MaltaCPM CPM Rates 2020

MaltaCPM is a popular online advertising network. It is a native ad serving platform and works well for both publishers and advertisers. MaltaCPM provides one of the highest eCPMs in the industry. The ad network ensures that only quality ads run on publisher websites. They claim to display only the best-paying ads on websites. Hundreds of ad networks come up every day and most of them shut down after only a few years of operation. So it is important that publishers try out the new ad networks themselves and then decide which one is suitable for their site and niche. In this article, we are presenting a few facts about MaltaCPM that may help publishers in making a decision.  

Brief of the Company

Established in 2013 and located in Malta, MaltaCPM is a fast growing native ad network that has proved to be convenient for both publishers and advertisers. They claim to have a network of almost 1100 publishers who serve around 250 million impressions daily. The ad network has sophisticated targeting tools and provides targeting in terms of country, age, gender and keyword. MaltaCPM does not accept sites with adult content. There is no specific traffic requirement for publishers. The network claims to provide 100% fill rate. The network has real-time reporting tools, 24/7 technical support and conversion tracking.

Ad Unit Types

MaltaCPM is a native ad network that specialises in banner advertising and supports banners of different sizes. It also provides in-line text ads and mobile ads.

Earning Model

MaltaCPM provides three earning models – CPM, CPC and CPA.

MaltaCPM CPM Rates 2017

The CPM rates varies from $0.10 to $0.50 cents and depend hugely on the demographics and traffic sources. Also, the quality of the traffic should be taken into account for any CPM network.

MaltaCPM Payments and Earnings Report

The network shares 70% revenue with publishers. Publishers are paid during 1st-10th of a month with NET30, NET45 and NET60 payment policy. When publisher minimum earnings cross $100. It places banner ads on top of the content area so as to have high CPM rates and a good chance of Ad conversion. MaltaCPM allows 3 banners to be included in a single page. From 2015, MaltaCPM Ad Network has started an auto payment system and thus publishers need not request it for their pay and no need invoice.

MaltaCPM provides auto-optimization of eCPM. eCPM is one of the best performance metrics available and the use of it makes the ad network worth a try. It claims to provide very high CPM and is being for by many publishers and advertisers the world over. So, it is definitely an ad network that publishers can look forward to. If publishers think that it is a risk to run MaltaCPM ads, they can always run the ads in conjugation with AdSense ads, just to get the hang of it.

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  1. Can you advice what is the best CPM adnetwork to make money online?

  2. Hi. How do I know that the script for an ad they sent is CPM and no, for instance, CPC. Thanks!

  3. It’s great way to earn good revenue with cpm ads. My friend recommend maltacpm network. Friend try maltacpm tags on your websites or blogs. I hope you will see good result.