PopCash Payment Proof for Publishers 2020

About PopCash 

Popcash is one of the most popular pop-under ad network based on both CPC and CPM revenue model. Popcash is known for delivering higher CPM rates to its publishers.  The reason it is able to fetch such higher rates is that it has lots of advertisers across the globe, which let the network offer high CPM rates to its publishers. Besides, it also endorses high-quality rich content ads which don’t affect user online experience. In fact, these ads assist publishers to earn even more through their advertising network. Since Popcash pop-under ads are available in only a basic format despite the variety of sizes, publishers see it as limited scope. On the contrary, these ads are very effective when it comes to campaigns for specific niche markets. In this post, we will discuss the  PopCash ads earnings and Payment Proof.

PopCash: Ad Network Type

PopCash is a very popular pop-under ad network, where publishers can start campaigning in less than 10 minutes! All they need to do is get registered, make a minimum deposit of $5 and submit the campaigns which wouldn’t take more than an hour to get approved. They have a self-serving platform which is very easy to use integrated with a wide range of targeting features. This makes ad optimization even better and easier. The network also lets you earn a passive income of 10% from the activities of your referral without any limits.

PopCash – Years of Operation

Founded in 2012, the network is owned by Alex and Radu, who are the joint CEOs. The administrative office is located in San Jose, Costa Rica with the facility of 24/7 tech support. Over the years, the network has shown tremendous growth, even in fetching high mobile traffic.

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Online reputation

The network claims guarantees to maximize publisher revenue with satisfactory returns. Ranked as “Top 500 Alexa” website, Popcash has shown a good growth curve and has delivered lucrative solutions to publishers at a credible pace. With 500 million monthly, their design is extremely easy to utilize. They have a huge marketplace for both advertisers and publishers, allowing them access to a vast traffic inventory based on a very efficient monetizing system.

It is also very easy to join the network. Publishers can get approval for their websites in less than 1 hour during working hours. Maximum time within which you can expect approval on weekends is 12 hours. Popcash allows all kinds of contents, including adult content.

PopCash CPM rates

The network uses the Cost per Click (CPC) and Cost per 1000 Impressions (CPM) to pay its publishers along with much higher Click through rates. It shares 80% of the revenue with publishers. The CPM model is highly dynamic varying as per the niche of the website, country, demographics, and the quality of the traffic. The network pays a CPM in the range of $1.5 – $4 for US based traffic. Rates for the tier 1 countries like UK, Canada, or US are comparatively higher.

PopCash Minimum Payout

$10 is the PopCash minimum payment.  For requesting payment through Wire Transfer, a publisher must have $1000. The withdrawal request is generally processed within 24-48 hours. Weekends or holidays may take more time. Popcash has a separate team dedicated to checking for verifying any fraudulence before approving the payment request.

Popcash Payment Methods

Being a premium pop-under ad network, it offers multiple payment options to its publishers. Some of the Popcash payment methods include Payza, Paypal, Skrill, Bitcoin, Wire, WebMoney, Paxum, and many more.

PopCash Dashboard Earnings:

The PopCash publisher dashboard is remarkable as you can see all necessary campaign details, earnings, and carry out multiple operations pertaining to that. It offers a detailed stats report of your ads based on real-time. In addition to this, it has filter options for better analysis of your reports.  

Source: http://100waystomakemoney-online.blogspot.in/2014/09/pop-cash.html

PopCash Publisher Payment Proof

PopCash ad codes can be easily implemented into any website irrespective of any type of content. The hourly statistics reports help in being up-to-date with the earnings.

PopCash has a lucrative referral system through which existing publishers can refer new ones to join the network. On joining, the existing publishers gain 10% of the revenue share of the earnings of the referral. Also, on referring advertisers, you can get 10% commission for every advertising purchase by the referrals.

Source: http://www.ifwebstudio.com/popcash-popunder-network-review/

Timely Payments

PopCash is known for making fast and timely payments to its publishers. That is why it makes daily payments on requests. Generally, all the payments are done within 48 hours of the request but it may extend up to maximum 7 days.

Pop-under advertisements are lucrative and catchy. However, they are not the best choice for all kinds of niche. As a publisher, you have to evaluate whether your website will fetch the best results through it. On one hand, pop-unders are engaging because of high-quality content ads. On the other hand, they are also annoying to a certain niche. So ascertaining your niche audience is important before you go for this ad type. In such case, PopCash will be an ideal choice for publishers as it provides publishers with the best CPM rates when it comes to pop-under ads. Also, these ad codes don’t interfere with any other ads running on your website. It is advisable not to use more than 3 pop-unders at the same time otherwise it might hinder the quality of the traffic resulting in a lower CPM.

You contact them anytime and any day via –

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 637087082

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