AdNow vs PayClick – CPM Rates, Payments and Earnings Report

User experience is one of the most important factors that can determine if an ad campaign will turn out to be successful for publishers and advertisers. Users are fed up with traditional digital advertising formats that pop out of nowhere. Even banner ads and their passive existence are losing their charm. In this scenario, native ads have stood out for their ability to strike a balance between profitability and user experience. Native ads have proven to be the best ad format user engagement which has historically resulted in higher number of clicks and higher revenue. Publishers can increase their ad revenue by placing recommendation widget in native format. AdNow and PayClick are two such widget-based native ad networks. AdNow has more than 150,000 publishers across the globe and serves up to 4.2 billion impressions per month. The PayClick network has more than 120,000 publishers from 107 countries on board and serves innovative native ads.

In this article, we will do a relative study of AdNow and PayClick and try to understand the pros and cons of the two respective native ad networks.

AdNow vs PayClick: Minimum Traffic Requirement

AdNow is not very stringent in its approval process. It does not require any specific traffic from its publishers and accepts any website with a minimum daily traffic. All websites get approved manually.  AdNow does not impose a lot of constraints on its publishers, but they do need to have quality content in order to gain more traffic. The network takes a day or two to accept a website.

PayClick accepts websites with over 100,000 impressions per month. There are not many other restrictions that the network imposes on publishers.

AdNow vs PayClick: Revenue Share Percentage

In the AdNow network, publishers are paid on the basis of impressions. There is also a way to generate more revenue through the AdNow referral program. If a publisher refers others to join the network, when the websites are accepted the publisher receives 5% of the total revenue on a weekly basis.

PayClick shares 50% of the generated revenue with publishers.

AdNow vs PayClick: Ad Quality

One downside of the AdNow network is the poor quality of its ads. There is barely any diversity in the creatives and nature of the ads, with most of them being product-based and related to the health niche.

In PayClick. there are lots of customization options available. So, you can easily customize the ad widget according to your requirements. For example, you can select the background colours, the number of blocks, font styles, font size, the size of images, text alignment, etc.

AdNow vs PayClick: Publisher List

AdNow, although a comparatively new ad network, has managed to get Amazon, eBay, PeerFly and others on its publisher list.

PayClick has many publishers from all over the world.

AdNow vs PayClick: CPM and RPM Rates

We have seen Adnow perform well for EU traffic. Adnow CPC rates are particularly high across the whole of Europe. The data represented here primarily refers to traffic across South Asia and India.

The CTR of a publisher in the AdNow network depends on the theme, slot and country of the website, the expected range being 2 to 3%. The eCPM is about 40 cents and can vary from $0.1 to $2, depending on the country.

Typically, the CPM ranges from $0.3-5. The average CTR is nearly 2.3%. It can be as high as 5%. The network ensures highest revenues on both CPC and CPM bases.

AdNow vs PayClick: Payments and Earnings Report

AdNow pays publishers on a NET 7 basis. The minimum payout threshold is $20. Payment is made through different modes such as PayPal, Wire Transfer, WebMoney and others. But the payment withdrawal process is allegedly not very smooth. AdNow also provides publishers with a minutely detailed statistics report of their performance in real time.

PayClick pays publishers on a weekly basis and the minimum payout threshold is $20. The available modes of payment are PayPal, Payoneer, Wire and WebMoney.


AdNow and PayClick are both widget-based native ad networks. Both the networks have brought in the returns for publishers and advertisers. They have their share of problems ranging from AdNow’s poor ad quality to PayClick’s steep revenue split ratio. Most of these problems can be dealt with, especially because these two networks can be run safely in conjugation with Google AdSense, So, as a publisher, you have too keep your niche, target audience pool and other requirements and choose one over the other.

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