Popads vs Adcash – CPM Rates, Payments, and Earning Report

Advertising is an investment every company is willing to make. Unquestionably, advertising has the power of breaking or making your app.  It has become a routine yet significant part of our lives. The right kind of ads can help you convert your audience and retain them. Whereas, the wrong ones can turn your entire ad campaign upside down. That is why considering the revenue model for an app is important before developing it. The way to run a successful ad campaign is to choose the right ad format; right placements, frequency, and timing of the ads within the app, taking into account your app’s category and audience profile.

What is equally important is to pick out the right ad network for your business. Choosing the right ad network not only helps to successfully display the ads but also to gain customer confidence in the long run. There’s just one problem to that—there are just too many choices available. Well out of the several choices available, you can certainly consider Adcash and Payclick.


PopAds specializes in the pop-under ads for which there is no minimum traffic requirement to join. With 145,182 websites, it is ideal for entertainment websites, publishers of all size can use this network for monetizing their website. If you have high blog traffic, you can earn a decent amount of revenue with this network. Traffic gets generated when a visitor goes to a website enabled with PopAds ad script. On clicking the website link, a pop-under is displayed flashing the URL that the advertiser is advertising. Pop-up ads can open in a new tab or new window, in the background of the screen. These ads increase the focus on display ads and help in boosting the overall website revenue.


Founded in 2007, Adcash is a real-time global advertising trading platform offering advertising solutions to both advertisers and publishers around the world. With 36,029 websites, Adcash is particularly the right place for people who have high performing websites. AdCash intends to ensure that publishers get the best deals from advertisers and that the advertisers are able to avail the higher returns on their investment. Adcash works best in entertainment niche type of commercial website or blog site. Today, it operates across multiple regions worldwide, spanning over 150 countries.

Let’s do a comparative analysis of these two ad networks based on important factors that would help you choose the right one for your ad campaign –

CPM and RPM rates:

PopAds offers high CPM rates of $2, which is decent for streaming, music, movies and download websites. However, the rate varies depending on a lot of factors such as country, quality of content, niche and even, time and day. It is a very popular network with a 100% fill rate.

Adcash offers high CPM rates across 70 major countries like France, England, Germany, Spain, USA, Italy, Turkey, Russia, and Bulgaria. The standard CPM rate average of an AdCash minimum advertising and monetizing rate of 5.25$ to 13.27$, including Asian Countries like India, Japan, Pakistan, and China.

Minimum Payout & Modes:  

PopAds: The minimum payout threshold is $5 while it is $500 for Wire Transfer. Payment can be requested anytime as long as the threshold limit is maintained.

Adcash: Publishers are paid on NET 30 basis. Minimum payout threshold is $100, paid via PayPal, Web money, Skrill, Payoneer, and Wire transfer.

Market Share by Top Websites:

  1. PopAds: PopAds is leading in Top 10K Sites, Top 100K Sites, and Top 1M Sites.–
  • 68% of Top 10K Sites
  • 152% of Top 100K Sites
  • 575% of Top 1M Sites
  • 066% of the Entire Web
  1. Infolinks: Infolinks is clearly lagging behind, losing to PopAds in all segments
  • 14% of Top 10K Sites
  • 187% of Top 100K Sites
  • 085% of Top 1M Sites

Ad Types supported:

PopAds: Pop-ups & Pop-unders

Adcash: Native Ads, Rewarded Video, Appinstall, Leaderboard, Rectangle, Skyscrapper, Slide-in, Instertitial, Background, In-App, and Sticky Footer

Revenue Share Percentage:

PopAds: The revenue share percentage is not disclosed by PopAds. However, they have a great referral program, through which publishers earn 10% of the revenue generated by a referred publisher for a lifetime. In fact, Poptm has a referral program through which an existing publisher earns a flat fee of $25 for every valid referral.

Adcash: The revenue share percentage for publishers varies and is not disclosed.

Minimum traffic Requirement:

Both PopAds and Adcash do not have minimum traffic requirements.

Website Categories:

PopAds mostly leads in Adult, Sports News, Volleyball and Miniatures. Whereas, InfoLinks is leading in Online, Classifieds, Gambling, Soccer, and 18 other categories.


Alexa Traffic Rank:

PopAds: 73

Adcash: 23,746


Well, statistically, ads have reportedly performed well over the years. Although it a great way of monetizing your app. At the same time, poor implementation can ruin your advertisement goals and its success. So it is very important to maintain a balance. Striking a balance between positive user experiences and ad revenues is vital for ad integration in apps. Along with placement of the ad, timing, and frequency, it is equally important to ensure relevance of the ad content to your target audience. If you show the right ad to the right person at the right time, without being intrusive, you are likely to retain your users, while generating higher eCPMs.

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  1. i think minimum payout for adcash is 25$