Clicksor CPM Rates 2017

When it comes to alternatives to Google AdSense in the contextual advertising domain, publishers and advertisers have started to consider Clicksor as a feasible option. Although it has to go a long way to even be eligible to compete with AdSense, Clicksor has grown organically in the last few years with a larger number of publishers and advertisers on base. Clicksor provides fast payouts and better fill-rate than most other networks, and is one of the most sought-after contextual advertising networks.

Brief of the Company

Clicksor is the sister-site of YesUp Media Inc. and is based in Toronto. The network has a fast signup and approval process for publishers and a consummate technical support team that is available over Skype and email 24/7 and publishers usually get a reply within 5-12 hours. There is no minimum traffic requirement for publishers. It does not accept sites with adult content, malware or with content related to violence and illegal activities. Clicksor has sophisticated targeting tools that make it one of the best ad networks around. While the user interface can seem a bit tricky to beginners, it is very easy to navigate through once you get the hang of it. The company was established in 2004 and has the reputation of being mindful about complaints coming from advertisers. It is one of the biggest factors behind Clicksor’s steady growth over the years.

Ad Unit Types

Clicksor is a contextual advertising network and delivers ads that are relevant to the content on the publisher site, especially the keywords in the content. Inline text links, banner ads, pop-under ads, layer ads and interstitial ads are supported by the network. WordPress plugins of the ad network are also available.  A big advantage of Clicksor is that it offers a variety of ad units and thus allows publishers to customize their approach.

Earning Model

Clicksor works with 4 earning models – CPM, CPC, CPV and CPI.

CPM Rates in 2017

The CPM rate provided by Clicksor is much lower than that provided by Google AdSense and that is a disadvantage when it comes to Clicksor. Overall, eCPM is around $3 and the network provides a 100% fill rate. On an average, Clicksor offers a CPM rate of USD 1.5 – 2.5 in tier 1 countries like USA, Canada, Australia and some European countries as well. The CPM rates are considerably lower in tier 2 countries. It provides a CPM rate of USD 0.24 in India, USD 0.13 in China and the rate goes up to USD 1.21 in Singapore. The CTR of the Clicksor network is not impressive but it promises a 100% fill rate.

Payment Proof and Earnings Report

The revenue share that the network shares with a publisher is variable. Clicksor claims that the share can go up to 85% of the revenue generated depending on a number of factors. Clicksor has fast NET 15 payment schedules and the available modes of payment are Cheque, PayPal and Wire Transfer. The minimum payout threshold is USD 50.


Clicksor is a very good contextual advertising network and is worth taking a look by publishers looking for AdSense alternatives. Although it pays much less than AdSense, it is still one of the best ad networks around. It can also be run in conjugation with AdSense. Clicksor has a large advertiser base and a wide selection of ads, and thus ad relevancy can sometimes be poor. However there is no doubting the fact that Clicksor will help boost your earnings from advertisements. Clicksor has grown a lot since its inception in 2004, and it is definitely worth trying for you website at least once.   

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