Outbrain Payment Proof for Publishers 2020

About Outbrain 

Outbrain is a premium content discovery platform that helps publishers to fetch higher revenues as well as maximize user engagement. Many top publishers utilize this platform to deliver unique and highly engaging sponsored content as compared to traditional ad displays. The network offers fully customizable and flexible widget to design campaigns dynamically. These widgets are highly responsive which can adapt to any type of devices and look perfect. This actually helps to increase the CTR of the websites.

Outbrain: Ad Network Type

Outbrain is first of its kind. The network customizes its services depending on the search queries of the users. It assists publishers to generate revenue by attracting viewers, who wish to keep reading at all times. It actually doesn’t matter if users stay on the website and read related posts, or simply click on an ad and then leave – publishers make money in both the scenarios with Outbrain.  Moreover, the platform has top-notch reporting analytics system that helps publishers to gain complete visibility of website statistics on a real-time basis.  According to the founders, content can be anything ranging from video, social media, article, slideshow, podcast, or infographic which offers either entertainment or information to the viewers about a particular product or service.

Outbrain – Years of Operation

Founded in 2006 by Yaron Galai and Ori Lahav, the network is headquartered in New York City. Outbrain is focussed on content marketing and content discovery through which they monetize their publisher contents with relevant advertisements. The network is driven towards collaborating with agencies or partners passionate about creating an excellent user experience through rich content and transparent reading experience.

Online reputation

With 557 million global audience and 200 billion recommendations served monthly, Outbrain is first in developing a content discovery platform across the world. The network reaches half a billion consumers globally every month.  More than 80% of the world’s leading brands use the platform to reach their target audience. It is easy for a publisher to get incorporated with Outbrain as long as their websites’ feed their audience with quality content. It is necessary to have 10 million US page views per month to be qualified to join the network. It allows all languages put on publisher’s sites.

It is also simple to implement the Outbrain recommendation widget on a website is very quick and easy. The revenue is calculated on the basis of PPC advertising, delivering the highest CPC rates as compared to other content platforms available in the market.

Outbrain CPM rates

Since Outbrain makes payments based on CPC model, publishers are free to set their daily budget amount as per their requirement. Outbrain doesn’t exceed that daily budget amount and limits its geo-targeting features as per the budget. The click rates are in the range of 0.50% to 0.75% while the CPC rates are in the range of 15 to 30 cents. This fetches an RPM rate of 37 cents to $1.12 per thousand page views. This could mean up to $370 to $1,120 per million page views, which will prove to be extremely lucrative to the publishers.  It pays an average CPC in the range of $0.37 to $1.12 per thousand page views to publishers.

Outbrain Minimum Payout

The network has a minimum payout threshold of $50. On crossing this mark, publishers can request for withdrawals based on your payment terms with the network. Outbrain minimum payment threshold, however, varies depending on website and location. It guarantees that publishers can achieve a CTR of 4-10% if best UI practices are followed.

Outbrain Payment Methods

Outbrain follows a Net 60 or Net 90 based payment model. The payout modes are known to include MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, and Credit Cards.

Outbrain Dashboard Earnings:

The network follows a very basic reporting system. As all the reporting is delayed by one day, therefore publishers can’t get the current day’s status. Because of this, it gets difficult to track stats on a real-time basis. However, the dashboard is pretty detailed displaying CTR, page views and clicks. It also shows a report of the most-clicked text and video content.


Source: https://www.getapp.com/marketing-software/a/outbrain/

Outbrain Publisher Payment Proof

Generally, payout limits are automatically set as per account, which might increase as your billing history expands. The minimum threshold is 50$.Threshold charges made throughout the month are then deducted from the final billing. Publishers can check their current account balance, previous bills and other payment details by clicking the “Payments” tab in the left-hand sidebar of the Outbrain dashboard.

Timely Payments

The network has a monthly payment cycle and fasts in processing withdrawal requests. With Outbrain, publishers also get to enjoy 50% of the entire website revenue. This is most likely to happen with publishers who are generating at least 10 million page views on their blog or site.

Hence, you can definitely go to Outbrain for generating high traffic with the help of quality and rich content. It is very effective in terms of user engagement and definitely helps in maximizing the revenue. In fact, it is a good strategy for publishers to endorse their content on different websites as it aids in incrementing the number of visitors.  It also allows the advertisers to send their message across to the audience in a more targeted, precise and detailed way.  So, Outbrain can definitely help you to lace such content that enhances audience delight!

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