Adbuff Payment Proof for Publishers 2018

Adbuff Payment Proof for Publishers 2018

Adbuff is the best Adsense alternative for publishers if they are looking for an advertising platform fetching higher income. It is the latest ad exchange, suitable for both mobile and web channels integrated with unique features, capability, and expertise in maximizing revenue for both Advertisers and Publishers.  Some of the biggest exchanges it works with include leading brands like AOL, PulsePoint, Google Ads, and Criteo. As a publisher, you can completely depend on them to not only get multiple bids for your site but also achieve the highest eCPM rates in the industry. They are ranking second, just after Google Adsense. So, if your Adsense earnings are still below satisfactory level, it is time you gave Adbuff a try. In this post, we will discuss the Adbuff Payment proof and earning model.

Adbuff: Ad Network Type

Adbuff is a fast-growing text/banner ad network based on both CPC and CPM earning models. It is driven by effective technology that can effectively monetize websites that are impression based. Since it is Adsense compatible, therefore publishers can run Adbuff ads right next to the Adsense ads without disrupting your search engine rankings. The ad content is deemed to be clean and free of malicious features due to compliance with Adsense content policies.

Adbuff – Years of Operation

Adbuff, driven by its the latest real-time bidding platform, delivers the highest competitive eCPM rates to its publishers. Although the company is relatively new in the market, it certainly has the potential to become a leader in the advertisement industry given its lucrative rates and a wide range of high paying opportunities they provide publishers. the network provides direct access to the company’s 24/7 active support system. Currently, the support team has a sustained rate of 97% satisfaction with all publishers across the web. This means publishers always get prompt and efficient responses to all their concerns and queries whenever they require.

Online reputation

Adbuff’s strongest points are its rates and the quality service the company that offers both publishers and advertisers. Another good thing is, there’s no minimum traffic requirement.  It assigns a dedicated account manager to every publisher for reviewing their ad performances and achieves the best possible optimization solutions. With the newly launched successful beta version of public marketing with 50 high-quality publishers, Adbuff’s ad technology serves the ad which offers the highest CPM rate across these networks and thus enables publishers to gain higher CPM rates. The primary requisites to join Adbuff is to have a minimum of 2000 page views per day with majority of the traffic coming from US and Canada.

Adbuff CPM rates

Adbuff offers a CPM rate of around 30 cents. Although it claims to provide a CPM rate in the range of $0.30 to $3 or even more, it highly depends on the traffic sources and niche of a target audience. Websites with a high percentage of social traffic actually perform well with Adbuff since the requisite metric is only impressions and not click-throughs. Since Adbuff mostly accepts sites with the majority of the traffic coming from US and Canada, all those websites which have worldwide traffic are automatically approved on their tier 2 Ad network known as Adtear.  The Adtear CPM rates tend to lay around USD 0.10 cents.

Adbuff Payment Methods

The network has several numbers of payment methods suiting the convenience of the publishers.  Some of the mediums are PayPal, Bank Wire Transfer, and Payoneer.

Adbuff Payment Methods

The network has several numbers of payment methods suiting the convenience of the publishers.  Some of the mediums are PayPal, Bank Wire Transfer, and Payoneer.

Adbuff Minimum Payout

Adbuff minimum payment for Payoneer and PayPal is $100. The minimum threshold for wire transfer payments is $500, which is not likely to happen with new publishers in general. That is why probably they only accept established publishers with a daily traffic of 2000 visitors or more.

Adbuff Dashboard:

 The Adbuff dashboard is one of the best things that give publishers instant access to their statistics. This helps publishers maximize their ad revenue by instantly evaluating what is working and what is not working properly on their sites. Adbuff’s stats are updated every second to keep the publishers informed about the ad campaigns on a real-time basis. Moreover, publishers can also get the snapshot of various data based on time, widget type, and channel through the dashboard.


Adbuff Publisher Payment Proof

Payment is generally on time and on the whole, Adbuff CPM rates are quite promising and one can immediately get started with the network once the sites get approved. Publishers are advised to check all the agreement details about their returns before requesting payment as processing fees may apply. Here’s a proof of their payment.


Timely Payments

This is indeed something for which Adbuff publishers don’t have to worry about. The network always pays on time, on NET 45 basis. That is, every payment cycle lasts 1 month and the payment is issued 45 days later by the end of a period.

Overall, Adbuff is a certainly an ad exchange network to join especially if you already have a constant stream of high-quality traffic. Although they have a high set of requirements for newcomers to satisfy, working with them will prove to be rewarding. The network has a 24/7 support system to provide you with all the assistance you need from a personal account manager. You can avail everything, starting from access to the best advertisers in the industry, highest rates in the market, a real-time reporting system to weekly bonuses, and even a $25 bonus for sign up. A must try network!

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