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AdPixo Review- High Paying Pop-Under Ad Network

AdPixo is an innovative pop-under advertising network dedicated to work exclusively with premium pop-under ads. AdPixo guarantees clean and high quality of ads having 100% fill rate across all geos. In today’s post, we are going to discuss in detail about this emerging ad network and talk about AdPixo CPM rates.  Although they are new, they have a good number of features to attract advertisers and publishers. AdPixo is loaded with a user-friendly dashboard, real-time stats, dedicated support, and referral system where publishers can earn more if they refer others.

They have set up their own ad server technology. Publishers keep 85% of revenue shares and get faster domain approvals because of AdPixo’s 24-7 support team. As a publisher, you have the option to add non-adult as well adult websites and they will be approved quite fast. Unlike other ad networks, you can request payment any time having a minimum balance of $10. You can get paid via Paypal, Payza & Bitcoin.

For advertisers, you get clean traffic directly from publishers who have a track record of maintaining clear and premium inventory. AdPixo has inbuilt conversion tracking system so that you have complete control over your campaigns and conversions. AdPixo has various targeting options and the minimum deposit is only $10. Their ad server can detect fraud traffic pretty efficiently an ensures advertiser’s safety at all levels.

AdPixo is an ad network working exclusively with premium pop-under ads. We guarantee clean & quality ads, 100% fill rate, quick payments and great revenue!

Why Choose AdPixo for Pop-Under Advertising?

For publishers, AdPixo gives sufficient reason to join their ad network. Not only can you have a low payment threshold of USD 10,  but you can request the payment anytime and it will get processed. Also, you have access to their user-friendly dashboard and an account manager who can optimize the campaigns based on your traffic. Thus to wrap up, publishers have the following benefits when they join AdPixo pop-under ad network.

  • – User-friendly Dashboard
  • – Real Time stats.
  • – 24/7 Friendly Support
  • – Dedicated Account Manager.
  • – Referral System
  • – Own Ad Server Solution

Publisher’s Benefits: AdPixo Pop-under Advertising Network

Listed below are the benefits provided to publishers who are signing up with AdPixo network. Some of the unique features include anytime payout, minimum $10 payout and clean and safe pop-under ad codes which are not mobile redirects.  They are also expanding their payment types for publishers to have an array of paying options.

  • – 85% Revenue Share
  • – Faster Domain Approval
  • – Anytime Payout
  • – $10 Minimum Payout
  • – 100% Clean and Safe ADs
  • – Flexible Payments Options (Paypal, Payza & Bitcoin)

Publisher Requirements to Join AdPixo

The minimum traffic requirements for AdPixo is relatively low. They run on a model that accepts new publishers who are generally turned down by other ad networks. This gives relatively new publishers an opportunity to monetize their website with quality and high-converting offers. Also, AdPixo accepts websites irrespective of the website language and has optimized their technology to run the best converting offers. So, even if you have a new site, you can go ahead and start monetizing your inventory with AdPixo. Here are the basic publisher site requirements, which according to me are quite open, and are beneficial for new sites.

  • Traffic Requirements: None
  • Site Language Requirements: None
  • Ad Types: Pop-under

Advertiser’s Benefits: AdPixo Pop-under Advertising Network

AdPixo constantly checks the quality standards of its publisher partners to ensure that a safe and a clean ecosystem is maintained. Here are the highlights which advertisers might take a look at before getting started with AdPixo. This pop-under ad network has In-built advanced S2S conversion tracking system, so there is no need for any external applications.

  • – Traffic from Direct Publishers Only
  • – Inbuilt Conversion Tracking System
  • – Complete Control on your Campaigns
  • – Advanced Targeting Options (OS, Browser, Country, Category)
  • – Minimum Deposit $10.
  • – Advanced Fraud Traffic Detection


How to Get Started with AdPixo Pop-under Ad Network?

Go ahead and create an account here at AdPixo. Once you’ve successfully signed up with AdPixo, click on the login button to log in to Adpixo.

Once done, click on Add a website under Publisher Account on the left navigation menu. Here you’ve to add the website URL, site ctegory and check the box if you’re ok with running adult ads. Once code click on the Submit button to proceed to the next step.

Now, that you have submitted the website, it’s time for you to verify the ownership of the website. This is particularly needed to ensure that you’re the webmaster of the site and you’ve access to the site’s admin panel. Click on the Verify Now link which would pop-up the verification window where you’ve the option to choose from any of the verification methods. Either you can upload a file to website’s root directory or you can also add the verification meta tag. Once done, click on the Verify Now button.

Now, wait for sometime for the AdPixo support to approve your website and then you can implement the ad codes and get started earning revenue from your inventory.

AdPixo Dashboard

AdPixo provides a unique and customizable dashboard which can track the performance of your website in real time and update you on the CPMs from your traffic. As you can see, the dashboard is extremely intuitive and user-friendly. This gives you a detail of the overall earnings, last payout, CPM rates, traffic and more. You can also have the option to generate affiliate links and promote AdPixo. 

AdPixo Publisher Referral Program

AdPixo offers its publishers the opportunity to make more money by referring publishers/advertisers to their network. You can promote AdPixo on your website and earn $20 per valid referral. AdPixo provides a number of creative sets and banners which you can use to promote the network on your website or via an email blast or newsletter. A referral is counted as valid if he has spent at least 20$ (if advertiser) or have earned at least 20$ (if a publisher).

AdPixo Earnings and AdPixo CPM Rates

It is important for any publisher to have an idea of the CPM rates provided by an ad network. Though we understand that the rates are highly dynamic in nature owing to real-time bidding on the networks and depends on myriad factors like conversions, traffic quality, quality of conversions and more. However, we have contacted AdPixo support and have received the following information about the CPM rates on AdPixo network.

For US, UK, CA, And Tier 1traffic, the CPM rates tend to be around 1.5$ to 4.0$

For ID, IN, Korea, China and other Tier 2 countries the CPM rates tend to be around 0.4$ to 2.0$

Also, it needs to be mentioned that the fill rates are a bit lower for tier 2 traffic and depends completely on the advertiser base and conversions.

AdPixo Payment Proof and AdPixo Payment Methods

AdPixo is committed to making payments to its publishers on time and has been keeping this promise ever since its launch. It provides instant payments to publishers who have reached a minimum of $10 and pays through Paypal, Payza, and Bitcoin. You can have a look at AdPixo payment proof here.

Let’s Sign up with AdPixo

I hope you’ve gone through AdPixo Pop-under Ad Network in detail and if you think it is a good or addon fix for your inventory, I suggest you give AdPixo a try. Trying more than one pop-under network increase the revenue potential of the publisher and since advertisers bid differently across different ad networks you might end up earning higher on one pop-under network as compared to the other. Now, this is only possible if you keep trying ad network. We suggest you keep AdPixo codes for at least 30 days for the optimization algorithms to understand your audience and match the best offers for higher CPM rates on your traffic. We’d love to see you at Blognife again. Until next time… Happy Monetizing! Sign up with AdPixo. If you’re looking for AdPixo alternative, we strongly suggest Adsterra.

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