atleast 2-3 times higher than Adsense. It lies in the range of $1 to $5 for every 1000 impressions. However, the fill rate is pretty low, ranging around 10-40%. The network is best suited for traffic based out of Europe and North America. Extra retargeting solutions are carried on the basis of cost per engagement (CPE) or cost per thousand (CPM).

Criteo Dashboard:

 The network dashboard is indeed very effective in terms of customization and analyzing ad campaigns. It shows detailed stats reports on ad clicks, impressions, and progress. It also allows publishers with filters to control how the widget integrates into the website and what kind of content appears in it. However, the network supports a basic template of reporting because of which publishers cannot analyze deeper details about the traffic that they are receiving and the revenue that is being generated.

Criteo Payment Methods

The network pays on a monthly basis via several payment methods like Paypal, ACH, Bank Transfers, and Cheques. However, it is important that Criteo tracks all the transactions. Failing to which may lead to poor user experience and campaign performance.

Criteo Minimum Payout & Payment Proof

Criteo has a minimum payment threshold of 50 Euros or 150 dollars based on NET30. Publishers earn the full value of each impression with a unique CPM that’s inserted into their ad server. The network critically evaluates the traffic quality continuously for every publisher. They then, calculate the price for each impression based on user shopping history – more engaged shoppers are worth a higher CPM. On an average, CPM varies from $2.8 to $5 depending on the publishers. CPC for high traffic sites varies from $1.5 to $1.6. In case of CTR more than 1%, Criteo goes on to fetch more than 300% of ROI.

On the whole, Criteo unmatched technology and scale match needs of advertisers and publishers and advertisers intelligently to get fetch better results. This, in turn, translates into higher CPMs for publishers earn higher. It is worth joining if your website is already getting 10000 page views every day. Moreover, with Criteo Publisher Marketplace, publishers can add and maintain as many websites as they want to. It is by far the best alternative to run in alliance with Google AdSense. This kind of combination can generate maximum possible revenue for a particular website.  So go ahead and give a try to Criteo!

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