AdNow vs Spoutable – CPM Rates, Payments and Earnings Report

Native advertising has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years and is projected to drive 74% of all digital ad revenue by 2021. This is because native ads have been found to draw considerably more traffic than traditional banner ads. Native ads ensure much higher returns for both publishers and advertisers by engaging the users to a great extent. There are many native ad networks nowadays and while publishers can be spoilt for choice, choosing the right one can also be a bit confusing. AdNow, established in 2014, is a widget-based native advertising network. The network has managed to get 150,000 publishers on board and serves 4 billion monthly impressions within a period of just 3 years. Spoutable is a relatively newer native advertising network which empowers users to discover where to go next as they leave a particular website or app. They analyze user behaviour and their ads are triggered on exit intent.

In this article, we will do a comparative study of the two native ad networks and try to figure out their pros and cons.

AdNow vs Spoutable: Minimum Traffic Requirement

AdNow does not require publishers to have a specific minimum traffic volume and accepts all active websites with quality content and minimum daily traffic. There are no language barriers. The network approves all websites manually and usually takes only a day or two to either accept or decline a site.

There is no minimum traffic requirement for becoming a publisher on Spoutable. Usually, all websites are approved or disapproved within 12 hours of submission but it may take up to 24 hours. Spoutable doesn’t accept adult content websites.

AdNow vs Spoutable: Revenue Share Percentage

In the AdNow network, publishers are paid on the basis of impressions. There is also a way to generate more revenue through the AdNow referral program. If a publisher refers others to join the network when the websites are accepted, the publisher receives 5% of the total revenue on a weekly basis.

Spoutable shares 50% of the revenue with publishers unless some other percentage has been previously agreed upon in writing. Spoutable offers a 5% referral commission program to its users. But, this program is limited to 6 months which means if you refer a user to Spoutable then you will earn commission for the first 6 months.

AdNow vs Spoutable: Ad Quality

One downside of the AdNow network is the poor quality of its ads. There is barely any diversity in the creatives and nature of the ads, with most of them being product-based and related to the health niche.

All the ads offered by Spoutable are rich media ads. The network uses high quality and high content-driven advertisements to provide better performance of their ads.

AdNow vs Spoutable: Publisher List 

AdNow, established in 2014, has managed to get Amazon, eBay, PeerFly and others on its publisher list within quite a short time.

Spoutable is a very innovative native ad network and has an impressive publisher list with a global reach.

AdNow vs Spoutable: CPM and RPM Rates

We have seen Adnow perform well for EU traffic. Adnow CPC rates are particularly high across the whole of Europe. The data represented here primarily refers to traffic across South Asia and India.

The CTR of a publisher in the AdNow network depends on the theme, slot and country of the website, the expected range being 2 to 3%. The eCPM is about 40 cents and can vary from $0.1 to $2, depending on the country.

The average eCPM that is earned by the publishers is in the range of 29 cents to 40 cents. If there is traffic coming from the tier 1 countries like the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia, then the rates obtained can be as high as USD 3. It works quite well for Asian traffic as well. In order to generate high revenues using Spoutable, you must try to mix different zones and figure out what works best for you. Niches related to health, hobbies, and entertainment work quite well. Spoutable has a fill rate of almost 100% for most of the countries.

AdNow vs Spoutable: Payments and Earnings Report

AdNow pays publishers on a Net 7 basis that is a weekly basis. The minimum payout threshold is $20. The available modes of payment are PayPal and Bank Wire Transfer. But the payment withdrawal process is allegedly not very smooth. AdNow also provides publishers with a minutely detailed statistics report of their performance in real time.

The minimum payout threshold for Spoutable is $100 which is quite steep considering industry standards. Payment can be taken out every 20 days. The available options are PayPal and Wire Transfer.

Spoutable employs a detailed reporting system which can be used with multiple filters. For easy analysis, the statistics can be displayed based on unit impressions, net revenue, unit eCPM, session RPM, the number of sites, and total amount earned. It can be further broken down by parameters like date, groups, sites, placements, devices, and Geos. All of this comes in extremely handy for when analyzing or creating future strategies.


AdNow and Spoutable are both very good native ad networks and it depending upon publishers and their requirements, one will be better suited for a particular website or blog compared to the other. AdNow has proved to be a safe native ad platform and has managed to build a huge network with features such as weekly payments, multilingual support and smooth customization of widgets. Spoutable is an innovative ad network based on the exit concept. They have an excellent support centre. They provide the publishers with easy installation, clean and responsive ads, with competitive CPM Rates. It is definitely a network that you could try and test out on your blog. So, it is up to you to choose the ad network that you feel will be a better match for your site.

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