AdBuff vs AdSense- CPM Rates, Payments, and Earnings Report

Google AdSense is hands down the best ad network in the current AdTech industry and the other networks still have to go some way to match up to it. With its easy setup procedure, user-friendly interface, impressive revenues and timely payments, AdSense is a contextual ad network that is hard to beat. As online advertising continues to scale the heights of brand marketing and website monetization, hundreds of new ad networks are coming up every year. Most of these find it hard to get established alongside the seasoned players in the industry. A lot of these networks do not have the adequate technology to back even the limited number of ad campaigns that they have. AdBuff is an exception to this. It is a contextual ad network that uses the best ad server technology that works very well for both publishers and advertisers.  AdBuff and AdSense work best in sites with traffic from tier 1 countries such as USA, UK, Canada and Australia.

In this article, we will do a comparative analysis of the two contextual ad networks with respect to their different features and services.

AdBuff vs AdSense: Minimum Traffic Requirement

To become a publisher in the AdBuff network, websites need a minimum of 2000 unique visitors daily. The network does not accept sites with adult content or content related to violence or any other illegal activity. Publisher’s website should be in English only. There are a number of other criteria as well; you can find them here. Publishers get a signup bonus of $25.

AdSense does not impose a minimum traffic requirement on the publisher websites. The only criterion on the part of the network is that the website must have substantial quality content posted with regular frequency. The network accepts websites in any language that is supported by Google.

AdBuff vs AdSense: Revenue Share Percentage

The network shares up to 90% of the revenue generated with the publishers, making it a highly coveted network.The network also offers a 5% referral commission to publishers.

The publishers get 68% of the revenue if  AdSense is used to display content advertisements. The share drops down to 51% if the platform is used for search. The rest of the share goes to Google. The percentage is kept constant irrespective of the demographic of the publishers.

AdBuff vs AdSense: Ad Quality

The AdBuff network delivers contextual advertisements of standard quality, backed by the most innovative technology. The network specialises in banner advertising and does not allow pop-ups. Users never encounter any malicious downloads, code injections or any questionable ads so to say. All ads from AdBuff are brand safe.

The Google-owned AdSense network lives up to its reputation and showcases advertisements of high quality. This network also specialises in banner advertising. AdSense has a number of ad formats like text ads, image rich ads, matched content ads, video ads etc. The banner ads and video ads delivered by AdSense are particularly eye-catching.

AdBuff vs AdSense: Publisher List

AdBuff has built a strong global publisher network with high-end advertisers and high revenue shares.

A large number of companies across the world use AdSense. HubPages, eBay, Times Network, and Mashable are some among them.

AdBuff vs AdSense: CPM and RPM Rates

AdBuff offers a CPM rate of around $0.50 to $3 since most of their publishing partners have a high percentage of tier 1 traffic. However, we have seen the CPM rates to be around $0.30 to $0.40 for most of the cases on our client’s websites. Since, CPM is a function of site quality, category, and ad clicks, the CPM rate for your site may not be the same. Publishers are strictly prohibited from clicking on their own ads. The network offers a 100% fill rate.

AdSense has a high rate for its publishers providing anywhere in the range of $1 to $3. The average RPM is about $5 to $10 for broad niches and up to $100 for competitive niches with high CPC. They have a very high fill rate.

AdBuff vs AdSense: Payments and Earnings Report

The AdBuff network pays its publishers on a NET 45 basis. The available payments modes are PayPal, Payoneer and Bank Wire Transfers. The minimum payout threshold in AdBuff is unusually high; for PayPal it is $100 and for Wire Transfer it is $500. A big advantage of AdBuff is the dashboard that shows reportings in real time, thus enabling customizations on the go.

AdSense has a monthly payment cycle and the earnings get collected over the course of a month. At the beginning of the following month, the earnings are finalized and are posted to the balance. The minimum payout threshold for AdSense is $10. There are various payment options available which include transfer through cheque, EFT, Western Union, and Rapida. Reporting is one of the highlights and major advantages of Google AdSense. Unlike some networks that report with a lag of 24 hours or more, AdSense delivers results in real time.   


AdSense is undoubtedly the most sought-after ad network now. Getting accepted to the AdSense network is almost like a sign of validation across the globe. AdSense has curated this stature with its highly efficient and friendly services and it sure lives up to its name. AdBuff, on the other hand, is a comparatively newer network that is growing fast. AdBuff always delivers good ads, has a top-notch 24/7 support team, makes timely payments and thus manages to maintain a customer satisfaction rating of 97%. In certain niches, It gives even higher revenues than AdSense. But AdBuff has an oddly high payout threshold and also a quite steep minimum traffic requirement for publisher websites. However, it is needless to say that websites which manage to attain the traffic requirement find AdBuff worth the hassle. While AdSense works best for niche traffic, AdBuff is best suited for viral sites. AdSense is the market leader and AdBuff still has a long way to go. Both the ad networks can be very lucrative for both publishers and advertisers and must be tried at least once. We would suggest running both the networks in conjugation with each other to gain the best results.

AdBuff- High Paying CPM Network

AdBuff is a high paying CPM network if you've majority traffic from US, UK and Canada

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